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Forest creature living in the plains. 💕Empathy, Programming Languages, Drawing. My code parks your car. I make a HyperCard clone at https://mastodon.cloud/@stacksmith

Munich, Heidelberg, Lucerne [Any Pronouns]

#ios #mac #hypercard #retroProgramming #retroComputing #drawing #mastoArt #tv #movies #scifi #fedi22

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uliwitness, to random German
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Fiiiinally …!

nocontextb5, to Babylon5
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@penryu @nocontextb5 Centauri. Think peacock.

gernot, to SwiftUI German
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Checking and formatting phone numbers for app signup in . How hard can it be?

(Turns out: Hard. And I suspected that… Still sucks though.)

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@gernot At least Apple has a built-in formatter for those these days… imagine having to maintain the German area code table…

phranck, to random German
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May @Codeberg can tell me, why my repo isn't visible even it is a public repo?


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@ctietze @phranck Wo wir bei Vorschlägen sind:

für Elektrogeräte und Bauteile (so irgendwo zwischen Völkner und Baumarkt)

Lebensmittel, Drogeriebedarf

Computer, Elektrogeräte, Medien

Videodrom.de - http://www.videodrom.com/intro.php
DVDs und Blu-Rays, besonders auch Ausländische und schwer zu bekommende — den Online-Store gibt's aber nicht mehr, man muss also "von Hand” per E-Mail anfragen.

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@phranck @ctietze Hab's nicht gefunden, muss dann nachher mal schauen ... Auf Codeberg umziehen ist immer noch auf meiner “to do”-Liste, hab noch keinen Account.

uliwitness, (edited )
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@phranck Sehe gerade: “Codeberg is a collaboration platform providing Git hosting and services for free and open source software, content and projects.” Und die FAQ bestätigt, dass es OSS sein soll.

Damit fällt Codeberg bei mir durch, da ich ein paar Repos habe, die ich gerne irgendwann kommerziell verwerten würde, und die privat sind. Muss wohl mal schauen, ob's da ähnliche Hoster gibt.


jamesthomson, to random
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Apple still writing xrOS on all their cheques.

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@jamesthomson Grandpa, what's a cheque?

phranck, (edited ) to random German
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Hat wer Lust das meiner „ Alternativen“ Liste zu uebernehmen?

Bitte teilen oder bei mir melden. Danke.


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@phranck I get a 404 from that link? Even from your user page. But I do get the preview in the Mastodon post. Must be some weird confusion in Codeberg?

Fischblog, to random German
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Ich hab hier Holzlack, der seit 11 Jahren abgelaufen ist. Was meint ihr, kann man den noch trinken? 🤔

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@Fischblog schaut den momentanen Zustand der Welt an Ich glaub das haben die alle doch schon gemacht. 😅

uliwitness, to random
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TIL that the screwdrivers are named after Henry F. Phillips and are therefore spelled with two Ls and one P.

The Dutch electronics company is spelled Philips, with one L and one P.

scy, to random German
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Zwei Minuten Endoskopkamera-Video: 200 MB. 🤨

Joah, 1920×1080 MJPEG 30 fps, plus unkomprimiertes 16-bit 16 kHz Audio.

Und die Kamera hat nicht mal ein Mikrofon.

@uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

@scy Ist MJPEG von der Bildqualität her besser als MP4 oder H.264? Vielleicht nicht pro Megabyte, aber einfach absolut? Also besser für Mediziner, um ein Standbild rauszuholen und darauf etwas zu erkennen, ohne die möglichen Schlieren?

Aber ja, unkomprimiertes Audio ohne Mikro ist wenig sinnvoll 😅

@uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

@scy Ja, ich habe Videosoftware geschrieben … meine nur, das könnte Sinn machen, MJPEG statt MPEG zu benutzen, weil die ja an Stellen die komisch aussehen stoppen wollen, und ein scharfes Bild wollen.

Wir bekamen leichter Matsch mit MPEG, weil beim Gegeneinander-Kodieren zweier schnell bewegter Frames noch etwas extra verloren geht, mehr als bei den "Standbildern" von MJPEG, wo Du Framerate verlierst.

Aber wer weiss schon, ob das in der Praxis was ausmacht. Ab H.264 sicher nicht mehr.

@uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

@scy Da hatte ich schon gar nicht mehr drangedacht, dass es die auch nicht medizinisch gibt (obwohl man die ja in jedem Militärfilm beim Stürmen von Gebäuden sieht ... 😂

uliwitness, to random
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You're telling me that not only did Apple decided to run this stupid "crushing it" commercial, they ripped off an old LG ad ???


tonyarnold, to random
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I’ve got to admit that watching the destruction of those beautiful musical instruments in the new iPad ad made me deeply uncomfortable.

