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Voted in today, a place where the Democratic primary determines some of the ultimate races. One race really struck me as emblematic of the future, assuming constitutional democracy survives in the U.S. 1/

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Sundance Picks 15 Cities To Bids For Potential Move.


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Yeah baby, move to . I’d go! 😎

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Best thing I’ve seen in a while. Of course it’s in . At the entrance to a hiking trail. The idea is when you return to your car after a hike, you pour any unused water from your water bottles into Rusty’s mouth and, well, he “pees” it onto the young tree, to water it.

I love the little details, like the hex nuts as Rusty’s toes on his paws.

Bravo. And woof!


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Finally a view of the last night from 🤷

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We're launching our national book tour next month. If you're in Santa Fe, New Mexico, please come see us on June 20. https://www.collectedworksbookstore.com/events-1/steven-l-herman-behind-the-white-house-curtain-a-senior-journalists-story-of-covering-the-president-and-why-it-matters

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A solitary red chile ristra hangs on the adobe wall in Santa Fe, adding a pop of color to the rustic scene. Quintessentially the southwest, New Mexico. I get a fresh one every single year to hang outside. You can cook with them too. Digitally painted photography

The ART: https://rebeccaherranen.com/featured/new-mexico-red-chile-ristra-abstract-rebecca-herranen.html

#NewMexico #southwest #Art #buyintoart #chile #santafe #MastoArt #photography #wallart #fineart #spicy #hot #Cooking #fresh

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Santa Fe friends: I need your help. Last week I took on foster care for 4 adorable puppies thru Rezdawg rescue. They are not eligible for local shelter due to wonky jurisdiction of being surrendered on tribal land. 8 weeks old.

They are now spayed/neutered, chipped, vaccinated, weaned and crate trained and very socialized. And adorable. 2 boys, 2 girls.

Cat, large dog, and kid friendly. Just adorable and ready to bond. Adoption fee waived. Help me get the word out.

Tzopup. Male, outdoor athlete type.
Just Ken. Very social.
Chaco taco (she). Smartest of the bunch.


@trabern You "get the word out" better on Mastodon if you use hashtags. Try , ,

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If you haven't read my newest post on composition for beginning photographers, check it out and leave some feedback. If you're interested in my FREE PDF book on Understanding manual camera settings and exposure, be sure to follow the link to sign up for our mailing list at the end of the article! (image creators credited in link below).



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Cool. Landed our first gig at Nuckolls Brewery down in the Railyard area of : Saturday Feb 17th from 4-6pm. Lots of great 60s/70s/80s so be sure to bring 500 friends.

We’ll also be playing April 4th at Rufina Taproom.

More gigs TBD.

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Celebrated my bday with my Dad in Santa Fe at Geronimo. Unbelievably great food and cocktails.

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Once it’s over, man, they dump you so fast you don’t even know it and you’re just left to flop over, deflate, and freeze


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From my car’s cam system this morning. I had a long red light, waited, got the green, and waited some MORE because, hey, this is : where stop signs and red lights mean nothing.

This car ran a red light at 50-60mph in a 35 zone, and if I hadn’t deliberately waited, my car would’ve been totaled and maybe so would have I.

Look closely and despite the sun, you can see I have a green and this car is flying through.

This happens nearly daily around here.

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We got our first snow in Santa Fe this morning. 5 inches so far & it’s supposed to snow all afternoon. Beautiful isn’t it?

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Short afternoon hike.

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My wife and visited the Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM and it was certainly an absolute tripfest. We’ll be in Las Vegas, NV and can’t wait to see the one there!


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