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Happy 78th Birthday to the great Tim Curry! Don't dream it -- be it!

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mrundkvist, avatar

@shalien So forceful! Such an exquisite specimen of manhood!

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This is great news, a #theatrical rerelease of the amazing #RunLolaRun (#LolaRennt) in a #4K #film #restoration for its 25th anniversary!

It's a really fun #movie, if you've haven't seen it yet 👍🏿


jonobie, avatar

@ricardoharvin Ooooooo.

I took a still from that movie to a hairdresser, nearly 15 years ago, when I was dyeing my hair with a bright color for the first time.

It also has fantastic music.

a0dbxza, avatar

The Wind 1928
Directed by Victor Sjöström

When Letty Mason relocates to West Texas, she finds herself unsettled by the ever-present wind and sand.

Restored by The Museum of Modern Art concluded the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival 2024 #film #silentfilm #silentmovie #restored #western #nw #movies

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LIMBO*, the new, grimy Australian Outback detective noir shot in exquisite, crisp, black-and-white in a super-wide aspect ratio, starts at a slow simmer and very carefully sticks to that pace for the duration, never lets up. Loved this film. Everything about it: bravo, well-done.

*There are many films named LIMBO but this is the new Australian one. See it. You may hate it. You may be bored. It’s not American. But it’s excellent imho.

vga256, avatar

Studio Ghibli To Be Awarded Honorary Palme D’Or At Cannes 2024 (

Even as the beloved Japanese animation house theoretically winds down, Studio Ghibli is flying high. Hot off the heels of that Oscar win for The Boy And The Heron, the accolades just keep coming – the studio is being recognised at the Cannes Film Festival next month, set to receive an honorary Palme d’or at the 77th...

onelson, avatar

Mimic (1997)

This is another one I sort of conflated with Species, I think.

I still think Splice is better, but GDT put a better story together for this one. Far less horny than Species.

grumpasaurus, avatar

@onelson is that the one with Jurassic Park guy

onelson, avatar

@grumpasaurus no, it's the one with the matrix guy

onelson, avatar

#NowWatching Red Lights (2012)

I'm passing up a 5th or 6th viewing of Event Horizon in recent history to revisit this gem, another old favorite.

Great performances from a great cast, including Elizabeth Olsen and Toby Jones.

ramiro, avatar

@onelson this sounds delightful

onelson, avatar

@ramiro it is, but also it's not the main thrust of the thing.

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aetataureate, avatar

@tannerman similar saying coming true, "A Marina Towers divided cannot stand"

feld, avatar

@tannerman classic "movie poster and trailers depicting scenes that don't even exist in the film" scam

They were doing this long before AI, though.

ricardoharvin, avatar

This article confirms my worst fear of the depicting an unearned adoration of the in general, given its utter failure since at least the 1980's to consistently name people and things as they are and to "speak truth to power", at least here in the .

Apparently director follows the disproven ethos of "objectivity", which avoids responsibility for stating truths, ignoring that such "silence" always sides with oppression


ricardoharvin, avatar

I started watching a video on the channel titled "What Civil War is Really About" which starts by defending Garland with the argument that everyone in the agrees on one thing, regardless of our , that we don't want a tyrannical .

That perspective suits (mostly) white people (white men, especially) and is a deliberate lie that ignores the truth that much, if not most, of 's appeal has always been his promise and attempts to act tyrannically.

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daniel, avatar

@metin I'll give it a try. Prices are reasonable and shipping is surprisingly cheap. I'll let you know how it goes 🙂

I forgot to mention: I can see why shops like Society6 are being careful about copyright. It's an heated topic. Although I agree that this is obviously satire and I don't even think it would violate any copyrights (except maybe the font). But I'm not that familiar with copyright laws 🙈

metin, avatar

@daniel 👍 I guess American businesses are extra careful, because of the lawsuit culture there.

yaypie, avatar

Most entertaining way to deal with the IT FOLLOWS (2014) entity that stalks you and murders you unless you sexually transmit the curse to someone else: fuck the President.

Harder with some Presidents than others, but if you can pull it off, the Secret Service is gonna have the time of their lives. Eventually maybe they call in the Marines. Finally they send the President up in Air Force One and we find out if the entity can fly a fighter jet. This is the sequel we need!

kboyd, avatar

@yaypie never seen it, but isn't it more likely that the entity is itself a (former) president?

By which I mean JFK, of course.

