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Wiki and print-and-play library for music games/game pieces.

Tooting about #music that is game-like in performance and #tabletop #games with #sound #improvisation.

Suggestions always welcome!

🎵🎲 #wikidot #creativecommons #experimentalmusic #gamedesign #fedi22

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Are you good with recognizing faces? (or you know of @contemporarymusic? Quick help, please, thanks.

Can you confidently tell if the person without glasses here:

is THE SAME as the person with glasses here:


(the second one is ;) )

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"There are two musics (at least so I have always thought):
the music one listens to, the music one plays. These two
musics are two totally different arts, each with its own history,
its own sociology, its own aesthetics, its own erotic"

Roland Barthes, Musica Practica

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Great news!

Here's a fresh webpage of which includes a lot of pieces!
Richard is a , student of , who participated in in their beginnings.

➡️ https://www.richardreasoncomposer.co.uk/

@contemporarymusic @experimentalmusic

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It really bothers me that légumes is French for vegetables, but English nabbed it and said, no it's beans and bean plants

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@ronanmcd darn, here (pl) this word core means only a family of desserts (pudding etc.)
-- etymology went through legumine (caseine) most probably, cause of milk connection.

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Does your character have any hobbies?

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This toot needs a Content Wrapper...
Let people some discretion...
It's wrong to laugh so hard in the office...

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Voluntarily learning music theory whenever I feel like it because why not. I like to think people are horrified of the things I like to do for fun.

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@writeblankspace It looks like a graphic score! :)

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was a project run by . The results are now visible (and audible) at:



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Does anybody have any experience of Zoom breakout rooms? I'm going to try them with one of my classes tomorrow and have never done it before and have no way to practise beforehand.

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Do you mean practically or as a concept?
Experience in running or also participating?

For the editor here, during many occasions at conferences and such, max 5 people was the best limit. But for language practice could imagine it to be lower.

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Would you a micro-?

Unpaid help, alas. You'll get an in-file credit for the feedback. Publication itself will be free.

It might be helpful if you know what a peer review is, :) but you don't need to be a credentialed academic – it will just be fun if you can pose as one!

The game was tested. It's before formatting (6 A4s, ~2k words). Takes ~15 min. to play but feedback from reading is enough for the authors.

DM or reply please. :)

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This "call for " for an early version of a musical /, still awaits response.

It's the first for the authors, who are experienced board game designers (so for them this type of looking for feedback is normal ;p).

🔁 Maybe some boosting for the call-post above would help?
👶 Or suggestions for making it less offensive to the ttrpg culture?

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curious about something. wanna see how big the community on mastodon is. are you a game developer? plz boost for reach

EDIT: i cannot prescribe that anyone is a gamedev or in what capacity. if you don't self identify as a gamedev, vote no, if you self identify as a professional gamedev even if you're doing it alongside a dayjob, pick the professional category. there are no wrong answers

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This maybe a language issue, does it mean working with computer games in modern English? Or different types of games are included in the term? 🤔

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question. Does anyone know if using images is a good solution for screen readers?

Examples that we use so far could be: 📜 📷 ✱ †

Thinking of more.

(Alas, these general issues on our are not fine -- 's stiff engine doesn't help with accessibility).

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If you could mash together any two ideas, what would they be?

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Yeah, tried that... Still trying.

Took two favorite things, one based on sounds, another with rules.
Ended up writing many words. ;)

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It is not.

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Cool photo from Jacek Litwin:


Lacrimosa game on a piano. :)

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Using a speech-to-text tool, turn a field recording into instructions for a composition. That's this week's Disquiet Junto music community project. Details: https://disquiet.com/0608. Deadline: Aug 28, 11:59pm (your local time).

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@disquiet Somewhat a propos intermedia transformation, @PleaseCaption bot wanted nagged our account about that recent boost... ;)

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    What do we do now?
    I don't know.
    Let's go.
    We can't.
    Why not?

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    A new article, not exactly ready, but worth mentioning. It is all about traditional musical games.
    So far it mentions cultures: Ainu, Inuit, Japanese, Lummi, Maori, and Polish.


    Please, if you know about any traditional games that let players make music (and considerably shape it -- a background song is not enough here ;) ) please let know in any available way. Serious sources are cool too! ;)

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    Here's an list of that let you engage with ! :)


    Some great examples there, including free downloads. , , even some straight-up . :)

    @LeviKornelsen (thanks for promoting lists ;) )

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    It was exactly two years ago, when G4M co-organized a "Game Design for Composers" workshop at Break My Game Discord server.

    It was focused on the notions of balance and meaningful choice and applying them to participatory open scores.

    Good times! :)
    (i.e. looking narrowly at this specific event, you know, online event, two years ago, global reasons...)

    Promotional images attached.

    AMA? ;) (hard sell, long shot, tough cookie...) ;)

    An online poster informing about a Discord workshop at the background of an elevator door.
    An online poster done on a predator handshake meme template. One hand has a logo of Break My Game community, the other hand has Games for Music wiki logo. Details for the event are where the hands meet and are as follows: Game Design for Composers Discord workshop 30 May 2021

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    For this consider clicking on this ELITE list of authors who made in the scope of our wiki's interest.

    The list is ordered m/l by their level of Mastodon activity... ;)

    @StuffByBez @io

    If you also made a game that is "musical enough", please tell about it in replies! :)

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