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Artist looking for commissions 😊
I make handmade jewellery, music compositions and video content.
If you feel like making something really special happen, message me here or email at

Previous works:

Reblogs help more than you can imagine ❤️

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@hugeshark just shared her thoughts about the music video I produced for their beautiful song He Dared Me!

Check it out!

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Bike Shedding and Yak Shaving: The dynamic duo that might just trip you up on your filmmaking journey. In this post, we talk about what they are, and how indie filmmakers can steer clear of distractions to stay focused on their cinematic dreams.


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Elevate your indie film game with The Ultimate Short Film Production Checklist! From development to distribution, this roadmap has 400+ checklist items to ensure a seamless filmmaking journey. The best part? It's 100% free. Comment below and we'll send you the link!

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We love this photo of Jacob Freda from @missionplanmovie currently in post-production. We can't wait for you to meet his delightful and hilarious character! Photography by Katie Toon, Insta katietoon_stills

#Movies #Films #Filmmaker #Filmmakers #Actor #Cinematic #Cinematography #Photography #Portrait

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Saddened by the loss of Norman Jewison, a film director of so many movies I appreciate: “In the Heat of the Night,” “The Thomas Crown Affair,” “The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming,” “Moonstruck.” Rest in peace.

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Ahead of Tuesday morning’s #OscarNoms, my choices for the best of everything in film, performance and filmmaker-wise in 2023.

#film #filmmakers #movies #TCMParty #Origin #cinemastodon #Mastodon #cinema #BlackMastodon

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Are you, or do you know a film/documentary maker or a film student interested in contributing their work to a weekly scoring challenge?

Let me know! (DM or email via site. Boosts appreciated!)

#FilmMakers #FilmSchool #FilmStudents #DocumentaryMakers

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Indie Filmmakers, do you know what the specs are for posting video on different social media platforms?

Because if people aren't sharing your teasers and trailers, it might be because you haven't made it possible.

*Note I am not asking for specs, I"m asking if you have the information you need to succeed.

#IndieFilm #IndependentFilm #Filmmaking #Filmmastodon #Filmmakers

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Market-driven motives of #documentary #storytelling reduce people to attention-holding characters and their lives to the service of dramaturgy. This extractive approach is characterized by transactional terms. #Filmmakers and producers should acknowledge subjects as co-creative partners in production and distribution processes. For that, documentary storytelling needs to change first.

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Do I know any filmmakers, documentary makers, video producers, or video game creators on here?

I'd love to ask folks for help with a project I'm working on. Please DM me and I'll share more details.

The involvement won't require producing anything new, I'd like to use something you've already made.

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@stefan There are several and focussed instances. Idk if it's possible to tag everyone on a particular server

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Trying to find examples of low-budget indie features (in English) that made waves and were then remade with an A-list cast. The only ones I can find are foreign-language adaptations. Any ideas?

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Any filmmakers in here? :)
I decided to suggest 5 tracks of mine for free use in your films.
Message me and I'll send you a link to my Disco where you can download my music or listen online. No license would be needed, only my consent.
This is me trying out something random and scary but it sounds fun if it works out
Released full tracks here (there's more and instrumental versions too!):

Reblogs appreciated ❤️

Photo of the Abbey Road Studios door, I visited a few times for mixing my tracks
Photo behind a microphone in a studio when I was recording voice

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'This doc strips back the layers of myth, from #denial to stories of mass #genocide , telling the real story through the hidden remains of the destroyed #Palestinian village of #Lubya. Lying under a purposefully cultivated forest plantation, it holds many of the answers not only to the country's past, but also its future.'
Produced by SA #Jewish woman. Voices of diaspora Jewish, Israeli Jewish, ppl in exile & refugee voices.

See next post for free viewing

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You will see & hear how some #Jewish people, inside & outside Israel, #decolonized their minds. It is an excellent #documentary & has many different voices in it.

Free to watch on #YouTube - if you can't afford to pay or #donate to watch. Please donate if you're able to as documentary #filmmakers usually lose monies when doing their work.

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Is there an online software that would allow me to create a video lookbook? Somewhere I can easily upload short clips, add tags, and search. I don't want to have to download the videos to watch them. I'm going default to Notion but figured I'd ask around first!

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Hey musicians of Mastodon. I'm about to finish a strings arrangement for a client and looking for new tracks to add strings, vocals or piano to. As well as, want to make more music videos with my film crew for creatives here. Reach out:) ❤️

#music #musicians #musician #filmmakers #filmmaker #news #art #artists

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A group of Canadian filmmakers have joined forces with Hollywood A-listers in asking the Toronto International Film Festival to end sponsorship ties with the Royal Bank of Canada because of the financial institution’s funding of the oil and gas industry

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate #Filmmakers #celebs #canada #Hollywood #USA #US

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One thing I miss about the old birdsite (before the nazi took over) is what a great filmmaking community I had found there.

Would love to meet some filmmakers and film lovers here! I'm big on showing support to my fellow artists. If you are too then let's connect!

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The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting is offering grants to help local U.S. newsrooms cover underreported stories that affect their communities and are essential to democracy. The deadline is rolling, and there is no budget range specified; projects of any scope and size will be considered. Grants are open to all : , , producers, and ; journalists as well as .

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Does anybody know of any reasonable quality vintage clip archives that offer low cost or free footage to use in independent film and music projects?

NOLAjules, to Starwars

Here me out... I love the #starwars universe. Absolutely mad for it. But for the love of Yoda, can we please acknowledge gravity? #ahsoka fighting/flipping while on the exterior of her craft IN SPACE just hurt. And it's not the first time for SW #filmmakers

Oh well, they can't all be #TheExpanse

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Tomorrow is the cast table read for a short film I'm directing. It's my second short, and first ever table read! I would be eternally grateful to hear any advice, suggestions, or anecdotes from the filmmaking community here! 🎬

#filmmaking #filmmaker #filmmakers #directing #acting #actors

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Thrilled to announce a new independent film and music company/collective - Vision Fulfilled.
We are passionate and experienced filmmakers and musicians based in #London ready to take on more projects and turn your visions into reality.
Podcasts? Passion projects? Corporate content? Anything else - we got you.
Feel free to reach out here or at
Our work:
#film #music #UK #art #artists #mastoart #filmmakers #news

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