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winterschon, to mentalhealth
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💔 Daily Early Morning Worry 💔

one of my clinical anxiety syndromes [1] manifests a binary symptom, which I've termed “impaired focal-state partial blindness upon waking”.

Let's play "Choose Your Own Adventure" this morning!

  1. Non-Critical: temporary medication effect (multi-rx additive symptoms)

  2. Critical: direct effect of hypophysis-cerebri tumor growth, ocular-nerve compression inducing eyesight loss (partial/full) 🧠

#anxiety #neurology #mentalhealth #womenInSTEM

[1] ICD-10 F41.1

winterschon, to opnsense
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"login shell for this non-admin user is not active for security reasons."

Congrats on breaking all of my staging bastions w/the 24.x upgrade!

The excuse, "it is what it is" from Franco: https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=38665.0 :blobfoxangrylaugh:

Bastions restricting SSH to only allow non-{root/admin} users is proper security, yet Franco thinks only root level accounts should get SSH? 🙄

Goodbye . Migrating bastions to a custom BSD-RP image w/ proper security

nileane, to random
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I feel the same way about AI that I did about crypto when it started becoming a thing:

• All of the moral practices that make it possible are fucked beyond repair.

• It’s spawning some of the worst companies, and enriching some of the worst billionaires in the world.

• While there are some genuinely useful, practical applications for it, there are so few of them, and they have had so little positive impact so far, that it doesn’t even seem like it’s going to be worth it anytime soon.

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@nileane Ai is not new, and everything you've written shows your ignorance of the subject.

Ai is not just chat bots, it's climate analysis and modeling, vaccine and antiviral research, global and local infrastructure automation and realtime data analysis, it's in astrophysics and solar flare prediction science, etc... it's everywhere that people like you never seem to care about.

winterschon, to FreeBSD
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winterschon, to FreeBSD
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common linux-user FUD on FreeBSD forums:

> "modern wifi doesn't work!"
> "it won't run a desktop"

reality: user doesn't want to read docs/man/apropos

here's a Thinkpad X1 Nano:

  • KDE Plasma6 on FreeBSD 14.0R-p6
  • Intel AX201 wifi (basic wpa-supplicant params)
  • external travel monitor: plug-n-play, it just works

time required: 20 minutes of relaxed leisurely morning coffee sipping

evacide, to random
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The saddest thing about meeting other high-profile women and enbys in infosec is the part where you compare your lists of stalkers and chronic harassers.

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@evacide unfortunately, there are those who can't talk about lists or details or experiences...

otherwise all of the effort to leave those memories behind becomes wasted... the therapy and legal process' costs, retelling of events to police, justice system involvement and court dates, paperwork and bureaucracy, and the years of knowing that the offenders rarely see accountability...

but then not all of us work in infosec, we're everywhere else too.

kwf, to random
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After more than six months of the ticket being open, it looks like the Canonical site infra team finally fixed whatever was broken that was preventing users from being redirected to local download mirrors for the Ubuntu ISOs.

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@kwf is that the same bug that was/is causing client timeouts on the apt repo archive links during apt-get updates?

IIRC when I was debugging the issue it was... oh yes... DNS record errors on geo/regional load balancing (unalive nodes not falling off correctly during healthcheck return code validation).

FWIW, that was observed on installed nodes and during headless installer apt calls. I did not see micro mirrors involved with the record traces, it's a layer higher in zone management config.

foone, to random
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I wonder if anyone has proposed a PNG/EXIF extension to let you embed an image description in an image file. It'd live with the image so as you upload it to different sites, the description stays with it

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@foone yep. it exists. I typically use XMP metadata during image processing jobs, which has a text field for 'description' and many others. it's fairly standard for XMP tooling to be included in the app's base features.

> The Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is an ISO standard, originally created by Adobe Systems Inc., for the creation, processing and interchange of standardized and custom metadata for digital documents and data sets.

mikeymikey, to random
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holy hell Github - this is bad

heads up repo maintainers on Github - you may want to disable interactions for now

The last thing any OSS maintainer needs is their project getting a strike because some bad actor chose their repo 😤


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@mikeymikey oh look, MSFT being a problem for FOSS communities? never! lol 💁🏼‍♀️🤭🤣

Maybe one day people will realize that MSFT has always been a problem and will always be a problem. Closed Source has its place, but the way MS behaves is a direct causal link to CVEs and threat actors causing instability and security crises.

oh... did FOSS also warn everyone that MS buying Github was a terrible mistake, yes.

