tashasounart, to random
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I was not expecting the movie to be so good! LTTP I know. It was so funny and smart. Great art direction and set design. Just great all around.

JugglingWithEggs, to random
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So I finally watched this evening…was it just me or did it feel like Greta Girwig had written and rewritten the script, really honing about the first 45 mins…and then it got a bit clunky? There were still moments of brilliance later on, but less and less so.

I think Barbie benefitted from Margot Robbie having been to the Neighbours school of acting - I mean that sincerely and without sark.

The appeal of Ryan Gosling meanwhile still mystifies me…

ahimsa_pdx, to Tennis
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"Barbie will make dolls to honor Venus Williams and other star athletes"


"The others being depicted as dolls are gymnasts Rebeca Andrade and Alexa Moreno, soccer players Mary Fowler and Christine Sinclair, boxer Estelle Mossely, swimmer Federica Pellegrini, paratriathlete Susana Rodriguez and track and field sprinter Ewa Swoboda."

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will honour soccer star Christine Sinclair & tennis champion Venus Williams & 7 other , as part of a project announced by .

The are part of 65th anniversary for are gymnasts Rebeca Andrade of Brazil & Alexa Moreno of Mexico, Aussie soccer player Mary Fowler, French boxer Estelle Mossely, Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini, Spanish paratriathlete Susana Rodriguez, & track & field sprinter Ewa Swoboda of Poland.


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💛new episode!💛

Another installment of Tillyvision comes to a close, as we wrap up the trans allegory of

Her egg cracked, she experimented, she pulled back and overcompensated, she shed the false male simulacra for good... so what now?

Now you have a heart to heart with your heart, and you transition! Self-actualization awaits!

@mystical_alexis returns one last time to discuss Superman ice cream! Emo? It's all for you.


tillybridges, to trans
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Welcome to !

It’s time for this installment of Tillyvision to come to a close, as we wrap up:


Self-actualization is at hand! Things are gonna get emo.

It's time to transition.


tillybridges, to trans
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Welcome to !

We’ve got the Tillyvision sign! And that means it’s time for THE INTENTIONAL (!) TRANS ALLEGORY OF (the movie), PART 7!

To heck with the false shell! But then… what comes next?

Let's talk about looking into ourselves, connecting with the truth in our subconscious, and trying to figure out where we go from here!


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Eileen has her priorities straight

tillybridges, to trans
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🥊new episode!🥊

Welcome to more in Tillyvision!

This week we look back and see the signs of our transness were always with us, and talk about one of the most important lines in the entire movie.

We also overcompensate in trying to prove how not-trans we are, and that causes all kinds of problems for ourselves (and there's an entire bucket full of Matrix references)!
@mystical_alexis returns to discuss superfluous men!


peterdrake, to random
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Turtle in pink T-shirt, hopped up on lettuce and Terry Pratchett novels:

🎵 Anywhere else, I'd be A'Tuin. 🎵

drahardja, to random
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I finally watched the movie, and I love it.

I think it’s a great movie to weed out Patriarchy Enthusiasts, just like Starship Troopers is a great movie to weed out Fascists. Post some meme from the movie, and watch the comments come in. The bigots will basically self-identify.

AnnaAnthro, to italy
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‘There's Still Tomorrow’: The other film directed by a woman about finding your power which beat at the box office in


evilotto, to TeslaMotors
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Welcome to !

Tillyvision continues with THE INTENTIONAL (!) TRANS ALLEGORY OF (the movie), PART 3!

We’re gonna engage with the subconscious, experience more body changes, and take our first steps into the real world as ourselves. Things are gonna get weird!


tuneintodetuned, to random Spanish
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A Symbol y a mí nos ha parecido muy pobre el debate general sobre el feminismo en y creemos que si bien la película como comedia viene armada con un ejército de personajes cargadísimos de defectos con los que empatizar, reír e incluso dejar caer alguna lagrimita, si se mira más allá de la lucha entre machirulos de playa y princesas de plástico hay temas preciosos como que dos de estos personajes estereotipados busquen una nueva identidad y propósito a sus vidas que no dependan de otras.

@tuneintodetuned@mastodon.social avatar

Es una lástima entrar con prejuicios a ver una película y salir de ella con el ego inflado y ganas de discutir cuando hay tantas cosas que disfrutar en cada una y por las que compartir una buena experiencia con los demás que deje un recuerdo al que merezca la pena regresar.
Con más de lo mismo, aunque es considerablemente más densa, seria y en algunos aspectos superficial en comparación con . Pero trata una historia importantísima y que merece ser estudiada y reflexionada. 👌

winterschon, to SanFrancisco
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Moggy, to Cat French
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Oohh j'ai retrouvé ça. Vraiment dans le jugement.

forgottrek, to Netflix
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I had seen enough critiques of from the left that I wasn't gonna watch it, but I'm thinking I will now because of my experience watching another "girly" piece of media, the , and how I noticed I tend to avoid anything overtly girly despite my outward beliefs.

It made me realise how the "masculine=universal" part of our society had impacted my tastes.

mjgardner, to music
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I press trigger, I don’t press people button —

Original video featuring : https://youtu.be/ZkXy-h6-_pg

Teddybears video, version 2: https://youtu.be/s5SA6L722kI

’s teaser video for her cover version: https://youtu.be/P7FUMLIG03k

Robyn’s full cover version video: https://youtu.be/1zVECruSI3k

Robyn live on w/ Teddybears: https://youtu.be/kbtDM2LPQ0o

(maybe you heard sample it in last year’s movie: https://youtu.be/y7jzzvKxgZ8)

emmreef, (edited ) to random
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What you ordered/ What Wish sent

deborahh, (edited ) to random

Ken (to hiring manager): Isn't being a man enough?

Manager, quietly: Actually, right now it's kind of the opposite.

Ken: Well, you guys obviously aren't doing patriarchy very well.

Ryan Gosling / fav Ken moments 🤭


dilmandila, to random
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I haven't yet seen Barbie, and I'm surprised it was nominated for an Oscar? I thought it was like the movie version of The Kardashians...

twotone, to Dolls

This is my toy account, where I will be posting new toys, dolls, and figurines. I'm not looking to improve my photography; I'm just hoping to motivate myself to do something about my backlog of unopened toys.










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