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Retired researcher living in Nottinghamshire, England.

Also at https://mastodon.social/@jsim63

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Avatar: Me, a white woman with short, greying brown hair. Wearing a large pair of red spectacles.

Header: Climate Stripes going from blue on the left to terrifying red on the right.

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junesim63, to Israel
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"By celebrating the carnage in Gaza to free four Israeli captives, western politicians and media are treating Palestinians as sub-human – and enabling the genocide to continue
Complaints about Hamas using ‘human shields’ are the worst kind of bad faith"
The latest from Jonathan Cook


junesim63, to Israel
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Part one of a Zeteo exclusive detailing degrading social media images from members of "the most moral army in the world"

CW: Some distressing images

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Israel’s Insta-Genocide

junesim63, to random
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This headline is typical of the media demonisation of #Gypsies and #Travellers. Read further down, and a private contractor paid for by the owner of the fields says:

"It might look a mess, but that’s what you get when you have a gathering of thousands of people. I can’t imagine it is different at any music festival.
Our aim is to restore the fields to normal as soon as possible. In a few days’ time you won’t be able to tell that the fair was ever here.”



junesim63, (edited ) to humanrights
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A lovely picture story by Roma photojournalist Eszter Halasi, who followed a Romany family on their journey to this year's Appleby Horse Fair. It's particularly relevant after the High Court ruled against the new Tory law criminalising the travelling way of life.

#ApplebyHorseFair #Roma #Gypsies #Travellers #HumanRights #Racism #Photography #CulturalHeritage


junesim63, to random
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Unemployment is rising in the UK at the fastest pace among 38 of the world’s richest countries, according to an analysis by the Trades Union Congress (TUC).
Between the start of January and the end of March, every region of the UK was affected by rising unemployment and a falling number of job vacancies.
Forcing people into a decreasing number of jobs, or their benefits will be cut is no way to solve this.


junesim63, to random
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"The main hospital in Sudan's al-Fashir city has been attacked and put out of service, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), which supports the facility, told Reuters on Sunday, while local volunteers blamed the incident on the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF)"

Lest we forget, another genocide targeting health facilities is in progress.

#Sudan #Genocide #RSF
Hospital in Sudan's al-Fashir shut after attack, aid group says | Reuters

junesim63, to Law
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"Now, we have to debate about my right to say what I want to say instead of debating about what I actually said"
Palestinian human rights lawyer Rabea Eghbariah discussing the controversy surrounding his article titled 'Toward the Nakba as a Legal Concept.'

#Law #Palestine #Nakba #Columbia #Israel #Gaza

Why are America’s elite universities so afraid of this scholar’s paper? | Israel-Gaza war | The Guardian

junesim63, to Football
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"A club that stands at the pinnacle of the footballing elite presents its case not as a dispute among a group of mega-rich owners about how they apportion their riches, but as a downtrodden club that has, in the words of one fan account, “declared war on the entire football elite”. It is an echo of how many within political debate also attempt to depict themselves"
Kenan Malik on football and politics.


junesim63, to mentalhealth
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"Some have tried to jump off the buildings, others try to hang themselves in the rooms, one tried to hurt himself in the kitchen, and one took too many pills"
Amir, on the unfolding mental health crisis at Wethersfield, where around 580 migrants are being housed at the 80-year-old site, where asylum seekers can be held for 6-9 months.

#AsylumSeekers #MentalHealth #Wethersfield #HomeOffice #UKPolitics


junesim63, to food
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Good from Desmog on the far right EU election MEP candidates spreading manure about food and farming. Some cast doubt on the reality of climate science, while others painted EU regulators as part of an authoritarian “sect” wishing to control citizens through green measures.


junesim63, to worldwithoutus
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Fascinating article on baobabs, their origins and the threats to their survival.

Baobab trees all come from Madagascar – new study reveals that their seeds and seedlings floated to mainland Africa and all the way to Australia

junesim63, (edited ) to Amazon
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35,000 independent UK retailers headed by the British Retail Association have launched the biggest ever retail class action with a £1bn claim for damages against Amazon, which they allege has been pushing them out of its online marketplace.

The claim asserts that between October 2015 & the present day, Amazon used non-public data belonging to the retailers to inform the launch of its own rival products.

