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In other news, this surprised me. I knew that they were planning it, but it is actually today!

New England's largest fossil fuel electric plant is shutting down today | Mystic Generating Station

"shuttering the plant shows the era of burning fossil fuels for electricity may have peaked, at least in New England"

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#Boston - Weekend events thread: Memorial Day 2024 Edition. There's a ton going on around town, but what's on your radar, #NewEngland?

Friday's going to be hot again in the mid 80s, but Saturday and Sunday should be cooler/cloudier in the mid-upper 70s. Memorial Day Monday might have rainy afternoon cookouts, in the upper 60s.

(Promote this weekend's events with #BostonWeekend to play along 1/?)

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again leads culture with a " ' event.

Slut Trek - ASSimilation: A Live Action Love Letter to
Saturday and Sunday, doors 7pm, show @ 8,
Sliding scale admission, GA $25+, Sunday front row tickets still avail ($35+)
( 9/x)

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This weekend of May 17th-19th, what's going on, #Boston ? What's the can't-miss event(s) you hope to enjoy?

(The #BostonWeekend Thread 1/?)

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at the Friday Night has Seattle's .

If you like droning and standing around with nodding battlejacketed longhair types, the Armory's a spectacular event space in (RIP ).

Doors at 7, opens at 8, tickets ~$30, All ages show!
( 5/?)

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Free live music in for Saturday afternoon 1-6 at (my absolute favorite outdoor space in the entire city), -

'Part block party, part festival, JoyFest is both a community celebration and a call to support the arts! '

( 6/?)

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RESCHEDULED to SUNDAY: More free live music plus vendors etc, in for the Fest in 4-8pm Sunday

( 7/?)

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Instead of lead into gold, how about greenhouse gas into chocolate and jet fuel?

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here in tonight!

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if you can’t see where you are try taking a picture with your camera.

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Using the dryer rather than...just hanging things up is a not-eco-friendly American addiction, and I appreciate a well-built drying rack.

I saw a house in St Johnsbury, with 4x of these wall mounted rotary clothes airers on their porches and thought they were a great idea, and finally found the right search terms today for a source.

These should be everywhere in and - with all our high-density triple deckers.

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Hey what's that turkey doing up there!

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Spent most of the last two days cutting out and interfacing a huge stack of messenger bags. I’m hoping to have these ready for on May 4-5 - I’ll be selling stuff in the Armory and will have lots of tote bags, aprons, and messenger bags for gamers, bicyclists, and nerds of all varieties!

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My union, the Somerville municipal employees association, has been without a contract for 650 days now. And the last time we got a raise was July 2021. We are the people who work at the public libraries, we are the people who clean and maintain the streets, we are the school nurses and the city hall clerks.

If you live in Somerville and have feelings about this, please consider contacting the mayor. The mayor is the one who ultimately decides whether we get a contract or a raise

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You can always tell a woman; you just can't tell her not to steal a musician's fiddle at the Burren

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I love the questions that living in brings up. Questions like, “Are squashed rats compostable?”

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Y'all, there's ~6 days left to get your mail-in-ballot for the March Presidential Primary on

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Also, especially if you live in and you aren't sure that you returned your city census this round, check to make sure you're still registered to vote, here:

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Found just enough snow on Prospect Hill to do a single and surprisingly dangerous ceremonial sled ride on the sled I bought yesterday in anticipation of the storm.

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