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A greatful believer in Jesus Christ in recovery from lust, still trying to figure out where I best fit in the fediverse.

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So @hexephre and I have been working on a secret project lately & now we are excited to present to you:

✨ Fedi Trading Cards! ✨

  • Create your own personal trading card(s) and share them with friends!
  • There are no rules to this game, so put whatever you want on there! Or make up your own rules!
  • Use the #FediCard tag to share with other fedi...carders? cardizens??
  • Collect them ALL 😤


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@nash @hexephre @hypolite now I wish there were rules and could have it at

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I don't understand how we came to decide splitting representation up by geographic region was the only way to do it. There are so many other ways, religion, industry, age, sex, gender, ideology etc.

I particularly think it makes no sense to have a bicameral legislature with the only difference between them is the size of the geographic region like we have in Madison.

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"I'm not a materialist. Love and friendship is reward enough."

Oh, wait, I don't have much of those things either...

I have had some good times as an adult but it was always money that facilitated it, indirectly. I paid for travel to see people or to have them come see me. One of my exes lived with me for free while I worked. Another I wouldn't have met without travelling abroad. I'm also losing contact with old friends because I can't afford to be where they are.

It's not so interesting to own things, but experiences often cost money, and I do want those. You can also use money to improve your health and looks.

It would make more sense to be non-materialistic if I had many non-material assets, such as confidence, a great personality, good looks, a loving family, or a good contact network.

My main non-material asset is just my intellect though, and the main reward you can get in return for that alone is money and status.

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@thor do you know Jesus?

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@science Largest deep-sea coral reef to date is mapped by scientists off the US Atlantic coast


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In Canada, approximately 100 out of every 100,000 prisoners die. 3/4 of that is from suicide, 1/4 from homicide (rounded figures, as the breakdown is very precise).
Meanwhile, in the 120 year history of Residential Schools, it is estimated that about 1 in 50 children have died (at least 3200 children). That is the conservative estimate from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Other experts believe it's up to 6,000 students, which would double that number to nearly 1 in 25 children.

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@ned are you saying that virtually no prisoners die of natural causes in Canada?

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As someone who study science at undergraduate level using bahasa Indonesia Dr M assertion always baffles me.

Not everyone will work as scientist/engineer (who does need English in professional setting).


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@gombang there is need for language other than English?

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freemo, (edited ) to random
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What makes murdering morally wrong?

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@robertnorlyn @freemo social contract? I didn't sign anything

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@freemo what happened to 🎵"because the Bible tells me so" 🎵

catsalad, to random

Don't get offended if someone calls you a plateau. It's the highest form of flattery...

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@catsalad @amin higher than a mesa?

fuat2mb, to MLB
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@mlb The are the oldest team to have never won the .

Going back to 1961 at the founding as the in the has been to the 3 times. I think its time to but you don’t have to take my word for it.


hypolite, (edited ) to Travel

So, I flew 6 hours inland (1,200 miles, 1,931km) and I’m still in the same country. I was wondering in what other countries you can also do that, but my Internet search for “countries by biggest length” so far yielded more results about penises that I was ready to bargain for.

So far I have:

  • Russia
  • China
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Canada (thx @fuat2mb )

Kazakhstan looks like a good candidate but I was not able to find definite information on its dimensions aside from its area which of no use to me.

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@hypolite as you live in the States, I'm assuming it's Canada you missed.

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@hypolite @hypolite oh, and you should know France, though you'd have to travel between metropolitan France, through NotFrance to get to overseas France.

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@hypolite what do you mean it is not great to highlight?

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@hypolite gotcha.

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@alex am I correct in assuming recent changes to X have resulted in fewer active users on ?

fuat2mb, to science
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@science Making more magnetism possible with topology


> MIT researchers found evidence that topology can stabilize magnetic ordering, even well above the point at which magnetism normally breaks down. Their work reveals how topological structures known as Weyl nodes found in an exotic semi-metal can significantly increase the working temperature for magnetic devices.

JamesGleick, to TeslaMotors
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Does no one in the U.S. government have anything to say about one rogue private citizen knee-capping a war effort on which we have so far spent $75 billion?

Ukraine is not mincing words.

https://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musk-spacex-ukraine-zelenskyy-starlink-access-crimea-russia-invasion-2023-9 https://news.yahoo.com/zelenskyy-advisor-slams-elon-musk-151459281.html

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@JamesGleick why would they? SpaceX moved low earth orbit satellites over Ukraine to ensure they could maintain Internet acess after Russia cut off their communication including providing services gratis for many essential services. At some time the piper needs to get paid. Sure private citizens can organize to demand it continue, ask his workers to go on strike, etc. That would have more chance @ success than empty platitudes from liberal politicians..

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Unpopular take: Search on Mastodon should be opt out, not opt in.

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@mike should always side on privacy. Its a lot harder to get private info back. Yes we shouldn't expect anything on the internet to be private, but I digress

thor, to random
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i don't know why, but i really hate it when people say stuff like "cuck" and "soyboy"

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@thor are you married? This definitely isn't what Mrs. FU means when she says .

mekkaokereke, (edited ) to random
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🤔If Trump jumps bail, who would the bail bonds person send to go get him?

Please don't say Dog the Bounty Hunter. It would probably be him though. But if not him, then who?

Who is the Bass Reeves of today?

I mean, technically, wouldn't Trump still have a Secret Service detail? How would that work? Would there be a standoff between the US Marshals and the US Secret Service?

So many questions!

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@mekkaokereke allegedly the oath keepers are all current or former government employees themselves.

gvwilson, to random
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I am seriously tired of books and blogs and TED talks telling me how to grow a business. I want to know how to sustain one at a comfortable level. My dentist isn't looking to 10X his practice; neither is my accountant or my lawyer, and they're all (a) happy and (b) not regarded as weird or as failures. Where are the best-sellers on how to maintain a business until you're ready to pass it on to the next person?

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@gvwilson it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a richman to go to heaven.

TMakarios, to random

I like XMPP, and I also like things. So why not both at once?

Yggdrasil gives you a stable IP address, and it turns out that the domain part of an XMPP address can be just a [bracketed] IPv6 address, meaning you can have a stable XMPP address, without buying DNS entries, regardless of whether or how often you change how you're connected to the internet.

As an experiment, I tried setting up to run on such an address, on my desktop and on my phone. And it worked!

All I needed to change in the default configuration file was the VirtualHost line and the s2s_secure_auth line (setting it to false, so that they would accept each others' self-signed certificates, which is ok, because yggdrasil takes care of the end-to-end authentication and encryption). I also had to persuade each operating system that its own self-signed certificate was legit, so that on the same machine would be willing to accept it, to sign me in.

And with that, I could send myself peer-to-peer XMPP messages, and it carried on working seamlessly even when I switched my phone's WiFi off, leaving it to connect via its mobile data connection, which is a IPv4 address.

Having seen try and not yet succeed in CGNAT holepunching, I'm really impressed by how easy it was to get yggdrasil to make the CGNAT barrier effectively disappear.

Cc: @neilalexander, @prosodyim @dino

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@jabberati @TMakarios @prosodyim maybe you've had a better experience introducing free and federated serveries to your friends and family, but the most common response I get is "I'm not downloading another app just to talk to you" It is just expected that everyone does SMS and Facebook Messenger, and to say that I don't is more likely to result in not getting relevant information than anything else.

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