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Washington and Bloomington Work With Lime on Mobility

"The Mobility Insights Competition was designed to select two communities to better understand their biking issues, including equity and safety...Bloomington’s application charted a plan to use shared micromobility data to help with the city’s first Safe Streets for All Action Plan."


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Private automobiles are not the future of anything, and it is a gross mis-allocation of funds to waste money on expanding roads.

The communities that were crushed and divided by highways can be repaired, though they will never have the same vibrancy as before, nor will the original displaced inhabitants benefit in any way.

But it's a start.

"...Decades ago, people decided to create the freeways. Now, we must decide if we will continue this path or reverse the damage to repair our communities..."

#Transportation #Highway #Roads #UrbanPlanning #Urbanism #SustainableDevelopment #Sustainability

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Spending money on making Indiana cities nice results in economic boom

"We tested the effects on total employment and on employment in construction, arts/entertainment/recreation, and accommodations/food services. We also compared wages in each of these industries as well as total population, gross domestic product and county home prices.

Across the board, we found positive effects on both overall employment and construction employment."

#UrbanPlanning #HoosierMast

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Seattle finishes first Dutch-style protected intersection. To turn left, cyclists first go straight across, then turn left— unlike typical treatments in the US, cyclists don’t have to mix with cars during left turns.

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Is there a book that would explain how we got from carless cities to dependence on cars under 100 years?


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"Bike-friendly places mean safer streets, vibrant economies, and sustainable cities. 🚲
Read more on how bike-friendly streets benefit cities by Dan Piatkowski.

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Bicycling grew more in Chicago than in any other major American city in the last five years

"According to an analysis sponsored by CDOT, bicycling has grown more in Chicago than in any other major American city in the last five years. The study showed a 119% increase in biking between fall 2019 and spring 2023, marking the largest jump among the country’s 10 largest cities."

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Federal grants don’t always go to the communities that need them most.

Data for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant program shows just that. The grants target low- and moderate-income communities, but a disproportionate share goes to the moderate-income neighborhoods, not the ones suffering the most.

Researchers explain how “return on investment” doesn’t reduce inequality:

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The Duo Who Documented the Birth of NYC’s Subway

For brothers Pierre and Granville Pullis, photographing the sprawling system was intrepid, precise work—not unlike the construction itself - by Jessica Leigh Hester March 6, 2020

"...The...images are technically proficient, but also artistic & tenderly humane. Many of the photographs were bound into reference documents, or as evidence... (it was, after all, an era when construction was staggeringly dangerous and injuries were commonplace).

They were also impeccably timed snapshots of urban life & work. [They] captured signs & businesses & moments of striking symmetry, such as people frozen in mid-stride as they wandered between buildings. “What makes these full of personality [in a way] that other photographs of this type usually [aren’t] is that you can tell [they] ...waited for just the right moment to click the shutter,” says Shapiro..."

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New video out today!

The story of Springvale Junction and how it became one of Victoria's most dangerous and complex intersections.

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I would love to know how this new Purpose-Built Student Accommodation block on New City Road in Glasgow managed to get planning permission as it sticks out like a sore thumb and blots out views across the historic buildings of the West End of the city from the equally historic Speirs Wharf.


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Glasgow's historic buildings, and the views of them, are one of the city's greatest and most unique assets, but the council planning department seems to continually ignore the need to protect them. The issue here is that if we lose them through poor planning decisions, they are often gone forever and we cannot get them back. As such, I would like to see a much more cautious approach to urban planning in Glasgow.


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This is not to say that new buildings should not be built or developed, just that there needs to be a stricter set of rules to ensure they do not have a negative impact of their surroundings, and the city as a whole. If developers are not willing to stick by such rules, so be it, and we should not let the profit at the cost on the city as a whole. In my book a bad development is not better than no development.

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A huge congratulations to @philipthalis on his well-deserved award.

Philip is undeniably both one of Australia's most respected architects and a tireless advocate for good urban design.

More importantly, he's not afraid to speak up publicly against bad state government planning decisions, as he did with Barangaroo, even when there's a personal cost.

