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A frozen lake. Burabay, Mar 2024. #landscape #winter #lake #burabay

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Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake sits near the eastern end of Yosemite Valley with Half Dome to the south and North Dome to the north. Clouds Rest, shown here back right is to the east.
The lake is slowly filling in with gravel and silt that gets carried down the mountains during the rains becoming more of a seasonal pond. See the full image here:

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There was a Winter Weather Advisory in Hawaii today! (perfectly normal... up on the summits)

#HIwx #Hawaii #winter

WWHW40 PHFO 152057

National Weather Service Honolulu HI
1057 AM HST Mon Apr 15 2024


Big Island Summits-
1057 AM HST Mon Apr 15 2024


Clouds and snow showers at the summits have diminished and will
continue to do so through the day.

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1940 Advertisement - Travel the easy way this winter - American Airlines DC-3.

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Mount Snow, Dover, VT, January 2021

#snow #winter #MtSnow #Vermont #VT #skiing

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Sunset over Burabay lake. Mar 2024.

miguel, to Toronto

Old Mill, Toronto, Canadá
Febrero 2008
Foto: Miguel Máiquez

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Burabay National park, Kazakhstan. Mar 2024.

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For Winter window views.

Photographers will understand:

You get SO EXITED about a cool thing, you WILL hang out of windows / contort at weird angles trying to get the perfect shot.

MUCH much later:

1: Slowly realise how bloody freezing you are (in pyjamas/ forgot a coat)

  1. How much your back now hurts :(

I think that's so important, not kit or ability level. The fun part. The silly part.

A night photo of woodland - the black silhouette outlines of trees against a moonlit sky. The moon peers through a gap in the treetrunks. At the bottom are snow covered branches of some smaller trees in the foreground.

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New Hampshire, January 2023

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A sloppy day at the local i-beam depot. While I'm not generally in favour of paving over paradise, this does seem like a good place to have a paved work area.

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Today in . Wherever you might be, we sense your envy.😏


grivettcarnac, to Ottawa avatar

Well that was the worst trip to school yet since the kid started school. Put a buff on him and his winter helmet that has an integrated visor so we could walk. The last road crossing, I had to lean into the wind and basically drag him across the road because he could not stay upright 🙃 Next week come already

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A gulf of Burabay lake. Burabay national park, Kazakhstan. Mar 2024.

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I like , pools, ponds, so this is a great time of year for me- ! + since we keep alternating melting with snow (more to come in the next few days after 18-19C/64-66F today) the puddle season is extended! Not so fond of mud, but oh well!

I shot this icy puddle the other day, where there'd been a much larger pool a week or two back- on viewing on the screen, I realised there was a face, then 2! Not creepy, I think they are saying goodbye!

A small irregularly shaped depression in the ground has filled with melt water-maybe still some winter snow turned to ice underneath- then variously frozen, re-melted as temperatures change so there is some liquid water, and several textures and densities of ice and slush at different depths. It's surrounded by a flat area melted out of the snow which has dried leaves over flattened grass, moss, fine shrubs etc, and the dark shadows of trees out of frame except for the very bases of a couple, come toward the viewer, angling to each side around the puddle which is catching a bit of sun.

dlsym, to photography avatar

It’s cold outside.

#photography #winter #sweden

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“You can’t get too much winter in the winter.”
— Robert Frost

Get prints of this painting here ➡️

#landscapepainting #seasons #winter #WaterColor #buyintoart

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Ein forseinka , for andre påskedag.

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