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Her er MDGs plan for et grønnere, mer effektivt og tryggere transportsystem for Norge

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A century ago, this photo was taken in Haubstadt, . This town had both a station and service, with a population of less than 700.
Now it has over 1,600 people, but has no service of any kind. The station and several of the buildings in this photo are now gone or empty.
Even major cities with populations in the hundreds of thousands sometimes lack basic service. It's painful how much we've lost.

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À cause de la sécheresse au Panama, le transport maritime mondial au ralenti • FRANCE 24

Le Forum mondial de l'eau aujourd'hui et se tient jusqu'au 25 mai à À cette occasion, nous partons au Panama, et plus précisément au bord de son canal. Cet axe majeur du commerce maritime mondial subit depuis l’année dernière une baisse de ses ressources en eau à cause de la sécheresse qui frappe le pays.


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Awwwwwww... 💜…

Pedal-electric Hopper may be the German "car" you didn't know you wanted.
The rider's pedaling power is augmented by a 250-watt rear hub motor, taking the Hopper up to a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph). The motor is powered by a removable 30-Ah/48V/1,440-Wh lithium-iron-phosphate battery, which is claimed to be good for a range of approximately 65 km (40 miles) per charge. An optional rooftop solar panel should help boost that figure.
In order to minimise maintenance and mechanical complexity, the Hopper utilises an electronic pedal-by-wire system instead of a traditional chain-drive drivetrain.
Such systems work by having the rider spin up a generator as they pedal. Doing so converts their mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is fed into the motor. That motor converts the electrical energy back into mechanical energy, which is used to turn the wheel.

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Chinese EV maker BYD is challenging Tesla to become the top EV seller in the world. But how did it get there and what does its future hold?

On , I spoke to @paologerbaudo to discuss BYD’s success and why the US feels threatened by it.

Full ep:

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We don't need another app to install.

When Grab PH bought motorcycle taxi app Move It, I thought I would become a 1st-time customer of that service. I use Grab, so it already has my info. I wouldn't need to sign up and type all my details. How convenient.

But Move It wasn't integrated into the Grab app. Instead, I would have to download a new app.

Bummer. One fewer customer for the company.

#Apps #Grab #MoveIt #Transport #MotorcycleTaxi #SuperApp

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Attention aux arnaques récurrentes sur de fausses cartes de réductions dans les transports (AFP) :

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New video out today!

The story of Springvale Junction and how it became one of Victoria's most dangerous and complex intersections.

#Melbourne #Transport #UrbanPlanning #Roads #Australia #Urbanism

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Auto Ride is the best way to explore a city, especially during monsoon season when cold wind is blowing in the air ☁️

#nature #monsoon #travel #transport #environment @mastodonindians

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Hank Green and Pete Buttigieg in conversation about transport and other topics.

An excellent 23 minute discussion.

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A huge congratulations to @philipthalis on his well-deserved award.

Philip is undeniably both one of Australia's most respected architects and a tireless advocate for good urban design.

More importantly, he's not afraid to speak up publicly against bad state government planning decisions, as he did with Barangaroo, even when there's a personal cost.


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InDrive to launch in Metro Manila this month. I hope it can compete with Grab, which has a monopoly of the 4-wheel ride hailing market in the PH.

#Philippines #Asian #Filipino #Rappler #Transport #Apps #RideHailing #TootSEA #Grab

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Via #CTV News

Passengers who say they've been mistreated by #Canadian airlines had the national stage today as federal ministers, #airline executives and accessibility advocates gathered for the first-ever #CanadianAirAccessibilitySummit.

“We can’t treat a wheelchair like luggage. It simply isn’t luggage. That is why we are here today,” said #Transport Minister #PabloRodriguez in his opening remarks on Thursday morning.


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Il n'existe aucun recensement exhaustif du nombre de morts au travail en France. Pour combler ce trou statistique et raconter l'histoire des victimes, @humanite_fr s'associe à Matthieu Lépine, auteur de « L'Hécatombe invisible ». ⚒

Depuis le début de l'année, ce dernier a listé 107 morts à partir des seuls articles de la presse locale. 1/

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Tesla has long depended on hype to survive, but as Elon Musk does mass layoffs and bets the company on bad self-driving tech, is its time running out?

