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#RightWing activists & allies of #Trump are quietly challenging thousands of #VoterRegistrations in critical #BattlegroundStates, an all-but-unnoticed effort that could have an impact in a close or contentious #election.

Calling themselves #ElectionInvestigators, the activists have pressed local ofcls in #Michigan, #Nevada & #Georgia to drop #voters from the rolls en masse.

#VoterSuppression #law #Biden2024

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They have at times targeted areas, relying on new data programs & novel theories to justify their push.

In one town, >100 were removed after an activist lobbied ofcls, citing an obscure state law from the 1950s. In the suburb of , a clerk removed 1,000 people from the rolls in response to a similar request.

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The activists are part of an expansive web of grass-roots groups that formed after ’s attempt to overturn his defeat in 2020. The groups have made mass a top priority this year, spurred on by a fmr Trump , , & True the Vote, a -monitoring group w/a long history of spreading .

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’s Party… has also endorsed the prgm, & the camp cited its numbers in a -riddled report released in Jan.

The prgm, called CheckMyVote, IDs addresses w/irregularities, such as missing an apartment number or having an unusually high number of registered participants in [].

…a developer of the system…acknowledged it turns up large numbers of supposedly questionable voters in & , both overwhelmingly Democratic cities.

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Activists can then use the data to assemble lists of #voters to challenge. The program also tracks the outcome of the challenge & whether a voter later tries to #vote, info that could be shared w/ #election officials or #law enforcement….

“That’s just garbage,” Chris Thomas, an #elections consultant for #Detroit, said of the analysis. “It’s targeting #LowIncome [voters], #immigrants & #students.”

#Trump #VoterSuppression #disenfranchisement #ElectionInterference #democracy #VoteBlue #Biden2024

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In January, Michigan’s secretary of state demanded that Markee reinstate all the who had not confirmed that they had moved. In a recent interview, Markee said she was still in discussions about the matter.

“They found this loophole in the state of ,” she said. “We have to follow the .” [The MI statute the activists cited gives “guidelines”]

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While progressives can't even stop using a social network run by a fascist (), in , the ruling authorities are going after pro- businesses, effectively (via @hkfp

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Will Bunch: “It was McConnell’s rank amorality, in a wetlands where everything and everybody—even justices of the Supreme Court—is up for sale, that caused the utter devastation that burned the pathway for a narcissistic dictator.…He’s smart enough to know he doesn’t want to be seen wandering lost among the smoldering wreckage he created. Somewhere in the darkness, this gambler did not break even. It’s time to run.”

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Elected representatives are not rulers.
They are individuals that have chosen to become public employees, to enter the public's service, paid by the public to work on behalf of the public.

If they do otherwise, they are in breach of contract.

"Elections Mouseland" by SR and GS

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I normally don't post political commentary on my Mastodon feed. However, this opinion piece by on the Russian war on Ukraine, and the US response, is particularly compelling:

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The American people will SPRINT into a dictatorship if you give them a 50% off dinner coupon to The Olive Garden and they think they saved a nickel on a gallon of gas.

The idea that Americans cherish their freedoms is laughable.

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Trump Accuses Biden of "Conspiracy To Overthrow the United States of America"

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@SocraticEthics and must be stopped at all costs along with the republicans who are aiding and abetting
in 2024

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sergiodomeyko, avatar

@SocraticEthics and must be stopped at all costs along with the republicans who are aiding and abetting
in 2024

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This is a starkly disturbing analysis by Carlos Lozada on the Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025,” which if Trump wins would seek to unconstitutionally concentrate power, sharply cutting checks & balances across 3 branches of government, & entrench ideology.
It seeks to politicize all areas of government, spouting empty words about a need to “dismantle the administrative state” while actually seeking to make it dictatorial.


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Why Simultaneous Polls May Reduce India to 'World’s Largest Democracy' Only in Name

The primary intention behind pushing simultaneous polls is to weaken multi-party democracy under which different parties govern in states and replace it with a one-party system with absolute power.

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'The Supreme Court Must Be Stopped

The court is fundamentally antidemocratic—and the only way to limit the damage it can do is to reduce its power, budget, and lack of accountability.'

Very good article Elie Mystal, Justice correspondent & columnist.

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fans have consistently shown a disdain for and a terrifying bloodlust for those who disagree with their worldview. Thankfully, they’ve been too incompetent to do much about it so far, but if wins in November, they might be empowered to engage in their own brand of political cleansing.

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The US as defender of democracy won't win votes. Donald Trump gets it, Joe Biden doesn't | Simon Tisdall

#democracy #state

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"Vindman: Trump has ‘every intention’ to undo American democracy if reelected"

“We might have only one more vote left that really matters,” Vindman said in an interview on MSNBC’s 'The Last Word' with anchor Ali Velshi. “If Trump comes to office, he’s already declared that he intends to be a dictator. The President and the chief executive is invested with broad powers.”

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Much of modern politics seems to be about shifting attention from the richest and most powerful onto those at the bottom of the heap such as the poor, those on benefits, the homeless and the stateless. Don't blame those at the top. Blame those at the bottom. Why anyone falls for this garbage is beyond me.

Labour and the Tories agree on almost everything and the rich keep getting a bigger and bigger share. 1/2

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@IndyRichard the very rich pay for both the and the parties. It's no wonder that the parties serve them: he who pays the piper calls the tune.

You can't have a in which a rich person is allowed to donate more to a political party than the poorest person could afford to.

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“The threat to impose yet more restrictions on people’s right to peacefully protest is deeply worrying and suggests the Government is determined to silence those who may disagree with its policies." @amnestynl

~ Ilyas Nagdee, Amnesty International UK’s Racial Justice Director

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The sinister ramblings of a desperate lunatic
Rishi Sunak's emergency address in response to George Galloway's Rochdale by-election win made him look weak, desperate, and profoundly sinister.

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