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Lead actor Ryohei Suzuki says production had to strike a balance between his character's reputation and modern sensibilities.

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I'm a simple person who could never be a highly paid web design tech brah. I could never invent a festival website that lets you split the films to see on venue and competition strand but not date.
But anyway. in is coming soon. Good films to see, if you have every day from the 4-11th May free. Can't tell you what I might watch though.

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I've seen it elsewhere too and it baffles me. Do the designers not have obligations on different days? Am I the weird one for thinking I'll go see something at this festival, don't care what, I'm free on Tuesday?

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@priryo I think it is more that it is complicated to build. This is not a standard feature in WordPress as far as I understand. It's not enough to know the design part, you might have to have programming skills to implement this.

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@cory are The Specials on the soundtrack?

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@alansuspect this feels like a real missed opportunity

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@OldAintDead We watched it last weekend. I’m a sucker for a mother/daughter drama so I really enjoyed it.

Mamanjoon was also a fantastic character and added another generational layer to the mother/daughter dynamic.

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Sketches of New York City — As It Is & As It Was

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This Sunday at 9pm eastern witness the return of , the weekly monster movie watch party! This week's movie is LOGAN'S RUN (1976), which Roger Ebert apparently called a "vast, silly extravaganza." Sounds right up our street.

You can find the movie free on Tubi and Sling, or you can download in advance from right over here:

See you on Sunday :D

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There are some effective moments, but there are too many instances of stupid characters doing stupid things in a horror movie.

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Film in und dazu einen .

Wünsche allerseits einen schönen Abend.

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Je sors de Vampire humaniste cherche suicidaire consentat et c'était simplement brillant !

C'est décalé, suiper bien filmé, la BO est ​:chefskiss:​

bref je ne peux que vous le conseiller ​:nko_whoaa:​

genetix, avatar

@tournesol j'ai adoré aussi

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, April 23, 1985, Coca-Cola changes its formula and releases New Coke. Public reaction was negative and the original formula was back on the market within three months (depicted in Stranger Things, s03e07 “The Bite”, 2016)

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The Beekeeper (2024)


Jason Statham, la version chauve de Liam Neeson.
Toujours le même type de rôle et des films interchangeables.

✍️ La suite ici :

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Mais avec un petit côté complotiste en plus sur ce film il me semble.

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Let’s play a game. Guess the movie! 🍿

Clue: This is the opening scene.

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@EighthLayer @UKFilmNerd Ha! Dammit John! 🤣 I think I last watched it as a teenager. Might stick it on the watch list to watch again

EighthLayer, avatar

@harrybo93 @UKFilmNerd Definitely do it!

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The strawberries and milk are his C-beams, glittering in the darkness near the Tannhauser Gate. (Watched THE SEVENTH SEAL for the first time this week.)

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Here’s an easy half-billion dollar #movie idea:

The Brunch Club: the sequel to The Breakfast Club.

I accept cash, certified cheques, and shiny rocks of a certain type.


jameskoole, avatar

@WTL The entire movie consists of a single scene with four millennials in line at some popular-but-overpriced brunch place. Eventually, through lengthy conversation, they come to realize the true meaning of life and then just walk away without having ever even been seated at a table for avocado toast.

WTL, avatar

@jameskoole I was thinking it would be the same cast as the original, lamenting how life went for them, while pushing food around on their plates. 🤣

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