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Fierce Luddite -- in the original sense. I don't take kindly to unsolicited advice-giving and mansplaining. Typos are free of charge and come on a regular basis.

I don’t follow people back who don’t use alt text in their photos. Let’s make this an inclusive space.

#MentalHealth #Cats #Hiking #EdTech #TinyLiving #Disability #TraumaInformed

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DrSuzanne, to random
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Bless all you fellow depression havers. It is not for the weak of heart.

bananamangodog, to disabled
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Can anyone point me in the direction of #disabled persons pursuing self-sufficient lifestyles? The #disability could be mental, physical, or other and the self-sufficiency could be from a #Permaculture, #Prepping or #Sustainability perspective.

Looking for social media accounts, books, blogs, youtube or people doing this kind of thing outside of modern socials that would be happy to have a conversation about it.

@permacultre @mecfs @actuallyautistic

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@actuallyautistic @permacultre @bananamangodog @mecfs I’m not there yet, but this is absolutely my dream. I have a tiny house where I rent the land and the idea is to buy my own land and have a tiny house community where we support each other. I have several friends who are single and without children with mental health disabilities. I hope I can make this happen someday.

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aram, to ai
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What fresh hell


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@aram @academicchatter I didn’t think that how ChatGPT worked. It’s not a search tool. Or do I have this all wrong??

bud_t, to academicchatter
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This is insane! And they say this will make shared governance better lol


Kentucky president proposes to strip faculty body’s power

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@bud_t @academicchatter I worked at a school that did this. They took away our ability to vote. It was such a toxic place to work.

hosford42, to actuallyautistic
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Requirements to put in a job description to discourage or filter out autistic people:

  • Comfortable with ambiguity
  • Strong people skills
  • Good culture fit
  • Multitasking
  • A fast-paced dynamic environment
  • Bachelor's degree or better

I see these things and think you don't want my >30 years of programming and machine learning experience, or my problem-solving skills and comprehensive knowledge that had people mistaking me for one of the team's PhDs, or my solutions that have proven patent-worthy. Your loss.


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@actuallyautistic @hosford42 @neurodivergence Not just filtering out neurodiversity, this filters out me too with my mental health disabilities. I don’t apply for jobs that have fast-paced in the description.

DrSuzanne, to random
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Feeling very much like I’m holding everyone else atm and no one is holding me. I’m exhausted.

ucaccessnow, to disability
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If you have US federal programs or offices you depend on, get your business done before Friday. The fascists in the GOP are wanting to shut down the government again. Which means many federal things you depend on will not be available.

Plan ahead.

https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/23/politics/federal-government-prepares-shutdown/index.html @disability

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@disability @ucaccessnow you mean like applying for disability which already takes two years?

dyani, to actuallyautistic
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Yesterday I had an epiphany: I absolutely identify with PDA.

I hadn't really looked into PDA very deeply, until I came across someone explaining their experience that resonated (v loudly) w me!

This person explained they have big goals and dreams but the thought of actually doing them seems so painful and like the worst possible thing they could do. I feel that way too. It's like PDA poisons my desires.

What does PDA feel like to you?


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@actuallyautistic @dyani I don’t think I’m on the spectrum. I’ve got all sorts of other things going on, but pda is a major obstacle in my life. Mostly it’s about work. I literally quit my salaried research position bc my supervisor wanted me to start recording my hours. I’m a PhD. I’m not going to start clocking in like I did when I was waitressing. It felt like bullying to me. But yeah, I have a hard time keeping a job.

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@actuallyautistic @dyani I can’t do it if it seems unreasonable or like someone is holding power over me. Following order for no reason? Nope can’t do it. And that happens a lot in the employment world.

DrSuzanne, to random
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help! I'm trying to import a data set in R, and there's an error that says "unexpected numeric constant." I know this has something to do with how I formatted the excel sheet, but I don't know how to fix it. Youtube is not helping and actually making me more frustrated.

igalia, (edited ) to random
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Are you looking for a first experience in Open Source in a professional environment? Apply to our Coding Experience (CE) program! All CE positions are paid, remote-friendly, and cover 450 hours of mentored hands-on work. People from groups underrepresented in technology are especially invited to apply. Learn more: https://www.igalia.com/coding-experience/

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@igalia can people outside of the EU apply?

DrSuzanne, to random
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Would be happy to connect with others who have if anyone is out there. 👋🏻

sundogplanets, to random
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I did WAY TOO MANY things last week (including long satellite pollution meeting, helped lead a workshop for the Canadian Astronomical Society, live radio interview, submitting abstracts, organizing and leading a "teaching climate change" workshop, 3 hour lecture/Q&A at local Science Centre, normal teaching/parenting/etc).

Today I stayed on my farm, harvested willows, and made the biggest basked I've made yet, and I feel very good about this very different kind of productivity.