#Amazon #OnlineRetailers #Law #ClassAction #UKLaw #Enshittification

junesim63, to climate
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A list of wealthy climate sceptics bankrolling the Reform Party, rightwing Tories, including the shady (and climate change denying) Global Warming Policy Foundation. It comes as no surprise that some are now peers.


junesim63, to Israel
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"In Wadi al-Khalil, Israelis are doing what they have done for decades in the West Bank. They are doing it without offering us any alternative. We are desperate. We struggle to access water. Our children suffer from the heat during the day and the cold at night. We don’t deserve this. We have been seeking a solution for years, hoping for a fair resolution, yet the state has obstructed all our options.”


junesim63, to random
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A new report from the Institute for Government (IfG) says it is not plausible for the victorious party on 4 July to stick to current spending plans at a time when the performance of hospitals is arguably the worst in the history of the NHS, prisons are at crisis point, and councils are shutting libraries and cutting back on waste collection and social care.


junesim63, to random
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"At its root, Faragism is a project to take this country further and further to the right. And from Brexit through to Suella Braverman, it has worked. Its most devoted support in this project has been the media, which sees leaving the EU or denying care system migrant workers as essential and easy tasks, while taxing the rich or investing in public services are swivel-eyed Marxism"
Aditya Chakrabortty on Nigel Farage.

#Fascism #NigelFarage #GeneralElection


junesim63, to UKpolitics
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Good. Labour has finally dropped a case against five former Corbyn-era aides, accused by Starmer and his supporters of leaking hundreds of embarrassing (and in some cases racist) WhatsApp messages from Labour staff hostile to Corbyn.

It's reported to have cost the party an unconscionable £1.5m over the last four years, not to mention the stress to the five accused.

There was never a case: it was pure vindictiveness.


junesim63, to random
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Profile of Faiza Faheen. Labour has made a huge mistake here. (I was canvassed by my local Labour Party yesterday and raised this issue. The very nice man said that many people are raising this on the doorstep. I live in a rural Tory constituency).

‘How can they treat people like this?’ Faiza Shaheen on Labour – and why she’s running as an independent | Labour | The Guardian

junesim63, to Israel
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At least 30 Palestinians including five children have been killed in an Israeli airstrike on a UN school housing displaced people in al-Nuseirat, in central Gaza, with dozens more wounded.

Palestinian journalist Hind Khoudary posted on X that she had travelled to the school, which had housed hundreds of displaced families, after the strike. “All I smelled was blood,” she wrote.


junesim63, (edited ) to random
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Housing journalist Peter Apps writes about how the Tories held down housing benefit rates which sent homelessness soaring and led to an exodus of poorer people from our cities.

When I look back on 14 years of Tory rule, there is one awful housing policy that stands out | Peter Apps | The Guardian

junesim63, to Israel
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Almost no facilities remain to treat the wounded in Gaza's southernmost city, as doctors fear a repeat of Israel's attacks on hospitals across the Strip.

‘We're all at risk of being targeted’: Doctors evacuate Rafah's last hospitals

junesim63, to Israel
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Novara Media does an effective hatchet job on rightwing Labour apparatchik, Luke Akehurst.

"..clearly, Akehurst’s comments have not been subject to the standards demanded of candidates less cosy with Labour’s power structures. That aside, you have to ask: is parliament, government, and a potential ministerial position really the place for a man whose entire political identity is structured around cheerleading for Israel?"


purplepadma, to random
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Tom asked me if I want to watch the Sunak/Starmer debate with him. I thought about it, and then I thought about my mental health my tendency towards insomnia, and I decided I am better off sticking to my journaling/reading/meditation late evening routine

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@purplepadma i heartily agree. I'm watching an old Miss Marple.

junesim63, to UKpolitics
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Faiza Shaheen has resigned from the Labour Party:

"Being removed as a candidate has been cruel and devastating, especially after local voters and party members have placed so much faith in me....I cannot, in all conscience, continue to contribute to a party that seems to think so little of people like me and has moved so far away from my values.”


junesim63, to Israel
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Article on BDS founder Omar Barghouti in today's Guardian.

"This student uprising has been a crash course on Palestine for millions in the west in particular, undoing many years of silencing and erasing Palestinian voices, Palestinian history, Palestinian culture [and] aspirations … it gives us hope and inspiration in these dark times of Israel’s ongoing genocide against 2.3 million Palestinians in the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip"

#BDS #Israel #Gaza #Palestine


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