Such incredible, needless waste.

@uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

@tonyarnold Yeah, those, the arcade ... I'm kinda hoping that was just good CGI.

cocoaphony, to random
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I have a local variable declared in my Package.swift for swiftSettings so I can use it in a couple of places. It seems that if I move the declaration to the bottom of the file, after let package =, it is simply ignored. It still compiles, but the options aren't passed to the compiler. If I move it to the top of the file, it works.

I'm currently moving to @mattiem's solution (https://github.com/mattmassicotte/PackageTemplate/blob/main/Package.swift#L35-L39). But is this a bug, or intentional behavior?

@uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

@cocoaphony I wonder if it's accidental hiding? Like, maybe there is an existing let swiftSettings in Swift’s package loading code in PackageDescription framework, and you're picking that one up? What happens if you rename it to robsSwiftSettings ?

uliwitness, to random
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I take it the “run macOS on an iPad” situation is still “should technically be possible, some people managed it, but a truckload of work to make work in practice”? Or is there something like the jailbreak installers of old that make it risky but straightforward?

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@oktawian @morgant Correct me if I'm wrong, but apart from the touch screen vs. keyboard thing and a few ports, isn’t an M1 iPad Pro basically the same hardware as an M1 MacBook ? It’s the same SoC, and therefore the same storage controller. They could be skimping on the actual flash memory for the iPad I guess, but I've not seen any indication anywhere it's not the same memory as a MacBook.

ctietze, to random
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Objective-C professionals around the world, I summen ye 🗺️

Is there not a way to annotate an Objective-C method that returns a Foundation type like NSString to avoid automatic bridging to Swift.String?

I really want to stay in NSString-land.

(Actually, I probably even want to keep fiddling with an NSMutableString as a mutable string)

@uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

@ctietze @nicklockwood I wonder what would happen if you declared an ObjC subclass of NSString and returned that. 😈

grammargirl, to random
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Old English had some beautiful and poetic compound words such as "heaven candle" for "sun."

Hana Videen of @OEWordhord and I talked about those and more in our interview about her new book about words for animals in medieval times, "The Deorhord."

LISTEN: https://pod.link/173429229

READ: https://lnkd.in/g_eRfTJT

WATCH: https://lnkd.in/gs8ArseH


@uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

@grammargirl @OEWordhord As someone who speaks German, this episode was twice as fun, because some words are still used here, or at least known as old words.

cabel, to random
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@Cdespinosa @pixel The plot thickens. “I bought this item at a charity auction during my trip to Munic at Christmas 2001. As you can see, the invoice is expressed in the old German currency, before the entry of the EURO.”

I think there’s a chance this story might be true — and this is a bamboozlee, not the original bamboozler.

Calling all Germans! @map

(But then again: if this person enjoys forging documents, this would be a fun one to forge.)


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@NanoRaptor @cabel @Cdespinosa @pixel @map Should have used this as the base ;)

JPEGuin, to random
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I'd love some help and pointers on who to reach out to or how to market my apps and get the word out there. I've been working hard at making great apps, but they often arrive DOA and sustain extremely minimal sales, and my efforts often feel wasted. Would really appreciate some guidance here, thank you!

Here are my apps for context: https://www.pnguin.app

@uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

@JPEGuin Probably not directly your issue, but I come to your site and see 9 icons that mean nothing to me and have to mouse over each one to even figure out whether any of these are things that would be of use to me.

Maybe find a design where you can show the names right away?

And pet peeve: Since a lot of the names mean nothing to me, what about adding a byline that gives me an idea. Like “Vinyls - your record and CD database” (or whatever it does). Make that web site scannable.

schwa, to random
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  • uliwitness,
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    @schwa @cocoawithlove Wait, you made a drawing canvas using SwiftUI? Any tricks to share? I’ve been kinda assuming from the API structure that this was a bad fit for SwiftUI and went back to UIKit for that.

    airspeedswift, to random
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    Y’all are putting way too much inside didSet.

    I get how temptingly convenient it is but it’s setting things up for future sadness.

    Also no taking all that logic and stuffing it in a single method you call from didSet. You’re not fooling anyone.

    @uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

    @siracusa @nicklockwood You want to make a ... changing ... constant?

    xan, to random
    @xan@xantronix.social avatar

    I wonder how Larry, John, Steve, and Bruce are doing these days

    @uliwitness@chaos.social avatar

    @xan @smallsco Bruce was a huge Smalltalk fan when I ran into him at WWDC one time.

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