A gloved hand holding a bundle of red osier dogwood shoots that are super bright red, in front of a snowy field.
A bunch of willow shoots (with a few fuzzy pussywillows showing on some) growing in a winter-killed weedy area, with snow and a bright blue sky in the background.

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@sundogplanets that’s so pretty. I can’t believe you made it. I mean, I can believe you made it. I just didn’t know people did such things.

DrSuzanne, to random
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Importantly, NYC wouldn’t have been so segregated if it hadn’t been for Robert Moses.

GeekSusie, to random
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  • DrSuzanne,
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    @GeekSusie This must be the same artist. I saw this in Vienna last summer. I recognized the painting right away when it came up in my feed. :)

    historyofpunkrock, to punk
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    47 years ago today
    Fred Schneider, Cindy Wilson & Kate Pierson of The B-52′s making their worldwide debut at a Valentine’s Day house party in Athens, GA, February 14, 1977.

    Photo by Kelly Bugden

    #punk #punkrock #newwave #womenofpunk #theb52s #history #punkrockhistory

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    @historyofpunkrock wait, how many years ago??

    DrSuzanne, to academia
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    Hi folks. Looking for some help. I think I'm going to stop applying for academic positions after several years with zero interviews. I'm now trying to figure out if I can make the switch to data science. Would anyone be willing to volunteer a half an hour of their time for an informational interview? Any other resources are appreciated as well, or thoughts on leaving . Thanks!

    jaap, to academicchatter
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    Re-post: I would like to ask for your help.

    As part of my dissertation project, I'm aiming to collect a large research sample to help construct a validated measure on Teacher Attitudes towards Multilingualism.

    If you are a teacher (primary, secondary, tertiary education), and you teach multilingual students, could I please ask for 10 minutes of your time?

    The survey is available here:


    Please boost—thank you so much!

    @edutooters @academicchatter

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    @jaap @edutooters @academicchatter About to fill out your survey. If interested, I've got a request for participants pinned to my profile as well. 🙂

    upol, to academia
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    There's probably a special place in hell for academic publishers. Academics, esp in CS, do all the hard labor of typesetting and formatting, but then have to deal with the publisher's BS during cam ready submission.

    The rudeness I've gotten from them is next level.

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    @upol is there a discipline that doesn’t usually have to do their own formatting? Bc I have regrets about my choices if that true.

    anildash, to random
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    On this day in 2007, Prince delivered the greatest Super Bowl halftime show of all time, delivering the most-viewed musical performance in American history. But the deeper personal, artistic and social themes of his performance elevated it to a cultural milestone. Prince skipped his own biggest hits like When Doves Cry & Kiss in favor of covers from artists across various decades and genres. Here’s the story behind that choice. https://www.anildash.com/2021/02/05/how-prince-won-the-super-bowl/

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    @anildash what album do you recommend post 80s that’s not an anthology?

    @DrSuzanne@ohai.social avatar

    @anildash I just listened to a couple of tracks of the acoustic album. It’s really different than his standard stuff that I’m familiar with. Will check out the other too. Thanks! I really didn’t know where to go after the 80s.

    jonny, to random
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    My cat just jumped up on my desk and dropped a 2023 5 Peso coin out of her mouth. She is an indoor cat, and I havent been to Mexico since I was a kid. Should I be scared or just glad she's finally trying to pay her way

    @DrSuzanne@ohai.social avatar

    @jonny no, this didn’t really happen?

    D_J_Nathanson, to random
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    It’s !

    When cops ask you questions, ask for a lawyer and then STFU:

    • I am not discussing how I’m doing or where I’m going.

    • Am I free to leave?

    • I am not answering any questions.

    • If they ask to search anything: "I do not consent to a search."

    • I want to speak to a lawyer.

    Invoking Miranda can't be used to prove guilt.

    But some truly despicable DAs once thought this shouldn't apply to mentally ill people. "Invoking Miranda shows you're sane!"

    I'm not making this up. /1

    A GIF of James Herriot from All Creatures Great & Small saying, "You're a terrible human being."

    @DrSuzanne@ohai.social avatar

    @D_J_Nathanson So this is what I worry about -- and I can only imagine this happening during a traffic stop -- aren't they more likely to harass us if they consider us difficult? I would think there would be a tendency for them to double down on whatever they're already doing. Especially if I'm minding my own business, doesn't it make it worse? Btw, I appreciate your weekly posts. I do make note and try remember all the relevant points.

    koen_hufkens, to Futurology
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    A recent study highlights the decline in disruptive science. I think most of this is due to the intellectual poverty of a mindset of current day .

    It is well documented that poor people suffer from a scarcity mindset, which erodes core cognitive functions. This mindset clouds decisions, prioritizing small short-term gains over long-term larger profits by affecting planning ability. The same applies to creativity.



    @DrSuzanne@ohai.social avatar

    @FantasticalEconomics @Runyan50 @academicchatter @koen_hufkens @benfell I’d be interested to see the economic status of new phd graduates. For those of us who can’t find jobs, it is bleak.

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