On , I spoke to @niedermeyer to discuss why Tesla is failing as a car company.

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So despite climate change, Australia's federal government has just committed an extra $3.25 billion into building a toll road and a 20-lane freeway widening.

For those who wonder why Aussies think toll roads are a scam (, here's a great example of why.

"Pouring an extra $3.25 billion worth of federal funds into Melbourne’s North East Link is a good use of taxpayer money, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has insisted, despite the project’s cost doubling just a few months ago.


"The North East Link – which includes 6½ kilometres of tunnels – will stretch from Bulleen to Greensborough. It will widen the Eastern Freeway by up to 20 lanes.

"Allan revealed in December that the 10-kilometre toll road had more than doubled in cost since it was first announced.

"The toll road was initially budgeted at $10 billion and reassessed in 2019 at $15 billion. But the government revealed last year that the updated cost estimate was $26 billion."


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Belfast Great Victoria Street Station will close permanently at the end of the day on Friday 10 May 2024. Europa Bus Centre will remain operational.
A revised timetable will operate from Saturday 11 May until Sunday 25 August.

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So the RTA's own modelling showed the Rozelle Interchange would be a traffic disaster—but generating more toll road trips for Transurban was more important.

"The [NSW Roads and Traffic Authority] finalised the first business case for the WestConnex tunnel project in June 2013, with the help of road designers from around the world.

"[Paul Forward, a former CEO of the RTA] said the initial concept did not include the Rozelle Interchange.


"In 2014, an expert review group was formed to assess these plans.

"Mr Forward said it was at this point that TfNSW bureaucrats began to question the connectivity provided by the design.

"The RTA's former director of traffic Chris Ford told the inquiry that 15 alternative designs were modelled.

"Mr Ford said the modelling found that another motorway leading to the Anzac Bridge would cause congestion.

"'The issues that we see today were very clearly established in the modelling in 2014,' he said.

"In November 2015, after Mr Forward and Mr Ford were dismissed, TfNSW updated the WestConnex business case to include the tunnel to the Anzac Bridge, despite the congestion concerns raised by the modelling.

"In 2016, Transport for NSW updated the business case a second time ... creating a tunnel linking the Iron Cove Bridge to the Anzac Bridge."


"In 2018, the NSW government sold its 51 per cent stake in the Sydney Motorway Corporation, the body responsible for operating WestConnex, to Transurban for $9 billion.

"Mr Forward said the final design would generate a larger number of toll trips than previous options."

@fuck_cars #roads #cars #urbanism #nswpol #sydney #WestConnex #UrbanPlanning #transport

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EU ICARUS has published a case study on TfWs Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan

📄 >>

Amazing work by my Climate Change Team to be recognised internationally for their work in the climate resilience space. @wales

For access to all case studies:

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"More than anything else, Portsmouth International Port offers a living, breathing argument for public ownership. Not only does it work – it thrives. The port’s cruise and ferry terminal, which opened in 2011, uses thermal energy from seawater to heat and cool the building – using only 20% of the energy one would expect from a traditional system."
Aaron Bastani on how one councillor's vote saved Portsmouth Port from #privatisation.

#Portsmouth #Ports #Transport #Shipping

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#KRITIS Sektor #Transport und #Verkehr

Der „Baltic Jammer“

"Seit Monaten wird die #GPS-#Navigation von #Flugzeuge'n und #Schiffe'n im Ostseeraum massiv gestört. Russland soll dafür verantwortlich sein. Im Fokus steht eine #Militäranlage in Kaliningrad."

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Der von Laptops wird immer geringer und es gibt in vielen Varianten und Bauformen - wäre es inzwischen nicht möglich, einen mit einem auf dem Deckel auszustatten, so daß der immer wieder nachgeladen wird?
Um das Solarmodul beim zu schützen, bräuchte es nur eine zweite, dünne Klappe am Deckel die es bedeckt.Das könnte ich mir auch als für e Laptops vorstellen.

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