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So. Cal. engineer (hardware/software, retired, he/him), born at 313 ppm, musician, chef, now living in West Virginia. KW2P ham radio (the original social network), father of three, grandfather, astronomy, solar dynamics, photography, writing, birding, birdwatching, eBird, fountain pens, cats and dog, reader of banned books, Chairman of the Charcuterie Board, Whisk Manager, Compuserve refugee, founder of The Church of The Unwarranted Assumption. Crypto is short for cryptography. Blog: shuttersparks.net


"To hold a pen is to be at war." --Voltaire

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shuttersparks, to hamradio
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Radio project progress photo.

Next, wire this up and connect the antimatter injector.

shuttersparks, to WX
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I'm old and can say that, given what's coming with climate change, my life has gone from being a huge fan of science fiction novels to being a character in a science fiction novel. I didn't sign up for this, but here I am.

145 mph wind gusts in Truckee, California? I used to have a home in Incline Village long ago.

#wx #weather #blizzard

Free_Press, to news
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1 US Bradley vs. Shitload of Russians......

Shitload of Russians lose!
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #Ukraine #Russia



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@Free_Press I like the Bradley. It has a good mix of capabilities.

A .50 cal (12.7 mm) machine gun shooting FMJ bullets will ruin your day. Firing a .50 BMG at thick steel plate is an eye-opening experience. Now imagine a 25 mm chain gun firing explosive rounds. Yeah. Don't be the target.

johncarlosbaez, (edited ) to random
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The CEO of Exxon just said "we've waited too long" to tackle climate change. He blames "society" and "activists".

Yes, Exxon. Yes, Exxon. Yes, Exxon: the corporation that for decades has been spending millions to slow progress on climate change, despite its own research showing the problem was urgent.

He said:

"We've waited too long to open the aperture on the solution sets in terms of what we need, as a society, to start reducing emissions.... Frankly, society, and the activist — the dominant voice in this discussion — has tried to exclude the industry that has the most capacity and the highest potential for helping with some of the technologies."

What is this — some sort of dark, twisted joke?

The interview is here:



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@johncarlosbaez Yup, I've said for ages that when the time came they would do exactly this. It's all our fault.

There's also a blatant lie in there. They do not have "the most capacity and highest potential" to mitigate the problem. To do that they'd have to shut down the corporation and every other oil company. No capitalist operation suicides to save another.

opsnlops, to random
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Last night I learned there's a "Makers" category on Twitch! I was instantly hooked watching people 😍

I ordered a cheap clamp for my phone to let me clamp my phone to the shelf over my workbench to use as a camera. I guess I'll try streaming building some PCBs over the weekend or something to see how it goes!

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@opsnlops I don't publish how-to videos but I have made several for friends. I've found that my GoPro works great. With it mounted on my forehead, it shows my viewpoint, which is by default going to be the best view and the camera has great depth of field.

Anyway, just a suggestion.

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@opsnlops But you're not the one viewing the video. There's no viewscreen on a GoPro. It's tiny and sits on your forehead like a little headlamp and you don't even know it's there. But it sees what you see.

lauren, to random
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Experts generally agree that your cat will not try to eat you if you're still alive. But there is much less certainty about what they'll do if they think you're dead.

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@lauren At that point, you don't care. Your carcass will work its way back into the ecology one way or another. The one that produces the least CO2 / methane would be best. Being eaten by another creature is ideal. Being cremated is the worst possible solution.

Go Leela!

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@lauren Oh yeah. I always try to be on the winning side.

cdarwin, to random
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One of the candidates to represent a Boston-area district in the Massachusetts Republican Party's State Committee is an avowed neo-Nazi who has pledged the mass expulsion of Jews from the United States.

"Don’t forget I’ll likely get voted into office on March 5," Lori Kauffman posted to her X account over the weekend. "
Long term goals are to ban same sex marriage (never should have been legalized) and trans will be illegal. Yes illegal. I will also exile all Jews


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@cdarwin How can you make a natural feature of the human species illegal?

Oh, nevermind. I guess if you can outlaw skin color you can outlaw that, or vice-versa.

GeePawHill, to random
@GeePawHill@mastodon.social avatar

We're not, I know, living on a timeline where science actually matters, but I gotta say this anyway.

Every serious study of the economic impact of immigration has the same conclusion: "immigration has a net-positive effect on the economy". Most of them go further than that, citing non-economic positive effects.

Leaving one's homeland is just not a thing stupid, lazy, cowardly, or ignorant people do.

The "border crisis" has a shorter name. That name is "racism".

@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@GeePawHill Exactly, exactly, and exactly. I've harped on this for decades. Even slow-minded Ronald Reagan knew this and acted on it. But point this out to a MAGA and nothing.

And why are people here in West Virginia all riled up about immigration at the southern border that has zero impact on them?

Propaganda works.

devanopolis, to random
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@klizana I held a LAMY Safari and a urge has come over me. Do you (or anyone else reading this) have any suggestions on alternatives? I don’t mind/rather enjoy the triangular grip of the Safari.

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@devanopolis @klizana I use Lamy Safaris but my favorite pens that are constantly in my hand are TWSBI Eco pens. They make models with and without triangular grips

StillIRise1963, to random
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Let's stop mincing words and playing fucking games. Call things what they are. Use precise language. Traitors, fascists, nazis, confederates, terrorism, dictator, authoritarianism, racists are some of the proper descriptors.

