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A Papuan activist applies soils on her face as a symbol of grief during a protest against deforestation by palm oil companies on their indigenous land in Papua, outside the country's Supreme Court in Jakarta, Indonesia. REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan


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Indonesia proposes 'dangerous' ban on LGBTQ+ media and investigative journalism

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“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” – Karen Blixen.

#Model #TopModel #Pose #SandIsland #PulauPasir #TanjungPandan #Belitung #BangkaBelitung #Indonesia #Iphone #ShootOnIohone #Tuesday #May #28th #2024

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Emerging markets like India and Indonesia, whose populations are growing at a solid pace, stand to benefit as demographics begin to play a bigger role in investment decisions.

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I’m annoyed that I wasn’t into birding when I was mostly in my part of the world. Now it’s going to take so much effort and time to go do that. But my dream birding trips in SE Asia right now:

Lots of spots in Philippines and Vietnam too.

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came across this photo in the KITLV collection while looking for images of opera houses for my upcoming talk. although it looks harmless, it's actually a manifestation of Dutch cruelty and racism. This was the set for the opera put on by prisoners in the Dutch concentration camp for Indonesian communists and nationalists circa 1928, in Boven-Digoel in . Although internees had not been charged with any crime, they were not allowed to leave.

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Mrázek's great work examining modernity, fascism, and life in internment camps in Europe and in Papua is The Complete Lives of Camp People: Colonialism, Fascism, Concentrated Modernity (2020)

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“I want to be more radical, but I can’t”

Indonesian lawyer and activist Tiza Mafira on the frustrating expectation that she’ll silence her feelings in the name of professionalism


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The Last Glaciers of Indonesia

Tropical ice sheets are “canaries in the coal mine” when it comes to climate change

#Indonesia #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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The push is being led by the , Bahlil Lahadalia, who faces allegations of self-dealing & in the revocation & reissuance of , according to reporting by outlet Tempo. The proposed handouts are more of the same, critics say: payback to religious orgs for their support of President Joko Widodo’s preferred candidate in February’s election.

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Elon Musk, making his first visit to Indonesia, inaugurated the Starlink satellite internet services at a clinic in Bali's capital Denpasar on Sunday. #asiapacific #elonmusk #indonesia #starlink #internet #bali

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Checked in to the hotel in Bandung. Right down the block is Hardcore Day #1. Gotta check it out. Kid out front hand a very impressive circa '77 bleached white mohawk.

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Mount Doom 🌋😬

erupted on Saturday evening, sending ash 4km into the sky, as streaks of purple lightning flashed around its crater, according to information and images shared by Indonesia’s volcanology agency.

The alert level of the to the highest level on Thursday, after Ibu erupted multiple times earlier this month.

’s spectacularly erupts forcing nearby villages to evacuate

Back toot:

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I’m at an Indonesian bazaar in San Francisco and they have an indomie eating contest. The prize is 6 boxes of Indomie. Can I be persuaded to join?

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The whole thing about metal being huge in Indonesia? Yes, it is. House band at the hotel was working through Toto, Poison, and Pink Floyd covers. I got dragged up to sing.

Sabbath? I asked. "OK!" I did my best on Paranoid.

Talked with the singer later and the first question was, "What do you think about Testament?" Me: ?????
Everyone agreed I must be a Pantera fan bc I look like Phil Anselmo. \m/

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Independent confirmation. New city. New hotel. Stop to chat with the guy on the desk as I come back this evening. He said, "I am sorry, sir, but I have to tell you, you look like Phil Anselmo."

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New post: Yang Ditunggu Sudah Tiba; Seragam Halaqah Silsilah Ilmiah (HSI)

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Jadi karena sama sama lari dari kewajiban, mereka di negara orang lain bikin barang haram :facepalm:

Lab Narkoba Jaringan 'Hydra' di Bali Dikendalikan Saudara Kembar WN Ukraina · Detikcom

cc @indonesia

Dozens killed in cold lava mudslides on Indonesian island of Sumatra (

Heavy rains triggered flash floods and caused torrents of cold lava and mud to flow down a volcano’s slopes on Indonesia’s Sumatra island, killing at least 41 people and leaving more than a dozen others missing, officials have said. Monsoon rains and a major mudslide from a cold lava flow on Mount Marapi caused a river to...

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Indonesia's President-elect Prabowo Subianto says he will uphold an independent foreign policy, avoiding alignment with either the U.S. or China in their global competition for influence.

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A #volcano in eastern #Indonesia erupted on Monday, spewing a huge ash tower more than five kilometres (three miles) into the sky after authorities raised its alert level to the second-highest last week.

No damage or casualties were immediately reported but images showed a column of ash soaring into the sky on #Halmahera island in #NorthMaluku province.

Indonesia's #MountIbu erupts again, spews huge ash tower

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