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chai aur phool. <3

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One year ago today I postedthis Iron Man miniature photo I created. All shot practically using figures, miniatures and cotton wool for the explosion the only digitally added elements are iron mans eyes and chest piece glow which I illustrated in.

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Can folks tell me about their vision for what being an or or other person would look like not under capitalism? (Related to a post I saw that made me curious).

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✨This is ✨ (plus a skin tight professional SFX-grade latex bra)

This is one of my favourite looks ever! I'm BEYOND happy with this zombie. Doing illusions like this is super fun as well. 😁

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Mercury’s in retrograde & I’m thinking about my careless past. Did not follow the official NaPoWriMo prompt today. See y’all tomorrow!

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120 visitors is a lot for an afternoon in a small museum. My ears are ringing and I'm really tired from doing animation. Today with the noise, we all made mistakes when embroidering/sewing and had to unravel. People: What are you doing? We: #Mistakes. And correcting.
Yes, you can! There are mistakes behind every perfect piece of work. Have the courage! You can learn from every #mistake.

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@cohanf Great tip! And people shouldn't hoard material, art is not created from mass.
What we encounter most often in and : Adults, people with life experience, often successful people, who completely doubt that they will ever be able to be (bad, because everyone is creative). An awful culture of failing: people are drilled not to make mistakes, or at least not to admit them publicly.
Presenting our mistakes to them live is like a catharsis, the reactions are

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Wrote a post to help me work through a slump.

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Masks made by children, exposed at Zagreb City Museum.

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Much of this article on 'creatives' leaving London makes sense & has a good dose of self knowledge from Barbara Ellen... and then she blows it in the last sentence:

'London has to get back to being more than just the capital – to being the great, sparkly, yellow brick road to the rest of your life'.

How about celebrating the fact that actually other cites can & will fulfil this role; yet more London-centrism passing itself off as enlightened comment

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✨ This is ✨ (Plus a skin tight SFX-grade latex bra)

Here's a witch I painted after an anonymous person sent me some masks from my public Amazon wishlist:) I love the result!!

Painted by me on me 🔥

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The report emerges against the backdrop of a global shift, where expressions, ranging from to and , are not just gaining but are also resonating with audiences. Such shift marks a significant opportunity for New Zealand to integrate these cultural forms into its own landscape, enriching societal and cultural dialogues.

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A more broad question, both for creators and people who watch/listen:

What infrastructure, teams, etc. do large content creators have, in order to support them doing the work? Editors, producers, community management, tech support, ?

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One year ago today I posted this miniature Wallace and Gromit photo I created. All shot practically except the torch light which I digitally added in.


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Love my work but not ready for Patreon? ☕ Support on Ko-Fi: 🛍️ Or shop at my Etsy: Each purchase and coffee fuels my creativity! Sharing and referrals are 🌟✨. Thanks for the love! 💖

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✨ This is

Painted by me on me:)

I loooove looks and I'm planning on doing several this year. Those cogs didn't stick on my face for very long though lol

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I’ve been so focused on my WIP that I almost forgot I need to write this month’s newsletter.

It would also be grand to gain a few more subscribers.

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