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Careers Week at the kids school. A deeply humbling experience, having to answer, "Did you make the Avengers? Do you work for Disney? Do you know Jack Black? Did you make Spiderman?" 🤣

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Pre-production is underway for our upcoming short, a very modernised adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's "A Pursuit Race," and we're thrilled to be working with the ever-amazing Brittany Gallasch! We can't wait to show you what we have in store ✨

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"This is a risk adverse industry, I get it. 200 million dollar movies are also a risk, you know, and it doesn't always work out, but you take the risk anyway. And instead of making one 200 million dollar movie, try making 20 10 million dollar movies, or 50 4 million dollar movies."

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Bei Prime Video gibt es aktuell zwei Filme von İlker Çatak zu sehen:

Es gilt das gesprochene Wort &
Das Lehrerzimmer.

(In den öffentlich-rechtlichen Mediatheken leider gar nichts).


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That's a wrap! Incredible day shooting an upcoming music video at Future Leap Clifton with the obscenely talented Dizraeli. Watch this space for the edit... 🌱☘️🌿

With @hightailentertainment

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The new Future Leap film studio in Clifton rolled out the red (wait, green) carpet today for our music video shoot with Bristol's very own Dizraeli. Thank you, Future Leap! 10/10, would jettison incredible musician into space again.

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Bike Shedding and Yak Shaving: The dynamic duo that might just trip you up on your filmmaking journey. In this post, we talk about what they are, and how indie filmmakers can steer clear of distractions to stay focused on their cinematic dreams.


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Balancing creativity with budget constraints is an art in itself. These script tweaks offer practical insights for filmmakers seeking ways to optimise resources without compromising their story.

🔗 👉

Charlize Theron Reportedly Attached to Star in Sci-Fi Movie Courage (

"The story takes place in a future where the polar ice caps have melted and people have taken refuge in Chicago, which is under a glass dome surrounded by 100 feet of water, in which giant, mind-controlling sea aliens lurk," Sneider's description reads. "The protagonist is a psychiatrist fighting to save their family, though...

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: So far three women have won for Best .

Who was the First Woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director?

A. Chloé Zhao
B. Kathryn Bigelow
C. Sofia Coppola
D. Ava DuVernay

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Cьогодні Параджанову було б 100 років

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У Києві святкують сьогоднішню дату – адже для України Параджанов був і є важливим

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Super excited to be developing my first animation project! It's a whole new world and I'm really enjoying brainstorming all of the possibilities. A little preview of some of the fun ahead... 🌟 🎨 🎞️

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End of year Director roundup!

The end of the year is almost upon us, along with a new release of ScummVM.

So here's a quick update for one of the more ambitious sub-projects that has been percolating along in the background: Macromedia Director support!

For those who aren't aware, Macromedia Director was a popular framework used for thousands of games, educational titles, catalogues, art pieces, and other multimedia works.

Read the full announcement with many technical details on our website!



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Director friends, when you're shooting choreographed hand-to-hand combat, how long do you personally prefer to rehearse? Is there a minimum amount of time? Or maybe a formula, rehearsing for X hours per Y minutes of screentime?

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This blows my mind. Five Rolls-Royces. Five. What possesses someone to light their career on fire for that?

"Netflix handed a director millions to make a sci-fi series, but he squandered it on stocks, crypto, and flashy cars"

#filmmaker #filmmaking #director #producer

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“Amnesty International has so far not seen any credible evidence to support claim that al-Shifa is housing a military command center,” the group’s tells the @NewYorkSun.

“This contrasts sharply with Amnesty International reports released in 2007 and 2015, in which the organization describes using Al Shifa hospital for interrogations, torture, and launching attacks.”

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Just finished cleaning up the indie film budget template I use, and I want to hear your feedback! It includes 15 budget sections, split across five categories to support phased funding. Plus, an executive summary, 1-point funding outline, and 16-point revenue outline. Grab a copy if it sounds useful, and let me know what you think!

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"When you’re making films you have to develop a certain amount of criminal energy."

Nine things we learned from Werner Herzog's interview:

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New filmmaker learnings: On our shoot last month for @missionplanmovie I thought it would be a good idea to run through individual lines in an extreme closeup, so we had the coverage. Editing nightmare! It's like a 50-second cut with lines from all over the script. Rookie move, never again.

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Throwback to April, when we released my first short, starring the incredible Brittany Gallasch and Danny Chase, with cinematography by Sam Morgan Moore and written by Rebecca Leigh Four festival placements so far, aiming for more next year as this baby is getting reedited soon!


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