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👊 Comme chaque semaine, le Récap Indé sort (en retard) mais il est bien là !

📅 Le calendrier des sorties (un peu moins) nombreuses
👀 L'indé Couverte, avec REPOSE par l'artiste @0atis0 !

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Visual novels are a blight on the indy games scene. An awkward fusion of game and fiction that degrades both art forms. No fiction is improved by reading it one line at a time, over a static image.

The problem is when VN authors branch out into other games. The medium teaches bad habits. The verbosity, limited choices, and tell-don't-show design always glare.

#gamedesgn #gamedev #vn #indiegames

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Meifumado - a brutal pixel art action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Japan inspired open world!

Wishlist on Steam:

by Old Bit Studio


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🔥 Après le très impressionnant Papetura, Tom Ostafin nous propose son prochain titre, lui aussi entièrement réalisé à l'aide de papier : Pirofauna.

📢 Annonce
🎮 Steam (plus tard sur consoles)
🇵🇱 @PetumsStudio

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Mildly confused by @itchio's lack of activity around here. They have around 5x the followers here as on Bsky, but are more active there. Around 37.5x the followers here as on Threads, but some more recent posts there.

With the last one I suspect that may be related to how recently Threads came out, & with Bsky, I'm guessing it's a mix of recently opening up & simply not being a Facebook product making it more appealing.

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Anti-war terminators limping on manikin legs commiserating with disabled cyborgs who can't afford their cyberarm-rent, and more hijinx in Neofeud!

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"I cried when i finished this game actually. it'll be living rent free in my head 24/7, 365." One of the highest complements I've received for Neofeud. Makes 3 years of blood, sweat, & tears as a solo-dev worth it! #indiedev #indiegames #SteamDeck

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A project called "Queer Them All" is offering to translate a queer game into multiple languages for free to celebrate the upcoming pride month! If you have a game with queer themes or are an LGBT+ developer, you can apply here:

#GameDev #IndieDev #QueerThemAll #IndieGames

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✨WE PASSED 375 launch followers!✨ Less than 25 to unlock pregens of the TNG crew and the Enterprise-D! 🚀 Help by following the launch page or sharing with your friends! Will we hit 400 before we leave tomorrow?

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Part of the problem with testing my own game is now I'm insanely good at it

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Przygodówkowe wieści znów na blogu, a tam między innymi o Star Trek: Resurgence i Duck Detective: The Secret Salami.

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SELACO - paint the walls purple in this carnage-filled F.E.A.R. inspired FPS created in GZDoom!

Coming to Steam on May 31st:

Extended Pre-Release Gameplay Video:

by @SelacoGame


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I've decided that I'm going to take at least six weeks off from doing YouTube work. My voice is the primary factor on why I'm taking a I've been super depressed lately.

If you wanna check out my backlog of indie game videos, please check out my small YouTube channel. Every view, comment, like, and sub helps me a long way.

Please boost 😊

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A Big Rotten Apple is dying, new civilization struggles to be born. Can a confused robot marine, a goth alien hacktivist, & time traveling survivors of an aborted future succeed this time? Find out in Neofeud 2!

Dystopian city full of homeless with craft teleporting into bright solarpunk-looking future

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"I cried when i finished this game actually. it'll be living rent free in my head 24/7, 365." One of the highest complements I've received for Neofeud. Makes 3 years of blood, sweat, & tears as a solo-dev worth it! #indiedev #indiegames #SteamDeck

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💥 Don't Kill Them All est un mélange d'exploration, action en tour par tour et gestion, puisque vous devrez y construire et faire évoluer votre campement ... d'orcs ?

📢 Kickstarter
📅 2026
🎮 Steam et consoles
🇨🇦 @FikaProductions

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SAND - a desert-punk base-building FPS with walking ships in a sea of sand!

Beta Sign Up:

Hologryph & TowerHaus


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So the winner for is Oxenfree!

Oxenfree is available on multiple platforms, ensuring a wide reach for its audience. The game can be played on:

• PC: Available on Windows and macOS
• Consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch
• Mobile Devices: iOS and Android

Also Fire Watch did very well and a was a close contender if you finish Oxenfree and want to play Firewatch please do :D Happy Gaming!

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Un nouveau trailer pour Kingmakers, un titre toujours aussi ... spécial mais quand même sacrément bien bourrin !

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🎆 Devenez le nouveau responsable dans Firework Syndrome, un titre cozy dans lequel vous devrez répondre aux attentes des habitants en matière de feux d'artifice (et vous pourrez même créer les vôtres !)

📢 Annonce
🎮 Steam
🌍 Jarden Studio

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📢 Synergy est désormais disponible sur Steam et GOG !
Un city-builder où il vous faudra évoluer, mais tout en respectant l'écosystème d'une planète hostile.

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😎 Vous ne savez pas quoi regarder durant vote pause midi ? Ça tombe bien, le Récap Indé vient de sortir !

💰 Larian ouvre un nouveau studio
🤑 Manor Lords se vend (très) bien
📅 Les (encore très) nombreuses sorties de la semaine
👀 Et l'Indécouverte !

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Today we're checking out #PaperTrail, a top-down puzzle adventure about leaving home. Thanks to Newfangled Games
for the game key 🗺️


#Gaming #Game #Games #VideoGame #VideoGames #Indies #IndieGame #IndieGames #Puzzle #Cozy #WholesomeGames

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🏛️ Après les légendes Nordiques ou les années 80, la licence Kingdom présente son prochain contenu additionnel, centré cette fois sur la mythologie Grecque !

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