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Cities Skylines 2 lackluster launch can be mostly attributed to the growing pains of a small studio.

It was probably never possible for a small studio like Colossal Order to deliver a fully functional successor from scratch when they were adding features for 10 years CS1 in parallel.

The only way it would've worked was if they could have used the same code in CS2. But clearly, they weren't able to, as it's missing most of the DLCs they built for CS1.

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Finland's amazing success story as a small nation of great game studios and talent hasn't gone unnoticed.


This book interviews 11 award-winning Finnish Gamedevs about their design philosophy, tips, and more!



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My city of West Mansfield is going well;

a massive metropolis

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A herd of MOOSE just walking through my city 🤯

#citiesSkylines #citiesSkylines2 #cs2 #game #gaming #videoGames

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is less like a sequel to and more like a QoL patch with a fancy shader/texture mod where random features and systems have been drastically (and somewhat badly) rewritten.

Shout-out to the dev who had to make the old fishing boat mechanic work for garbage trucks, it's a nice touch, but garbage dumps are deletable now?

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We're back with a new episode of . Today we continue expanding our high density downtown area, incorporate a wooded CBD park area, and face off with disaster as a bush fire burns through suburban Azure Delta!

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Honestly, I pirated and I feel a little ripped off.

It's just mostly just with more realistic cars and human shaders.

There are a few QoL improvements that probably make it worth a buy; like being able to buy smaller squares of land, or how water pipes run under streets now.

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Well I finally got bored enough to do it; I'm playing !

Give me your tips for my first new city!

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Che bomba .
Perché avevo smesso di giocarci non si sa.

Tra l'altro mouse e tastiera su console sono la svolta vera, anche se non tutti i tasti sono rimappati o rimappabili.


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Heya everyone! Hope the start to your week has been good. Today I'm back with a new video. Today the name of the game is reducing weak points in our infrastructure by adding redundancy to key connections and choke points. Hope you enjoy

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Et c'est parti pour une découverte de Cities Skylines (remastered) sur Xbox Cloud Gaming. RDV sut ma chaîne Twitch pour voir ça :

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Bullseye.... rip.

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Greetings from Toronto, Canada! I'm Dirk, old enough to recall when the internet sang the tune of fax machines...

In my professional realm, I helm a dynamic team at Google and worked at Microsoft before that.

Beyond work, I dive into a fascinating world of AI with my at , love creating and , design urban paradises in , or challenge gravity with .

Let's connect! 🚀

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An Interview with Cities: Skylines 2 developer’s CEO, Mariina Hallikainen - Enlarge / Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen, from the company's "W... - :skylines2 -builder

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Et vous, vous êtes plutôt bulldozer dans la ville ou tût-tût à travers le monde ? @yannrdr et @alexleserveur évoquent Cities: Skylines II et le DLC (enfin complet) de Mario Kart 8 Deluxe dans le 113e numéro de La Cartouche !

Pour écouter et vous abonner à notre flux RSS et sur toutes vos plateformes d'écoute préférées 👇

#Jeuxvideo #MarioKart #CitiesSkylines #Podcast

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Je ne peux plus jouer à sur macOS car leur putain de launcher imposé, qui n'a aucune utilisé à part afficher de la publicité, plante.
Ça me saoule d’une force !

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Today we're back for another episode! This is the last CS2 video for the year, so I hope you've enjoyed our journey building the Azure Delta region so far. Today we start working on a Capital/CBD area, along with the tackling the challenges that brings!

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Good evening, and welcome back to another episode of ! In today's episode, we disrespect our surroundings and exploit the natural resources of the Azure Delta region! Hope you enjoy the video.

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Was messing around with the Steam profile showcases and apparently my rarest achievements are all from parks and other natural resources in

That... makes sense. I've been saying my litmus test for whether or not I'll like a game is whether I can plant flowers.

But also only 0.6% players have made an entire nature reserve? That feels unlikely.

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