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#Cybersecurity manager, #privacy professional, proud #union member, #US #expat in #Germany.

#security #OpenSource #FOSS #tech #technology #WorkersRights #EqualRights #journalism #agnostic



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secbox, to opensource
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Finally got around to having a better cross-platform notes organization system than using @signalapp "Notes to Self." @notesnook is already really impressing me, and I'm glad I took the time to set it up.

cfiesler, to random
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Lol the official verified Google account commented on one of my TikToks. I guess they ARE watching meโ€ฆ

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@dandb @cfiesler

Slow your roll on the hate, towards corp accounts ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿค‘ dudes! ๐Ÿ˜Ž No harsh vibes here ๐Ÿซฅ, just good times! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Stay cool, and stay using the AI ๐Ÿค– that gives you the most smiles per mile ๐Ÿค , Google Gemini!! ๐Ÿง ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ”ฐ๐Ÿคก๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š

DrALJONES, to random
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  • secbox,
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    Classy neoliberalism is still neoliberalism.

    secbox, to books
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    This is why I hate paperbacks. It's brand new, and I just cracked the book open for the first time, and it really "cracked open." Gotta glue it back together. ๐Ÿ™„

    rysiek, (edited ) to fediverse
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    Okay, let's do this:

    What is fedi?
    Bad answers only.



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    Fedi: Big national government but uwu

    secbox, to Neoliberal
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    While planning on begrudgingly casting a ballot for Biden this year, it's wild to see so many takes saying, "Yeah, is bad, but OTHER THAN THAT..." as if that's something you can gloss over. That's some real BS.

    And it's not even like Biden will do anything meaningful on the either, the other greatest threat facing our world. His continued subsidies of and giving passes to mega carbon emitters over the past four years is proof of that.

    And don't give me BS about, "bUt He'Ll sTaBIlIzE DeMoCraCy!!!" The previous administration showed where the holes in the US government system were and where safeguards should have been deployed. Instead of working to install those safeguards, he chose to use them as a bargaining chip for a second term.

    Improvements to The Economy(TM) and employment numbers means shit when people have to work 2 or 3 jobs to keep their families off the street.

    I urge all who can to vote for Biden in the hopes that the administration stabilizes the broken country long enough for the next generation, whom we have SORELY wronged, to present a new generation of truly leaders and hope that another term doesn't further entrench the "conservative-lite." I equally urge you to hold him accountable for his misdeeds.

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    We all have reasons for voting how we do. As a member of a leftist third party, I agree with you: no matter which of the two major candidates we choose, they will continue the current cycle of violence against different (or sometimes the same) people.

    The difference is that, under one, the country won't turn into a dictatorship. Is Biden a conservative sympathizer? Yes. Will HE be the one to stop fascists from taking over the country? No. I'm only voting for him to give the people 4 more years to work towards a real solution to the far right and moderate right Democrats.

    If you think voting "OTHER" will make a difference, I support your ability to make that choice and sympathize, also ready for the two party system to end. I just don't think now is the time. My personal belief is that the time will be when more voters have shifted further left by realigning the Overton Window closer to its original skew; that will be when an "OTHER" vote will be more effective. We already see almost 20% of Democratic votes in the primaries be blank. It's not long now.

    This is wild of me to say, because just a few months ago, I was arguing, like you, "If not now, when?!" But, for me, keeping a broken system that can be fixed by those that come after me is more pressing than risking a dictatorship that would harm far more.

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    Even when framing this like a battle with your use of words like, "defeat," "surrender," and "revolution," decisions must be made tactically. Even in Napoleonic-style battles with columns marching in broadside formation towards each other, maneuvering, feigning, and even tactical retreats are all often required for victory. The Charge of the Light Brigade, Little Big Horn, and Gettysburg are all examples of how if one goes all-out at the wrong time, it can lead to disaster.

    I don't believe you read my post fully. I'm not arguing that the Democratic Party will save us or that we just need "four more years." This is a long-term process towards progress that will requiring a dismantling or at least complete rebuilding of both parties.

    You said it: the nation is not ready for a general strike. If it can't even decide to walk out of their jobs at the same time, what makes you think there will be enough of a vote for an option not even on the ballot that a difference would be made?

    The nation is rapidly devolving into a corporate fascist state, I agree. What I will argue is that the process was unquestionably accelerated under 45 at a rate far exceeding what we saw from Biden.

    One of two people will be president in 2024. I'll cast my vote for the one that will allow a 2028 election. We're not totalitarian yet.

    LeftistLawyer, to random
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  • secbox,
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    @LeftistLawyer "Let them own mobiles."

    secbox, to USpolitics
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    "Great presidents" do not join picket lines for photo ops and cross them when convenient.

    They do not pass environmental protections then balance them out with increased fossil fuel production, both in the name of "The Economy."

    They do not stand idly by as minorities are actively and systematically persecuted, offering the Democratic Party equivalent of "thoughts and prayers" and passing neutered Executive Orders with only surface-level value.

    They do not use democracy as a bargaining chip for a second term instead of actively putting in safeguards against fascism.

    They do not actively support genocide.

    Joe Biden is not a good president. He is not a good person. He is not progressive. He is neoliberal in the most obvious and obnoxious of ways

    The above points are ideological differences beyond debate or discussion. If you see any of these things as "debatable," you need to examine how you weigh human life and rights before speaking on these topics again.

