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représenterait plus de 4 % des ordinateurs de bureau -

> Techniquement, étant aussi un système Linux, la part de marché représenterait même en fait 6,32 %. « En termes de pourcentage global, c'est encore relativement peu, mais quand on pense au nombre de personnes que cela représente, c'est beaucoup », souligne .


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Finished just now... I'm so melancholic right now. Loved the characters, the pace and the story. One of the I liked more, maybe just a little less than .
Worth every single penny.

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FLOSS-Game Highlight: FlightGear, die himmelstürmende Flugsimulation

In der Welt der Flugsimulationen gibt es einen unbestrittenen Stern am Himmel: FlightGear. Doch was macht dieses Programm so besonders?

#flugsimulator #GamingOnLinux #linuxgaming #Simulator #Linux

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I could've probably had the whole series of "The Real Barenziah" about 100 times now, but this one seems to be unobtainium. Where the heck do I find the other parts of this masterpiece? 🥴

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FLOSS-Game Highlight: FreeCol, ein Kolonialabenteuer im Open-Source-Stil

Spiele erkunden vielfältige Aspekte der Menschheitsgeschichte, darunter auch die Kolonialzeit. FreeCol, ein Open-Source-Spiel, widmet sich dieser Ära voller Entdeckungen und Eroberungen.

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Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit #Skyrim #GamingOnLinux #gaming

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I ordered a Stream Deck Mini for my Linux box for macros on Helldivers 2 for stratagems. I figure 6 buttons, two for scrolling pages and four per page for stratagems should be perfect. This way I can really do some proper gaming as I get back into the swing on Twitch and such.

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Confirmed Hell Divers 2 works on Linux flawlessly so far in my 15 minute test run, so we will be playing that tonight on twitch #Twitch #Gaming #GamingonLinux #Linux

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FLOSS-Game Highlight: OpenTTD, ein Meisterwerk der Wirtschaftssimulation

In der Welt der Wirtschaftssimulationen gibt es eine Perle, die sowohl Veteranen als auch Neueinsteiger gleichermaßen in ihren Bann zieht: OpenTTD.

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The Last of Us Part 1 [FSR3 FrameGen] (SteamOS 3.5.17 Proton-8.05) {Steam Deck}

#linux #GamingOnLinux #Gaming #linuxgaming #SteamDeck

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FLOSS-Game Highlight: The Battle for Wesnoth, legendäre Fantasiestrategie

Wenn es ein Spiel gibt, das die Essenz der Open-Source-Szene verkörpert, dann ist es "The Battle for Wesnoth". Hier erleben Spieler eine Mischung aus Strategie und Fantasie, die von einer leidenschaftlichen Gemeinschaft von Entwicklern geschaffen wurde. In diesem Artikel tauchen wir ein in die Welt von Wesnoth und beleuchten ihre vielfältigen Aspekte.

#wesnoth, #linuxgaming, #gamingonlinux

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Before bed, I want to tell a quick troubleshooting story:

I switched to Wayland!
But DCS: World has a weird frame flickering issue.
I try Proton, doesn't help.
I try different Wine version, doesn't help.
I try messing with DXVK, doesn't help.
It's an NVIDIA driver issue related to XWayland.
I admit defeat and go back to X11.
But: Wine can be run in native Wayland mode!
I find out how to run Wine without XWayland.
It works flawlessly and more performant than ever before!

And now I'm going to bed happy.

#wayland #dcs #dcsworld #proton #wine #dxvk #nvidia #xwayland #x11 #linux #gamingonlinux #linuxgaming

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Btw #KSnakeDuel is a really neat game to play with a friend once in a while:
#Gaming #GamingOnLinux #KDE

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Dad was diagnosed with cancer so I’ve been taking it easy with content creation. He’s not been doing well for a little while but we finally had a diagnosis #twitch #tiktok #streaming #infosec #cybsecurity #gaming #gamingonlinux

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Open Source DIY Force Feedback System (with Gameplay) - OpenFFBoard

Yannick aka Gigawipf has shown us two of his projects at Maker Faire Hannover 2023:

#opensource #diy #gaming #gamingonlinux #linux #tuxedocomputers

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I'm Nate, a 28yo 🇧🇷 transgender man, very autistic and going also through a lot of stuff, but I believe sonic the hedgehog will heal me fr
oh, yeah, I post a lot of my daily thoughts, I look like a little lad without graduation but I do have one, an IT grad, I love the silly computers a lot :neocat_cool: I'm still looking for a job btw :neocat_cry:

the tags below are just related to things I'll mostly follow here :neocat_flop: so...


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Hey,! I've just joined the instance so here's an #introduction.

I'm a 40 something social science postgrad with a passion for all things #Linux and #foss. I also love learning about #infosec, watching #movies, teaching myself #python, #cyberpunk, and #gaming (i.e. #GamingOnLinux). Thinking daily about #privacy, digital rights, and my dog.


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Played and got si engaged that I lost track of time. Whoops. Gonna have a rough day at work tomorrow....worth it.

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Okay fedifriends, please give me advice on buying a game controller.

Some background: I currently play indie games with native Linux support. But I grew up with consoles, and I still think that I'd be more comfortable with a controller for some kinds of games than with a keyboard In particular, I'd like to play precision platformers with a controller. I also think a controller would be good for homebrew made for old consoles.

I have a strong preference for wired peripherals over wireless, and a strong preference for peripherals that don't require their own batteries.

When I sit down to game, I generally want to be able to start playing right away without much set-up. If a game won't launch, I might spend a few minutes adjusting drivers or settings, or I might immediately give up on that game and pick a different game.

Hence, I'd prefer if possible to find a controller that works "out of the box" with a large number of games. I don't want to spend a lot of time configuring button mappings.

So with that in mind, what controller would y'all recommend I buy?

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Streaming DEFCON was cancelled | Doppler Secrets Manager| Cybersecurity and Chill | #GamingonLinux now on Twitch. Let's go: #LinuxGaming #Infosec #Cybersecurity #Tech #Twitch

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Tadaaam !

#SteamOS (via #HoloISO) sur une config #gaming de salon d'occasion pour en faire un #SteamDeck aux stéroïdes (et surtout continuer à refuser #MsWindows). Poke @gamingonlinux

Et ça fonctionne au poil ! Reste plus qu'à configurer les manettes (et surtout le #Thrustmaster T16000M Hotas pour #EliteDangerous)...

Bon, il va falloir aussi diminuer un peu le #PEGI, je le crains...

#archlinux #gamingonlinux #steam

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Did you know the ⚽ game I'm working on has a free demo available?

It also runs flawlessly on Linux! 🐧

Pardon my advertising, but I really want this to succeed, obviously.

#football #soccer #fifa #steam #steamdeck #gamedev #demo #linux #linuxgaming #gamingonlinux #sports #footballmanager

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