@urbanism #Planning #UrbanPlanning #Cities #Urbanism #Buildings #Architecture #Transport #Architect #Walking #Walkability

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So despite climate change, Australia's federal government has just committed an extra $3.25 billion into building a toll road and a 20-lane freeway widening.

For those who wonder why Aussies think toll roads are a scam (, here's a great example of why.

"Pouring an extra $3.25 billion worth of federal funds into Melbourne’s North East Link is a good use of taxpayer money, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has insisted, despite the project’s cost doubling just a few months ago.


"The North East Link – which includes 6½ kilometres of tunnels – will stretch from Bulleen to Greensborough. It will widen the Eastern Freeway by up to 20 lanes.

"Allan revealed in December that the 10-kilometre toll road had more than doubled in cost since it was first announced.

"The toll road was initially budgeted at $10 billion and reassessed in 2019 at $15 billion. But the government revealed last year that the updated cost estimate was $26 billion."


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What animals do city residents prefer in their neighborhoods? Research shows that squirrels and ladybugs are high on the list. Understanding acceptance is essential for and : 🐿️🐞


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Hornsby is the fifth best place to live in Australia, apparently.

At least, according to a study SGS Economics and Planning:

"Sydney's Northern beaches ranks as the highest in the nation for wellbeing, with only one Queensland city making it to the top 10, the annual index revealed today.

"The Australian Capital Territory came in second due to its low gender wage gaps, climate change risks and the division of wealth."

The study assessed 518 local council areas on seven indicators:

  • economy
  • income and wealth
  • employment, knowledge and skills
  • housing
  • health
  • equality, community and work-life balance
  • environment

The top 10 local government areas are:

  1. Northern Beaches (Greater Sydney)

  2. Australian Capital Territory

  3. North Sydney (Greater Sydney)

  4. Ku-ring-gai (Greater Sydney)

  5. Hornsby (Greater Sydney)

  6. Lane Cove (Greater Sydney)

  7. Mosman (Greater Sydney)

  8. Sutherland (Greater Sydney)

  9. Sydney (Greater Sydney)

  10. Brisbane (Greater Brisbane)


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The toll road scam: A government-made monopoly you pay for.

Here's a funny-because-it's-true take on Transurban and the poor tax it imposes, from Punter's Politics:


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Looks like Sydney Trains is going to drop the jargon from its PA announcements.

From the SMH:

"Commuters will soon be told to “get off” the train, rather than “alight”, after Sydney Trains resolved to overhaul its station announcements to favour colloquial language.

"The phrase “this train terminates here” is also being retired, due to concerns the word “terminates” is difficult to understand."


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"It’s tricky to hit the right emotional tone of why bollards matter. Sometimes it seems academic and dry, sometimes [it's] very visceral and raw."

#cities #UrbanPlanning #cars #traffic #bollards

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So the RTA's own modelling showed the Rozelle Interchange would be a traffic disaster—but generating more toll road trips for Transurban was more important.

"The [NSW Roads and Traffic Authority] finalised the first business case for the WestConnex tunnel project in June 2013, with the help of road designers from around the world.

"[Paul Forward, a former CEO of the RTA] said the initial concept did not include the Rozelle Interchange.


"In 2014, an expert review group was formed to assess these plans.

"Mr Forward said it was at this point that TfNSW bureaucrats began to question the connectivity provided by the design.

"The RTA's former director of traffic Chris Ford told the inquiry that 15 alternative designs were modelled.

"Mr Ford said the modelling found that another motorway leading to the Anzac Bridge would cause congestion.

"'The issues that we see today were very clearly established in the modelling in 2014,' he said.

"In November 2015, after Mr Forward and Mr Ford were dismissed, TfNSW updated the WestConnex business case to include the tunnel to the Anzac Bridge, despite the congestion concerns raised by the modelling.

"In 2016, Transport for NSW updated the business case a second time ... creating a tunnel linking the Iron Cove Bridge to the Anzac Bridge."


"In 2018, the NSW government sold its 51 per cent stake in the Sydney Motorway Corporation, the body responsible for operating WestConnex, to Transurban for $9 billion.

"Mr Forward said the final design would generate a larger number of toll trips than previous options."


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