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«Little flowers». Photograph of a succulent plant with small pink flowers of just a few millimeters. Actually, I discovered them yesterday, since due to their size they went unnoticed.

musumbi, to newyorkcity
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cobalt, to chicago
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My oldest son is in Chicago for a trade show and just got this from his cellphone up in his hotel at the Marriott.

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kovah, to egypt
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She brought the umbrella because she wanted to, not because she was told to.

In fact, most people told her she was silly to bring it.

Personally, she thought it was silly to listen to most people at the expense of heeding one's own voice.

Hello New York metal print -- https://2-steve-henderson.pixels.com/featured/hello-new-york-steve-henderson.html?product=metal-print

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SydParkAbstract, to sweden
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hjeniu, to architecture
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stefano, to Orange
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As the doth sink 'tween tower and age-old walls,
The plaza basks in gentle, warm embrace.
In tranquil eve, the waits, as calls,
Preparing for nocturnal symphony to grace.

zapproductions, to movies
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SydParkAbstract, to porto
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mkwadee, to random
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Today we travelled to the , which is just over an hour away by train, making it suitable for a day trip. We cycled to our and left our there. In , we only used pubic and walked everywhere; we were lucky that although today had been planned well in advance, the weather was wonderful.

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After a quick visit in the morning to the , we spent most of our time wandering around the centre of the . The has houses on its perimeter, curved in a , overlooking a park on the lower slopes.

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is made of the same stone that most of the is made and it gives a uniformity and harmony giving a unique character.

Braga Free Vehicle: Jangan Lupa Cicipi Kuliner Legendaris dan Kekinian di Jalan Braga - KoranMandala.com (www.koranmandala.com) Indonesian

Sepanjang akhir pekan ini, di Jalan Braga Bandung khususnya Jalan Braga panjang tidak ada suara kendaraan bermotor dan bau knalpot. "Vipe"-nya sangat cocok untuk berkuliner ria. Mulai malam ini Jalan Braga akan terbebas dari kendaraan atau Braga Free Vehicle....

up, to skyline
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Hompimpa Playground, Tempat Kafe Yang Aman Bagi Anak - KoranMandala.com (www.koranmandala.com) Indonesian

Sedang mencari tempat bermain anak sambil nongkrong di Kota Bandung? Datang saja ke Hompimpa Playground di Jalan Sanggar Kencana Utama No. 39-D Komplek Sanggar Hurip. Sedang mencari tempat bermain anak sambil nongkrong di Kota Bandung? Datang saja ke Hompimpa Playground di Jalan Sanggar Kencana Utama No. 39-D Komplek Sanggar...

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