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Scientists have mapped one of the most hazardous spots on the globe in unprecedented detail: a 600-mile geologic boundary just off the #PacificNorthwest coast.
Along this fraught stretch, called the #CascadiaSubductionZone, 2 pieces of the #Earth’s crust slide against each other, building up stresses capable of unleashing a catastrophic 9.0-magnitude #earthquake & generating a #tsunami, w/waves as high as 40 feet.

#science #geology #climate

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The Atacama Desert in #Chile has some of the darkest night skies in the world, perfect for #astronomy. But it's also a very seismic area. When an #earthquake hits, how do we keep our telescopes safe? We tell you all about it in this new video:

#engineering #technology

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Two earthquakes in Newport Beach. M3.4 and M3.6. I received on-the-ground reports that it was "a bit disconcerting" and "sure as hell enough to get your attention".

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Looks like there was an earthquake alert this morning, about 52 minutes ago, in San Diego County.

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Inside Sally Buzbee's departure and what's next for The Washington Post

#earthquake #sallybuzbee

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I can now cross
"Experience an actual magnitude 3.5 earthquake while in VR" off my bucket list.

#VR #earthquake #immersion #XR

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Rumble rumble

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Nope, didn't feel it. Only noticed it because @cookiesinheaven mentioned it.

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Ehi, vedo una scossa 4.0 alle 19.35 a Cirò (Crotone).

Tutto ok da quelle parti?

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br00t4c, to earthquake avatar
br00t4c, to earthquake avatar
br00t4c, to earthquake avatar
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GustavinoBevilacqua, to earthquake Italian avatar

Zona Campi Flegrei, 4.4 alle 20:10 ora locale.

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I remember this day well in 2012. I turned off the light at 1:15 of the night on May 20th after reading a book on my Kindle. I felt a slight tremor. It was said that it wasn't a seismic zone, so I thought it was just the tail end of a distant quake. I looked for information on my phone but found nothing. At 4:03 in the morning, I woke up to a strong quake. I heard objects falling and glass breaking (which I later found out were from my neighbor's house), everything was shaking, and suddenly, I started hearing the sounds of buildings collapsing. I was 10 km from the epicenter but only found out hours later. I immediately turned on the light, but the power went out. When the power came back, all phone lines were down, but my trusty 1mbit/sec ADSL was working. I was alone at home. I went outside and, having experience with earthquakes, urged my neighbors (still in disbelief) to run to the end of the street, to a parking lot away from all buildings. Roof tiles could fall. Strong aftershocks followed in the minutes after. They would continue for months, and occasionally, you can still feel them.

There were many collapses in the area. Together with a neighbor (a surveyor), we inspected the building and found no visible problems. It was a recent building, only a few years old. I went back inside to have breakfast around 5, much to the surprise of my neighbors who were urging me to leave. I turned on TV and news were still uncertain. They were just talking about a very strong earthquake in the norther part of Bologna). There were strong tremors all day long. It was a strange day. My friends wanted me to go to their place, far away. I decided to stay. My neighbors wanted me to go with them to the shopping center parking lot to sleep in the car. I stayed home. Some neighbors slept in tents in their gardens for months out of fear. That night, I just slept dressed on the couch.

There are many other details of that day that will stay in my mind forever.

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M4.1 earthquake near Ocotillo Wells earlier.

chris, to california avatar

Whole lotta quakes near Brawley in Imperial County this morning.

#California #Earthquakes #Earthquake

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Controlled failure: The building designed to limit catastrophe 🤓

HistoPol, avatar
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M4.6 earthquake near Mexicali, Mexico. US/Mexico border.

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Two giant blobs lurk deep within the Earth, but why?

From @popsci "Some scientists believe they could be responsible for plate tectonics."

#Earth #Earthquake #Volcano #Science

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Yo! Slow down Ground.

ai6yr, to earthquake avatar

LOL "look at this earthquake API" to a coworker. (Oh look, M4.5 in Corona!) #earthquake

astro_jcm, (edited ) to ocean avatar

Looking up to the sky to find out what happens deep down in the #ocean !

The newly inaugurated OASIS project, operated by the German Aerospace Center and hosted at ESO's Paranal Observatory in #Chile, will monitor "airglow" in our atmosphere to better understand tsunamis. 1/3


#astrodon #astronomy #earthquake #science

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