If I am posting here, my server is down. Now residing at

Once was in R&D at Apple & Compaq. One NASA launch. Designed stuff. Made things go. Made things stop. Collected data. Sysadmin. Musician. Lead guitarist. Songwriter.

Working on an RPG and new music. Might resurrect an RTS someday. Header picture is the RPG game landscape before adding stuff to it, and with DLSS off.

Avatar: Man in a gas mask
Header: Catalina-like landscape from WIP video game

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stevesplace, to mastodon

Well. I moved SSDs between two boxes. I kept a HD behind (it only has rsync and backuppc stuff on it). The one that was to be my new Linux work PC, this one, came up fine.

The box with my instance and a chat room on it decided it should boot to MacOS. And so it did.

Clover is still installed.

Where is the Linux boot partition?

Was another drive hiding?

I have mysteries to sort through. Meanwhile, my private instance is down.


This one's fine. Yay.

stevesplace, to random

Doesn’t look like my last post posted. Ziply is down.

stevesplace, to random

Heard 2 booms. Power went down. Heard another boom and it went up and down. said ETA for restoration of power is noon. I think transformers blew.

stevesplace, to soundcloud

I just posted the tunes I wrote and posted on since I've been here on this, my 1-year anniversary of joining ! The links are all on my private server, so please check it out and share what you might like! 😁

stevesplace, to random

Ziply is still down for me. Boo.

stevesplace, to random

Zippy went down. Boo.


It happened-5 minutes ago. Checked downdetector to see it is extensive across its internet service.

stevesplace, to random

Yay! Power came back on around 10:30 pm. Either 31 hours (per ) or 27 hours (from when the lights actually went out) without power. Low indoor temperature noted was 45F, although the floor was likely 43F or thereabouts. Cold air falls.

Going back to @stevesplace at unless the power glitches again, in which case I'll do the dance of the Terminator. I'll be back.

stevesplace, to random

64-53 #TrailBlazers over #Pacers at halftime. Lots of athleticism as Ayton returned to the lineup.

stevesplace, to portland

34 31 after 1 in

stevesplace, to random

I opened the fridge to quickly grab a couple of items and it didn’t seem appropriately cold in there but it’s 46F and falling in here so no worries?

benwinslow, to random

The Utah House of Representatives has passed bills replacing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Offices on higher ed campuses (and restricting DEI trainings in government) and restricting public restroom/locker room access by transgender people:


@benwinslow We are a nation disunited and increasingly led by bigots.

stevesplace, to random

I ordinarily browse using Firefox with blockers applied. The phone is not set up like that. OMG the “news” sites are disgusting! A stream of shitty and obnoxious ads make reading articles nearly impossible. And this is from a guy who ran a site that was 100% ads. How do their web designers sleep at night?

Jennifer, to Weather avatar

Our water utility is almost out of water probably thanks to the ongoing climate change induced drought. A nearby town has no water at all right before another day that will freeze the roads and make travel impossible. That was not something on my radar this week for something I needed to really conserve. I was worried about burst pipes, not no water at all. This is the kind of thing that makes me daydream about moving to another country with communities not run by good ol boys.


@Jennifer The Pacific Northwest can get really cold but one thing it has is water. Sympathies. That’s awful.

EricKHoward, to random avatar

Lauren Boebert Blames Nation’s Falling Birth Rate on Abortion, Overlooking Data That Says Otherwise
The Colorado representative made the misleading claim during a congressional hearing on immigration law, suggesting that stopping abortions is a better way to boost the U.S. population than embracing immigrants


@EricKHoward Her racism is tattooed across every word she says.

synlogic, to HashtagGames avatar

The Pushcart War But With Uzis

ps. okay, technically this might make it better


@synlogic Like Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang with munitions?

stevesplace, to random

Some stuff is gating through 5G. Got some alerts. This should post. Progress but still no power.

dangillmor, to random avatar

Reminder that no one should buy a printer from HP, ever:


@dangillmor I was in the diagnostic group at Altos. They reversed a couple of standard bus pins to compel customers to either buy peripherals from them, or buy their adapter to put the signals back where they should be. This is sooooo 80’s. HP is led by idiots. They + Compaq were a perfect fit.

yarkot, to random avatar

The US gave Ukraine some of the best weapons in the world, and Ukrainians achieved remarkable things with them. Now, we’ve just stopped giving them the ammunition to keep using those weapons.

President Biden wants to send ammo to Ukraine.

Probably 90/100 US Senators want to send ammo.

Some 2/3 of US House members have voted to send ammo.

A big majority of US public opinion wants to send ammo.

Speaker Mike Johnson blocks it from a vote.



@yarkot He is a fascist in bed with the only nation this benefits. Russia. I have grown to despise Republicans and the Russian oligarchy whose propaganda they parrot, and whose leader owns them.

ai6yr, to random avatar

Precision A1 drywall team.


@ai6yr I can do that!

stevesplace, to random

says the power went out at 3:27 pm yesterday and have not dispatched anyone, have not determined a cause and as of right now have no estimate for when power might be restored. Despite additional crews from out of state, they are woefully short of what they need to service this area due to the storm. Oh joy.


@GoatRoper Me, too.

GottaLaff, to random avatar

LOL, Tim Scott's going to endorse Trump today.

Good luck, "My African American over here..." Scott.


@sepfeiffer @GottaLaff They make money being evil. Some are compromised by Russian intelligence.

stevesplace, to random

14 hours without power.

BE, to random avatar

I know I've said it before, but I never try to convince people in my life that COVID's serious anymore. It just always leaves me frustrated.

So, that said, my wife best friend just texted to say she's got COVID for the first time and she knows we "keep up with COVID" and wanted to ask some questions. Sure, no problem.

She was on a flight last weekend and asks if it's possible that she just tested positive now. We tell her that RAT's are supposedly around day 5-11 now, so that's totally possible.

She asks if we know what the workplace rules are for her, and sure we send her a link. She says that's not at all what her boss said, but OK.

She asks if it's even possible to not give her husband COVID. We go over ventilation, filtration, masks, etc and this is where it really starts to go off the rails. She's just like "Yeah, we're not doing any of that."

She asks if long COVID "is real" or if there's anything else she should know and we're like yeah, it is, there's a lot that's unknown. We're sending you some links about what is known with long COVID rates, the things to look out for, what you can try to do in the meantime, etc. and she reads it and goes "Ummm, yeah. That all looks super sketchy. If any of that were real I'm sure the news would be talking about it. I'm sorry but I think you guys have fallen for some hoax or something here. I have a fever, a runny nose and muscle aches. I'm going to take some Tylenol. We have a birthday party to attend tonight, a kid's party tomorrow and my boss wants me back at work on Monday. Thanks anyway."

I give up.


@BE Fox News owns them now.

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