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Art, Science, Politics, & 4th grade fart jokes.
I'm either the first person to figure out what's going on, or the last.

MFA-sculpture, BKA, EMT, OCD,
I was a fan of goats before goats were cool.
Pacific Northwest.
He/him/Hey, Asshole!

Profile picture is symbol of United Corvids
With their slogan "An injury to one is an injury to all"

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When my kids were little my goal was to do what I could to have them come out OK because of what I did, not despite it

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I am reminded of being a child and looking in the mirror and thinking “This is me. I am me” and wondering if the person in the mirror was me, wondering if I was actually in this body. Wondering what me actually was. I would become disoriented. I would be overwhelmed

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1/2 "I wish someone would come along in public life and make it respectable to be poor again. Because you don't hear 'Poor but honest' anymore. It's like 'they're poor because they couldn't make it in the marketplace', and we put a price tag on intelligence and talent which really shouldn't have any."
Andy Warhol, "America" 1985

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I love browsing through the Craigslist and FB marketplace.
People come up with these great descriptions and it's just junk. Or it's a common item and they think it's an antique. Hand saws are a perfect example. 99% of handsaws are absolutely worthless.

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The 1997 movie Ulee's Gold was the centerpiece presentation at Sundance that year. It received lot of praise.
The 1999 sequel Ulee's Urine, was widely panned.

GryphonSK, to FreeSpeech
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If they were brave themselves they would just call player B "uppity" They could at least have the courage of their own convictions. Be willing to stand up and stand behind their words. You know, like player B

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I'm trying to find information on Ridwell. I think it's a scam and can't believe that vans driving around picking up tiny amounts of very hard to recycle items is anything but a massive greenwash. Yet my web search (DDG) is almost all rah rah stuff from newspapers and start uptech blogs.

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I keep saying this but it needs repeating. These politicians and their financial backers, these corrupt judges are sociopaths. They are the same people who knew that cigarettes were killing millions and denied it. They are the same as the executives who had known for decades that asbestos was killing people, but continued to sell it. That knew airbags would save lives but fought against them. They are no more moral than meth kingpins.

asbestos, (edited )
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Just because they may be charming and presentable, because they put on the guise of respectability does not mean they won't willingly cause great harm and death. Ted Bundy was charming. Don't let your friends imagine that these people aren't the very same ones that furthered Stalin's gulag system, the cultural revolution, the killing fields, the nazis, and countless murderous military dictatorships around the world. Their morality ends at the tip of their nose

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What the fuck is up with pear Jelly Bellies? They are so foul.

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It's funny, if you gave a low level government employee a $40 gift they'd have to report it, and likely could not accept it.
But $4 million, that's cool

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Mercedes has introduced a reissue of their updated G Wagon. It goes by it's tradional German name:

MLE_online, to random
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Finanal sale

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It was supposed to be
"fine anal sale" correct ?

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This is both good and bad.
The downside is watering down of disability and assistance devices. Think of the hassles that were created for actual service dogs by the idiots with so called "emotional support animals"
But nonetheless, an important idea.

MamasPinkyToe, to random
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I'm doing the "stepping over dead bodies" workout. In preparation for Everest.

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Remember, every dead body on Everest was a highly motivated individual

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Texas is going Pol Pot Khmer Rouge.
A war against urban dwellers

Richard_Littler, to random
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I entered random words/phrases from a load of posts into an online text shuffler, clicked shuffle a couple of times, then picked a random office image from a free image library. And now I'm pretty sure that many of the sponsored posts must be bots. Either that or I should go into business consultancy myself.

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Very cool buzzword soup. The gibberish remains the same only the words change

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Rich people want free stuff from the government. This is the state that refused federal money for school lunches, because freedom. But there's always room to feed the wealthy

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Today's threads (a thread)

Inside: Ticketmaster jacks us for billions so it can pocket millions; and more!

Archived at: https://pluralistic.net/2024/06/03/aoi-aoi-oh/


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@ferricoxide @pluralistic @enmodo
Ticketmaster sucks so much goat balls it's ridiculous. It's a scam, always has been. They 123456780-\=-07gt41

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@enmodo @ferricoxide @pluralistic
It's the worst example of capitalism. They have forgone innovation, or providing value they do nothing but rent seek.

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It is imperative that we take political action now. History shows that without dedicated communist parties, our movement will never go anywhere. We must seize the opportunity while we still can to build our own political institutions. We can't just stay on the internet debating with people forever. We must take real-world action NOW! Below is an instructional guide on how to create your own communist party:

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I'm not a communist at all. I do recognize the importance of having more organized opposition to the status quo.
This is an excellent list of steps to take. It does involve actual work, and mixes in a lot of practicality. As such, many coffee house revolutionaries and other edgelords will avoid it. Plus it's more fun to complain about how all politicians are the same, and enjoy the rush of self righteousness.

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Tired: This meeting could have been an email.

Wired: This startup could have been a spreadsheet.

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This entire functionality could have been something rejected out of hand

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These dudes are saying they can't believe women would choose the bear, and then threaten Assault and Violence on women for choosing said bear.

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Heartbroken, neither here nor there.

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When it first started I'm "take on me....."

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Well, the Washington Post's Kathleen Parker has surpassed the NY Times' Maureen Dowd in the vapid commentary competition. See for yourself: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2024/06/02/alito-flag-marriage-jan-6-recusal/

They'll have to work hard to catch up to some of George Will's recent stuff, however.

(All three are capable of excellent work, but rarely demonstrate that.)

asbestos, (edited )
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I am sick of every time a Democrat complains about something, regardless of how justified it's called "weaponizing" If Rick Scott molested children and a dem called him out for it WaPo and NYT would run a "think" piece about the Democrats "weaponizing the public's desire to protect children"

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