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vegos_f06, to fdroid German

Ist bei jemand Aurora Store noch in Fdroid drin? Meines loggt sich nicht mehr ein und ist noch 4.4.2 - während es schon 4.4.3 gibt. Spricht was gegen das Herunterladen von den Entwicklern auf GitLab? Wird es dann zukünftig noch automatisch aktualisiert? - Wo sind eigentlich Issues auf GitLab?

Is Aurora Store still in ? Error when tries to log in: length=2;index=-1

themadcodger, to oregon avatar

It was a nice day, so I rode my bike to somewhere

NickEast, to fantasybookstodon avatar

Reader question: What's your favorite genre and what is a pet peeve you have about something in that genre?

For example I love fantasy, but my pet peeve is the unassuming teenager who somehow seems to master every skill in the world (in 2 hours or less) 😁

@reading @fantasybookstodon

chakie, to ios17 avatar

I guess now could be a good time to see what’s new in iOS 17. At this stage Apple has fixed all the bugs they ever will fix and it’s as stable as it’ll ever be. My app has so far required 16, so I don’t think there will be any issues with porting. However I can’t remember a single interesting feature in 17 that I actually wanted as a developer? Was there anything new at all? Not talking about minor convenience updates to some old API:s, but brand new stuff. Anything?

AmenZwa, to f1 avatar

I'm in agreement with on . I think could have saved a tonne of money and aggravation by simply parading their drivers up and down The Strip, instead of forcing them to drive this race.

deborahh, to random avatar

Ah, I get it now. The allure of Horror:

People who seldom feel fear need horror and fright to keep their fear-handling skills in shape.

Yeah ... that muscle's well toned, for me.
I'll pass.

mattblaze, to random avatar

Just got asked (politely) to tag my "technical" posts about photography because they make the person's eyes glaze over.

I definitely don't want to harm anyone's vision, but I really can't granularly predict what topics will bother people this way. I talk about nerdy stuff. I'm a nerd. That's not for everyone, I get it.

I suggest using the unfollow button if your eyes are strained by technical discussions. But also, see a qualified ophthalmologist. It may be a sign of something more serious.

jhavok, avatar

@mattblaze @ParadeGrotesque @stevendbrewer How are people supposed to find posts if they don't have ?

kaia, to random avatar

I mean they sell it, but it's the full price :blobcatgoogly:

p, avatar

I didn't finish the original :blobcatSleeping:

isomeme, to climate avatar

I am so, so tired of hearing people say that we will face a climate crisis unless we reduce carbon emissions immediately. The opportunity to avert a crisis ended around 2000. Since then, we've had the opportunity to make the crisis less devastating, with the minimum possible level of horror and misery increasing with each year we fail to act. What's more, even if we halted all carbon emissions tomorrow, global warming would continue for decades.

We are in the crisis RIGHT NOW.

ai6yr, to random

KCAL: "A three-hour-long, slow-moving, relatively uneventful pursuit of a stolen truck with a cement mixer attached finally ends in Canoga Park."

APBBlue, to random avatar

You know you're and when you're excited about sleeping in on Saturday morning.

john, (edited ) to art avatar

Here’s a I just did of what I actually sit and look at every day. A portrait of my knees.

Moar I say.

osfast, to random Dutch

Hoe vinden jullie het als ik mijn werk successen deel. Vandaag is er grote vooruitgang geboekt in de onderhandelingen met een nieuwe leverancier.

gurix, to art German avatar
Wuzzy, to gaming

Am I the only one to think that 🎣 in many video kinda sucks? Especially when it's like a side/bonus thing. A lot of the time, fishing is just:

  1. Use fishing rod
  2. Wait
  3. Press a key when something moves
  4. Repeat until you have lots of fish or other loot

I have seen this same mechanic so many times and it's so . Most of time time you spend time staring at the screen doing nothing. Yawn. 🥱

BadSeedGarden, to plants

I’m always amazed how fast Wheat Grass grows.
I made a little counter top planter with vintage Fiestaware mugs for my partner to use in his smoothies.
We thought it might be fun to do a time lapse to see how fast it grows in a day. It was not. 😂
Turns out it was like… watching grass grow 🌾
I trimmed it up to see the growth in 9 hours anyway.
🎶: The Damned, ‘I’m So Bored’


u0421793, (edited ) to fediverse avatar

What’s the difference between the fediverse and a nonstop stream of software release notes?

Quokka, to random

If visiting a farm with paddocks full of animals, wear enclosed footwear that you can preferably chuck in the boot of a car.
Not thongs that will mean you end up with shitty feet.


@davidv do you know what shits me about Australia every winter? Welly/gum boots. I want some for e.g. standing next to a sodden hockey pitch while the boy plays. Nowhere in Australia sells boots in anything other than black or green. I want like tie-dye cosmic colours, or dachshunds or seahorses or robots or something. I think I could order some from overseas but returns would be a nightmare and they're probably too "serious" like Hunter brand or something. 👢💵

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