LostGuppy, to photography
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@bk1e Thanks for the heads up I did not know about the

Here is a nice behind the scenes of the of Logan's Run that shows the


Alternatecelt, to movies
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Beautiful day for a walk and a bit of
This is the Kendoon Surge Tower, part of the Galloway Hydro Scheme in . Its nearly 90 years old, and still powering thousands of homes with

LordWoolamaloo, to edinburgh
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Merchiston Ave is closed off but still rather busy, small tents, lots of equipment lorries, looks like they are prepping for some location filming shoot. I wonder what they are filming?

Rainy Edinburgh street, filled with small, black tents and large equipment lorries from film suppliers, setting up for a location shoot

jaybaeta, to movies
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I had the privilege yesterday of handling various snakes, including a ground boa (shown below) and slug-eating snake. This was after several spitting species from around Indonesia, which were being sunbathed (and were very unhappy about it).

I should have the footage up soon, but am still deciding if I should go back and get more before publishing.

Close-up of a spitting cobra, facing slightly to the right of the camera.
Screenshot of a spitting cobra in the process of spraying venom at a shoe. It's a close-up and we see the back of the hood.

danschaffer, to movies

Filming Misty Red in the kill room last weekend. Grabbed this shot as an afterthought.

msquebanh, to britishcolumbia
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The fourth & final season of & Lois is scheduled for in in 2 months.

While no specific locations have been announced yet, the TV series has been filmed in Richmond, Surrey and Delta in the past.

announced filming is set to take place between Jan. 11 and April 22.


liztai, (edited ) to China
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I find it absolutely wild that film studios like Heng Dian exist - there are literal replicas of historical buildings such as the Forbidden City, the Bund and Tang Dynasty towns.

That said, I probably wouldn't want to visit it lest I ruin the fantasy I have when watching

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF3e_ugYHRQ and


elliewallwork, to LGBTQ

Hi to my new followers! Thought I would list some more facts about me:

  1. You might have seen me on Dr Who or Call the Midwife
  2. I once got to hold a Roman replica sword after filming and have been fixated ever since
  3. My cane handle fell (gently) onto quite a famous actor’s head and I’m still mortified
  4. Last time I went to a tea shop, I almost cried at a series of teaspoons because they were too adorable and I couldn’t cope
    Welcome, everyone.
RobertaFidora, to filmmakers
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Does anybody know of any reasonable quality vintage clip archives that offer low cost or free footage to use in independent film and music projects?

VeLizipede, to cycling

Seeking some bike filming advice…
I have an AKASO action camera that mounts to my handlebars to film my rides. It’s mainly for reporting dangerous drivers as police need footage to act, but it would also be nice to make videos about cycling in Melbourne. The issue with the current setup is the footage sways side to side when I turn, making it hard to watch. I’m looking for a gimbal that can mount to my handlebars that doesn’t cost the earth - does such a thing exist?

errantscience, to random

I’m not proud of this reel… we may have pushed the bounds of puns too far @canonuk

Triffen, to random
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Woke up before 5am from missile sound and then explosions. Turns out air defense managed to catch them all above my city… two other cities weren't so lucky.
Spent the day testing my 3d printed templates for mending and my new piece of recording gear, this clamping arm. Incredibly useful! Also cleaned the overlocker after the latest corduroy project, and it was time anyway.
Need to add 1/8 circle markings to the template file, for matching while pinning. More ahead 😎

A close up of an overlocker bed with the needles, presser foot and the needle plate removed, revealing feed dogs with lots of lint between them.

markosprem, to movies
horrificnathan, to Podcasts

I suppose I too should help model this, so here's my .

I'm Nathan, and you might know me from my work on . I also put together and now .


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