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Declared as yesterday's attack with 5 ATACMS missiles on air defense positions of the Russian Armed Forces in the area of ​​the Mospino airfield in the Donetsk region

Preliminary losses :
▪️2 S-300/400 air defense missile launchers were destroyed.
▪️1 S-300/400 air defense missile launcher was damaged.
▪️Radar “96L6E” was destroyed.
▪️The control point of the S-300/400 air defense system was destroyed.


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President Zelensky walked through a printing house in Kharkiv that had been bombed by firebombs

The President also promised to find money to restore the printing press. The enterprise was the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe.


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Citing four Russian sources: Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to stop the war in Ukraine with a negotiated ceasefire recognizing the current battle lines.

Is this anything new? Putin gets rewarded for his land grab, rebuilds, then tries again in a few years?

What are your thoughts?

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An extremely brutal Russian attack on Kharkiv and Lyubotyn. According to preliminary data, Russia launched 15 missiles at once. Unfortunately, there are casualties. Emergency services have already arrived at the scene of the attacks, and all those injured will receive the necessary assistance.

Russian terrorists are taking advantage of Ukraine's lack of sufficient air defense protection and reliable capability to destroy terrorist launchers at their exact locations, which are close to our borders. And this weakness is not ours, but the world's, which has not dared to deal with terrorists in the way they deserve for three years.

Terror must lose everywhere, under any conditions, and on all continents. This is our shared responsibility—that of everyone in the world who has the ability to protect life from terror. Ukraine is doing everything it can. I am grateful to everyone who is helping us. But we need more determination, especially from world leaders.

#Ukraine #nato #EU #UN

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"The United States has no information about China’s alleged intention to supply Russia with weapons"

  • National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

He added that the United States is actively preparing for an international conference on Ukraine, but is not yet ready to announce Biden’s participation in this forum.
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Poland's Foreign Ministry said Ukraine's request to shoot down Russian missiles from NATO territory is a matter for discussion.

Spokesman Paweł Wroński noted that Ukraine has asked its neighbors to shoot down enemy missiles from their territory.

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The US has flown four B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers to the UK, which began a planned bomber task force deployment to the US European Command's area of ​​responsibility this week.

The United States is sending B-52 bombers to Europe in response to Putin's decision to end Russia's participation in the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty and to begin testing tactical nuclear weapons.
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #Ukraine #Russia #Putin #EU #NATO #BreakingNews #Breaking

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Today, the Russian Federation began training with the use of tactical nuclear weapons near Ukraine with "strikes on the accumulation of manpower".
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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Arrests of generals continue.

According to unconfirmed official information, law enforcement officers have detained Lieutenant General Vadim Shamarin, head of the Main Communications Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces and deputy chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

timkmak, to ukrainian avatar

Good morning to readers, #Kyiv remains in #Ukrainian hands.

Recent #Russian territorial gains have been made by upgrading #Soviet 'dumb' bombs into precision weapons.

In April they launched 3,200.

With @RyanMcBeth, we do a deep dive into Russia's latest deadly tool: glide bombs.

timkmak, avatar


#UK CLAIMS #CHINA SENDING WEAPONS TO #RUSSIA: In a break with the U.S., the British defense secretary has said that China has sent "lethal aid" to Russia, calling on #NATO to "wake up."

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ManyRoads, to Bulgaria avatar

Wake up call (not woke).

" Finnish PM warns of hybrid threats from ‘aggressive’ Russia

Helsinki has borne the brunt of Moscow’s malign activities, and now wants other countries to wake up to the threat. "

#EU #War #NATO #US #NAFO #News #Putin #Ukraine #Democrats #GOP #Republicans #MAGA #Russia #Finland

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"Headlong into change
Russians who don’t support the war must steel themselves for a long fight"

#EU #War #NATO #US #NAFO #News #Putin #Ukraine #Democrats #GOP #Republicans #MAGA #Russia

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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 22, 2024

"The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) proposed on May 21 that the Russian government reassess Russia’s maritime borders in the Baltic Sea so that these borders “correspond to the modern geographical situation.”

#EU #War #NATO #US #NAFO #News #Putin #Ukraine #Democrats #GOP #Republicans #MAGA #Russia #ISW

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Kenya to become 'major non-Nato ally' to US as Biden rolls out red carpet for president William Ruto


kravietz, to Russia avatar

How understands Western ? Margarita Simonyan’s husband Tigran Keosayan explains to his colleagues:

Everything we wanted to know about NATO is now quite clear: we can start a war with any NATO country, almost any, and US will not intervene. As long as US doesn’t intervene, they are just a bunch of paper tigers.

Tigran speaking in a online chat with other Russian pro-war activists

musictraveler, avatar

@JoeStewart @kravietz

🤷🏻‍♀️ I don't think a source is necessary in this case, because what that man is saying is clear and very close to the truth

It could be any Russian telling this, because unfortunately that is the situation in Europe nowadays 🙈 It is only surprising that Western Europe and the US still do not understand how the Russians think and act

Only direct brute force will deter the Russians

#Ukraine #US #USA #ATACMS #Taurus #NATO

SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
br00t4c, to Bulgaria avatar

NATO war on Russia in Ukraine drove attempted murder of Slovakia's Fico

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