    While I will hold my nose and vote for him this year, I have and will continue to unfollow and/or block those not who praise individual decisions made by the current administration, but who praise Biden as a person and president. He is the "lesser of two evils," but ignoring his offenses will ensure these problems are not fixed.

    secbox, to debian
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    Hopefully, this is a less embarrassing post than, "How do you log into Windows without a Microsoft account?!"

    On 12 (, ), my laptop with a German keyboard is having issues with a single character. The "^" symbol, the primary character on its upper-left key, just doesn't like to be detected. On the same physical key, the "ยฐ" is immediately input into any text box when Shift+[key] is pressed, but it takes two strikes of the same key without shift to input the "^". This behavior along with this issue not being present in other distros shows it's not a hardware issue, and all other keys are behaving properly

    Has anyone else had this issue or have an idea of how to fix it? I can't find anything on StackOverflow, Reddit, or the Debian forums.


    Switching to the "No Deadey" version resolved the issue (and added more characters unlocked by RIght Alt!).

    Thanks to everyone for the quick help and getting this issue resolved so quickly. :)

    gabrielesvelto, to lotr
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    Please, please don't spoil part 2 for those who haven't read the book. I know it's been 59 years, but please, pleaaaaase, be nice people.

    You haven't spoiled to those who went to watch it right? RIGHT?!?!

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    At the end of , the Lord finds that the treasure wasn't the Ring, but the friends he made along the way.

    secbox, to random
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    I get it: free coffee in the office is a nice perk.

    If I could almost buy a nice BAG of coffee for the price of my ticket to and from the office, though, that math ain't mathing.

    secbox, to github
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    Is there any consensus on the best alternative to for software? I don't plan on doing any programming, but I would like a cloud-hosted location to put a few config files, maybe some links and docs that help me with work.

    Jeremiah, to random
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    Unless you work in Zurich, you are underpaid as a software engineer in Europe compared to your US peers.

    Demand more. โœŠ ๐ŸŒน


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    @Jeremiah I moved from the US to Germany and took a 25% pay cut, net and gross. Not only am I still putting almost the same amount into my savings every month, I no longer need to pay for expenses like a car or emergency medical savings account (HSA) to keep from going bankrupt in a medical emergency. I'm also finally able to afford to shop for real estate for a home to call mine, which I never could in the States.

    Cost of living plays a HUGE part of this equation. I feel more financially affluent now than I ever have.

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    @Jeremiah I also have my company investing way more in my benefits than I ever had in the US, from retirement to PTO to health benefits. Whether legally required or not, companies here invest way more in their employees than American companies do.

    gcluley, to random
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    One day my grandchildren will ask me what I did during the great Booking.com scam of 2023, and I'll be able to point them to my quote in today's Daily Mirror.


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    I stand with Carole.

    secbox, to random
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    I've been meaning to try out @Mojeek for a while now, and this post [https://mastodon.social/@Mojeek/111294488295589332] from our comrades reminded me.

    Not only has their self-built index been great, but the "Search Choices" option [https://blog.mojeek.com/2022/02/search-choices-enable-freedom-to-seek.html] adds in-line links to the results to your search from other search engines, including my previous providers. That convenience alone would be enough to make me switch.

    Mojeek, to random
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    and so you're telling me you just sent off your dna to a private company in an envelope? ๐Ÿงฌ


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    @Mojeek coming in with the spicy takes. ๐Ÿ‘

    slashdot, to random
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    @slashdot For those who don't know, @djb is here on Mastodon and has been receiving a lot of undue grief for reporting the finding despite his proofs.

    TheEuropeanNetwork, to uk

    The British Museum launches a hunt for stolen treasures.

    This summer, the museum revealed that it had been robbed of some 2000 pieces stored in its reserves, and is appealing to the public for help in its search.


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    @TheEuropeanNetwork Surely they can see the irony in this...

    MnemosyneSinger, to random

    Why are we are not talking about this?

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    dgar, to random
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    Username: admin
    Password: admin

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    @Deus @dgar uppercase โœ… lowercase โœ… number โœ… symbol โœ… >= 8 characters โœ…

    I see no issues.

    chrisg, to random
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    Mocking Google for their totally-not-an-attempt-to-DRM-the-Web is the right thing to do.

    Open issues on the proposal repo and let them know what you think.


    But, don't be fooled. Even if they take this back, it doesn't change how they think. This is their intention. They just failed to slip it by this time.

    The answer is to take power away from Google. Stop using their stuff. Build alternatives. It's not easy, but it's the only way.

    And mock them. That's always fun.

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    @TheDailyBurble @chrisg I've used @Tutanota for email for 3 years now. No regrets, no issues, no problems with signing up for services. They have a free tier you can try, but I'm a happily paying customer.

    secbox, to literature
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    I'm going to try to reduce the I feel like I'm drowning my with and post more original content. That said, the people that I deserve to have their seen.

    Today, I want to shout out @gutenberg_org , an absolutely incredible source for and history. I've been getting a new every week to add to my list of and to build my . Go give them a follow!

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    @richardpazia @gutenberg_org Not yet, but after I graduate, that would be awesome to participate in!

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