#microsoft #securityfailure #infosec #github #scammers

winterschon, to Trance
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winterschon, to linux
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Fine, it's fine. Everything is fine.

I'm just going to convert essential scripts from bash to the ever-forever-better csh.

nothing to see here users, just another systems architect finally losing trust that the organization could right-side/ship-shape their community.

🏴‍☠️ bye bye bash, it was sometimes fun while it lasted, but mostly not.

winterschon, to food
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the solution to many problems is very simple: MORE BERRIES! 🍓💁🏼‍♀️

the solution to today's noonday conundrums: ingest MORE BERRIES! 🍓❤️

winterschon, to random
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Canonical experience of

  • woman observes and identifies problem
  • woman solves root cause analysis
  • woman designs proof-of-concept
  • woman provides report showing benefits
  • concept and proof ignored by boy's club
  • time passes, more time passes
  • boys club decides they have an amazing idea
  • boys club talks big game, misses core concept
  • boys club decides they are deploying copycat
  • woman remains ignored and uncredited
winterschon, to SanFrancisco
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winterschon, to embedded
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ohhhh gosh… more RISC-V for FreeBSD!

💘 more cores 💘 more ram 💘 more ports 💘 more more more 💘

going to validate whether this SO-DIMM format will work in my TuringPi2, but generally underlying all technical plans, a vast majority of my home-lab acquisitions are solely because I want it and it's fun!


Lichee Pi 4A - front of retail box
Lichee Pi 4A - SoM and carrier board
Lichee Pi 4A - system layout

winterschon, to random
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15:22,00 "sure, I'll just look at the ebay cart and check the SKU..."

16:24,00 (two browsers open split-screen with ~25+ tabs open to different listings)

"dammit ebay! I don't need to buy any more test-lab hardware... except a new three channel power supply, and maybe a new o-scope and maybe a function generator..."

ok ok that aside, check out this scumbag move from a seller:

  • price is decent ($599)
  • equipment in good condition
  • shipping is $8,000 🖕
winterschon, to photography
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winterschon, to infosec
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we're all aware of the xz issue, but systemd and CVEs are intertwined. linux distros choose insecurity + instability by using systemd.

it's brought to you by:

  • a dev who despises POSIX
  • a dev who eschews security, ethics, and foundations of UNIX
  • a dev explicitly aligned to microsoft propaganda
  • a dev who is anti-FOSS
  • a dev fiscally compensation by the closed-source juggernaut

never forget: https://pwnies.com/systemd-bugs/

winterschon, to llm
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winterschon, to random
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a recurring question arises re: selfies ~ why?

for most of my life I've loved photography, esp nature and portraiture. my first real job was in the field, refurbishing old Hasselblad, Leica… but I never wanted my picture taken, never wanted to see the reflection of my eyes — still holding the trauma of that day in November 1990 when everything changed.

I never told anyone except my twin, and when they died so did I - very nearly. waking up in the ICU, kept alive by life support machines…


winterschon, to DaftPunk
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5:35am and it's time for MegaDrive's Active Denial System


the cover art brings to mind scenes from Akira :ablobfoxbongo:

winterschon, to random
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Armada Music, Greece 2000
a Dj set by Sasha, summer 1999, San Francisco...

and suddenly it all comes rushing back as eyes calmly close, the mind replaying sensations from
that near-perfect afternoon so many summers ago...


winterschon, to architecture
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another on-premise bare-metal cluster build for 2024!

greater than five but fewer than ten Ampere Altra Q80-30 servers will be combined with Xeon based hosts of mostly-equivalent specs (dual-socket 8280 and E5-2697v4 hosts), 768GB - 1TB of RAM per each, and NICs w/ multiple 10, 25, and 100GbE ports depending on system role. switches are all Arista.

should be an enjoyable deployment!

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@blaise in this case the cluster will have a private instance of Nexus OSS (Sonatype), which will be setup as a transparent repo and container registry relay/cache. the system architecture for requested binaries is derived from the connecting host's parameters (usually a url variable or rest api key/value).

jimmylittle, to random
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I wonder what the reaction would be if Apple dropped all this core technology fee nonsense and just went back to charging for software upgrades.

I’m old enough to remember paying $9 a year for iOS upgrades.

@winterschon@hachyderm.io avatar

@jimmylittle it wouldn't solve anything, but it would absolutely piss off most users

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