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Michael Gove steps down in mass exodus of MPs before election

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For the Women Who Accused the Trump Campaign of Harassment, It’s Been More Harassment. Report by Marilyn W. Thompson

Trump is well known for publicly bullying his political rivals, but the former president’s campaign has also used similar tactics to launch private, relentless attacks against some of its own workers.

A federal magistrate judge has ordered the campaign to produce by May 31 a list of all discrimination and harassment complaints made during Trump's 2016 and 2020 presidential runs, allegations that the campaign initially tried to keep confidential through rigorously enforced NDAs. Last year, a federal judge freed 422 employees of the 2016 campaign from confidentiality agreements in a class-action lawsuit brought by Denson, a major crack in the campaign's strategy.

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Discussing the in one of my WhatsApp groups

One member is a centrist

One member is a Welsh nationalist

There are subtle clues as to which is which

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“Putting up trade barriers with your neighbours can make you richer, said the Brexiters. You can simultaneously cut taxes and increase spending, and pay no price, said Truss. Rwanda is a safe country, said Rishi Sunak.”

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“The 4th of July is a day of reckoning for the chaos and calamity the Conservatives have brought and for the harm they have done. On election day, the Tories don’t deserve merely to lose. They deserve to be punished.”

And Labour deserves to be punished for being Tories By Another Name. At least in Scotland, we have an alternative to vote for… if some people wouldn’t be so bloody feart.

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Indian journalists are on the frontline in the fight against election deepfakes in India!

The rise of widely accessible generative AI tools over the past two years has led to a proliferation of political deepfakes.


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Trump’s Pattern of Sowing Doubt Intensifies in 2024

has baselessly & publicly cast doubt about the fairness of the about once a day, on avg, since he announced his candidacy.

Though the tactic is familiar his attempts to undermine the 2024 contest are a significant escalation.

Trump’s 2020 false claims of a rigged election reached ~100 statements.
Trump’s 2024 false claims of a rigged election have so far reached ~550 statements.

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If you have that kind of pull, make the call now. Otherwise, you are the hostage taker.

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MP decides not to seek re-election after sepsis

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Prepare for the Meanest Election in Canadian History

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A philosophical "phantasm" is the projection of one's views onto facts, rather than allowing facts to inform one's views. This mechanism facilitates cognitive dissonance.

Interviewer to republicans: “What was the cause of the civil war?”

Watch, Cognitive Dissonance cause sheer ignorance here.👇

Republicans have no ability to tell the truth or acknowledge facts, they are fascist idiots. Very dangerous to be this stupid. Here they project views onto facts, rather than allowing facts to inform one's views. This mechanism facilitates cognitive dissonance.

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Of course, one of the the things we all need to be considering is how to vote tactically... so here for your consideration is one guide to how to vote tactically in your constituency.

Just type in you postcode for advice (based on polling) on how you might vote tactically to get the Tories out (or if you have other priorities, how to maximise the impact of your vote under the current FPTP system)

#election #tacticalvoting

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The Papers: 'Faltering election start' and 'General ejection'

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The people who told you that fascism was not a threat were wrong.

The people who told you that Russia was not fascist were, if possible, more wrong.

Fascism is might over right, conspiracy over reality, fiction over fact, pain over law, blood over love, doom over hope.

Fascism advances every injustice. Its victory will leave us serfs of a vengeful nature, of relentless technology, and of unquestionable oligarchy.

Analytic clarity is needed for political clarity. If you do not know what you face, you do not know how to act.

Once named, fascism can be defeated. Indeed, once named it can be easily defeated.

Russian fascism must lose on the battlefield. Americans can bring this about by supporting courageous Ukrainians.

American fascism must lose at the ballot box. Americans can bring this about by organizing, canvassing, phone banking, donating, and voting.

We know from history that fascism can lose. And we know today the contests that must be won.

Via Prof. Tim Snyder

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Compared to challenges that others face around the world, our odds in 2024 and 2025 are excellent. Americans have chances, not excuses.

A defeat of fascism is not a negation. It is an affirmation: of a future that can be more beautiful, more just, and more free.

2/ Audio:

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"A political consultant who sent artificial intelligence-generated robocalls mimicking President Joe Biden’s voice to voters ahead of New Hampshire’s presidential primary faces a $6 million fine and more than two dozen criminal charges"

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The upshot of yesterday's one-two punch of the second flag and Nikki Haley’s endorsement of Trump:

👉 A lot of people on the right have lost their minds.

👉 And a lot of other people on the right are afraid to say it.

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U.S. Supreme Court approves South Carolina congressional map previously found to dilute Black voting power.

CNN reports the court rejected "the argument raised by civil rights groups that lawmakers impermissibly used race as a proxy to bolster the GOP’s chances. But the high court also said that the civil rights groups that challenged the maps could continue to pursue one part of their claim, a move that will likely delay the battle over the districts for months."

For more coverage of the U.S. Congress, follow @the

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