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@StillIRise1963 Yes, people really avoided saying these words but I'm pleased that over recent months many have stopped mincing words and just say it. 👍

lolgop, to random
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CPAC was reportedly rife with Nazis spewing the “N-word” and the presumptive GOP nominee appeared to feel right at home.

Dig in at https://www.erlywrm.com


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@lolgop Sure he felt at home. They were talking just like his dad used to.

azonenberg, to random
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Testing out the new IQ Demux and Constellation filter blocks in ngscopeclient.

IQ Demux is intended for working with 2D modulations where you have the I and Q values sent consecutively on the same channel. It splits out the interleaved I/Q values to separate channels which you can then feed to the constellation filter.

Of course, the 26 Gbaud PAM4 PRBS I'm looking at here isn't actually a vector modulation, but it's a convenient source of fairly clean test data.

@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@azonenberg That's a lot of baud. I remember 45.45 baud and still use it occasionally. Then came 110 baud over telephone lines. Whoo hoo! 300 baud was thrillingly fast.

Hahaha. (Yes, I'm old.)

Free_Press, to news
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Republicans impeach Alejandro Mayorkas over the border after failing to last week

The Senate will need to address the Homeland Security Secretary's impeachment when it returns on Feb. 26, but the Democratic-controlled chamber WILL NOT convict him.


@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@Free_Press I'll bet the Senate doesn't even bother with it. There's little or no interest on either side. They'll send it to committee and you'll never hear about it again.

But we shall see.

Free_Press, to news
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Nebraska Republican Governor Reverses Course and Says State Will Take Federal Funding to Feed Children

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen has reversed course and now says he will accept federal funding to help feed hungry children during the summer break

@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@Free_Press So another unprincipled Republican changes course when the wind changes.

(Not that I wanted him to hold his course in this case. Just pointing out the inconstancy and lack of backbone.)

lovelylovely, to random
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Pass it on .


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@lovelylovely This is totally on target.

We've been through so much Trump shit since 2016 that it's impossible to hold it all in your head. So hearing it listed here had me laughing non-stop at the unbelievable absurdity of it and, most of all, the fact that the people of the United States are still putting up with it.

I mean, Donald Trump isn't worth the paper you wipe your ass with, yet here we are, eight years in, and he's still making headlines. I think it says more about the gullible American People than anything else.

And no, this guy is not going to be hired to anchor the evening news or a talk show. Listen to him anyway. It's the message that matters, not the messenger.

GossiTheDog, (edited ) to random
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Queer.af mastodon instance has been shut down by the Taliban (not a joke, they seized the domain name).


@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@janeadams @Martoni @GossiTheDog Agreed. As unbelievable as it might seem to some, I'll bet they didn't think it through.

Just so y'all know, most of those two-letter TLDs like .af refer to countries. In this case, Afghanistan. The country itself is the owner of that TLD and can decide who can and cannot use it. That's how TLDs were set up long ago and I see nothing wrong with it.

So think before using one. In all cases you have to to ask yourself two questions before using it. 1) Might my content offend that country? 2) Do I want to appear to be aligned with that country?

This second one has puzzled me for years. I see two-letter country TLDs on websites that, in my opinion, clearly shouldn't be aligning themselves with that country.

Bottom line: understand these two-letter TLDs and think before using them.

shuttersparks, to random
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So who won tonight, Dolphins or Broncos?

@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@brouhaha Nothing risked, nothing gained. ;-)

shuttersparks, to random
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Seems odd to me that there are, apparently, no discussions on Mastodon about Zoho.

I've been using them for 14 years and they have about 100 million users.

@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@fredonline If this is a problem, I suspect it will get fixed. Google and Zoho actually work together (surprise) on interoperability between Zoho and Google Docs/Sheets etc.

This makes sense since Docs, Sheets, etc. are not moneymakers for Google. They are expenses. While it may seem that Zoho and Google are competitors, they are not. They're friends that got into this SAS business at the same time (2006) and have grown together. The only difference is Zoho has made a business out of it and Google doesn't mind.

rberger, to random
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Back before the Reagan Revolution … a third of America had a good union job, our schools were brand-new and well supplied and staffed, college was free, healthcare was inexpensive, and the biggest challenge America had was to put a man on the moon and bring him safely home — there was little demand for a dictator in this country.
… For the majority of white Americans to adopt a strongman authoritarian, first the country had to be broken and broken badly.


@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@rberger It was indeed the plan all along.

The GOP has always been a minority party. After the Southern Strategy absorbed the Dixiecrats into the Republican Party, those Dixiecrats and Christian Fundamentalists realized that they would never win control of the country through democracy.

So the game changed to subversion and sabotage of government, physically and financially, in order to break it and create the conditions where another form of government can be established.

jimmylittle, to superbowl
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The fact that a company (TurboTax/Intuit) can make enough profit off of a mandatory government action (filing taxes) to buy a ad should be criminal.

@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@jimmylittle Agreed. It's hard to criminalize a business but the IRS is on it. When I did my taxes a year ago I saw the IRS providing links to a half dozen providers that would do basic returns for free, like Turbo used to. I used one without problems and my return wasn't all that simple.

Now the IRS is unveiling their own system, where you can do it directly without a provider like TurboTax.

Tendar, to Russia
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Starlink in the hands of the Russian military and operational should be investigated by the US Congress and the European Union. If the company aided and abetted Russia or even just rejected to curb its use for military means by Russia, then I see a violation of export control.

Source of Pics: t.me/uniannet/125272


@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@Tendar Yup. But I imagine DoJ is afraid to go after Musk.

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