EyeForFilm, avatar

A shy man and his sentient handkerchief best friend visit a remote mountain cabin and discover that only they can save the Earth, in Hanky Panky

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retrovulcano, Spanish avatar

Si eres fan del ZX Spectrum no puedes perderte Movie, una aventura gráfica que te hará sentir como un director de cine.

Resuelve los misterios, elige los planos y crea tu propia película


beanjbunny, avatar

@retrovulcano esta es muy bonita

CultureDesk, avatar

Two men who sued Universal because they rented "Yesterday" on the basis of a trailer that showed Ana de Armas, only to find she had been cut from the film, have settled their false advertising lawsuit. Peter Rosza and Conor Woulfe alleged they had been cheated out of $3.99 each. A federal judge initially sided with them but they were left on the hook for $126,705 in legal fees. Now, they have accepted a settlement that will resolve the case. Here's more from Variety.

#Film #Cinema #Advertising #Movies #Entertainment #Law #AnaDeArmas

penalbatoday, avatar

@CultureDesk stupid games have stupid prizes

CultureDesk, avatar

@penalbatoday The whole thing seems like a ridiculous waste of time. “The attorneys who filed and sunk two years into this frivolous case are trying to pressure Universal into making a huge monetary payment (with no legal or factual basis) to end a case that is now worth $7.98,” wrote Stephanie Herrera, one of the studio’s lawyers.Though a precedent has been set in that trailers are subject to false advertising laws. Could we sue for our ticket price because we thought "Madame Webb" looked decent in the trailer? 🤔

todayonscreen, avatar

, April 17, 1397, poet Geoffrey Chaucer read the Canterbury Tales for the first time at the court of Richard II, in English rather than Norman French. In the story, on April 17, 1387, the pilgrims set out on their journey (depicted in A Knight’s Tale, 2001)

FlockOfCats, (edited ) avatar

Just curious, what would be your preference here? #editing

“We measured the values of parameters A and B and analyzed the relationship between ___________.”

FlockOfCats, avatar

@gullevek I’m on board with them too.

I find that many academic authors and editors seem to go out of their way to avoid using “them” as if they’ve been taught it was too colloquial or something.

I all wonder if it is similar to the hypercorrection “between you and me” —> “between you and I”

gullevek, avatar

@FlockOfCats Ah. Academic people. I am just second language English speaker ;) I just go by my guts

fionaorkneynews, avatar

"Let’s look at a film that has been viewed as one of the worst of all time...
Sgathaich: Plan 9 From Outer Space , , , ,

Dtl, avatar

@fionaorkneynews it really is in the so bad it's good / fun category.
I must watch it again.

johncarlosbaez, avatar

@Dtl @fionaorkneynews - I should watch this. I've heard of it but the description made it more interesting.

takarybka, Polish avatar
Camille_Poulsard, French avatar

Dune 2 de Denis Villeneuve

Je ne verrai pas Dune 2 au cinéma avec ma pneumonie, mais au moins en version 🏴‍☠️ c'est gratuit.

Dans Dune 1, le gentil seigneur envoyé sur la planète Arrakis pour y exploité les ressources était tué par des méchants sur ordre de l’empereur intergalactique qui aimait pourtant le gentil seigneur comme un fils.

Le fils du gentil seigneur survit avec sa maman et rencontre des autochtones un peu débiles, mais fiers et grands guerriers


Camille_Poulsard, avatar

Dune 2 ne serait pas joli avec un max de tune, ce serait juste une sorte de grosse série B naze dont on se moquerait.


tshirtman, avatar

@Camille_Poulsard pas vu dune 2, lu bouquins il y a très longtemps. Le baron arkonen c'est un gros méchant caricatural quand même, genre de mémoire il est vénère contre Paul, qui est un enfant, et du coup pour se détendre il veut torturer un nain, il demande qu'on lui en trouve un, quelqu'un a la mauvaise idée de dire que quand même, c'est pas ouf, et du coup il lui fait raccourcir les jambes, ça fera l'affaire.

Edit je voulais répondre a ça en fait

CactuarJoe, avatar

So this week on , your weekly monster movie watch party, we'll be seeing THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME (1979). It looks very Space Mutiny, very Starcrash. I'm looking forward to it :D

It's available on Tubi, Plex, or you can download in advance over on right here:

We'll be watching this Sunday at 9pm eastern, hope to see you there!

LincolnRamirez, avatar

Film number 50 (and it wasn't a dud)!

seanbala, avatar

@LincolnRamirez I loved this film. I was surprised how affecting it was. I did not expect the historical twist at the end (being purposefully vague to not give spoilers away).

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