janettespeyer, to mastodon

Here it is. A quick video tutorial on how to access your Flipboard.social account on @Flipboard. You’ll be able to flip content into your magazines once you have your account connected.

A video explaining how to link your Mastodon account to Flipboard

johnonolan, to random

Our most-requested feature in the past few years has been to federate Ghost over ActivityPub 🌍

We're thinking about it. It seems like there are many potential ways to do it.

Curious to hear how you would want it to work? 🤔

3 questions, here 👇

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@johnonolan I know you can’t read this yet on but federating a existing service is not that complicated.

The specification allows you to implement things in an incremental way.

I worked in federation of our network.

Federating can’t be that complicated.

TechDesk, to fediverse
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With Meta moving Threads — slowly but surely — into the Fediverse, @quillmatiq wanted to see if the Threads experience could be improved on Mastodon. He says what he discovered "went above and beyond" his expectations.


#Fediverse #Threads #Meta #Mastodon

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Actually, the specific post you're replying to is nothing more than scraping and aggregating content from to re-post under its own imprimatur

Just Another Mastodon Content Aggregator(tm)


cc @TechDesk @quillmatiq

cadusilva, to random Portuguese
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:flipboard: Feeds do Flipboard

Admin de instância, se você quer ver feeds do Flipboard na linha Global da sua comunidade, basta adicionar o relay deles e aguardar a aprovação:

:fediverse: https://flipboard.com/actor/inbox

Uma vez que autorizem (avaliam diariamente), você começará a ver posts com a curadoria do Flipboard aparecerem na linha federada.

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #Flipboard

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Curious what you are seeing in your federation panel.
My self-hosted instance:

admin, to random
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Inspired by a Tim Chambers post (@tchambers), I've enabled the relay between us and Flipboard's Mastodon server (Flipboard.social) so that everything posted there will be available here, in parallel.

This should enhance search results as searches will now include all their content and all their active user accounts.

The information comes from https://flipboard.team/the-kitchen-sink/federating-with-flipboard-com

sidewalksafari, to Travel
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To get planning ideas and stories, the federated Travel Exchange from is a great resource to follow.


salvomic, to fediverse Italian
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janettespeyer, to mastodon

@Flipboard @FlipboardCS how do I flip into my magazines and not bombard everyone with endless posts? I don’t want to be a nuisance.

janettespeyer, to mastodon

Here’s my newly minted link! https://flipboard.com/@JanetteSpeyer _ Wait, do I need to share this? Do we really need all these accounts? Isn’t one enough? Still learning.


@fumio oh nooo! These the last thing I want. I flip into quite a bit and I’ve been federated. What shall I do so I am not bombarding you?? I am so sorry


@mikedev thanks for the encouragement. Your software sounds like something people will need. But today most of us don’t know what we are doing on the Fediverse. Those of use by are learning how to manage our new accounts. Please keep me posted. .

J12t, to random
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“the open source social web (aka the fediverse)”.

Hmm, not sure what to think about that description. I see the appeal but do we want to stretch “open source” all the way to include closed implementations of open protocols?

From a headline in about .


sidewalksafari, to ireland
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How many ways can you spend a day in ? During my 12 years living there, I came up with 25 unique experiences. Check them out in this


Posted into The Travel Exchange @the

Flipboard, (edited ) to mastodon
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Yesterday, we announced our federation of 400 Flipboard curators and curators, so today, we're highlighting just a few you can follow on subjects like food, leadership, basketball, and sustainable food systems.

Allen Westly, technology enthusiast, cybersecurity practitioner, and diversity advocate — @West1118

Brian Fanzo, digital futurist, podcaster and ADHD advocate — @iSocialFanz

Camille Styles, lifestyle writer passionate about plant-based cooking and design and beauty — @CamilleStyles

Christie Vanover, champion pitmaster and creator of Girls Can Grill — @GirlsCanGrill

Daniel Hakimi, style curator and men’s fashion writer — @DanHakimi

Darryl Benjamin, educator and advocate for sustainable food systems — @Kafkaturtle

Janette Speyer, professional marketer passionate about cooking, travel, fashion and connecting the Flipboard community — @JanetteSpeyer

Jennifer Petoff, travel writer and creator of Sidewalk Safari — @sidewalksafari

Jessica Bethel, Los Angeles-based photographer — @4eyedgirl

Ken Yeung, journalist and author of "The AI Economy" newsletter — @thekenyeung

Louisa Moje, pharmacist, fashionista and foodie — @foodpluswords_

Marco Secchi, visual storyteller and photographer — @msecchi

Markus Weber, sustainable agriculture and agtech — @Maakusi

Maurizo Leo, bestselling cookbook author and creator of The Perfect Loaf — @theperfectloaf

Pete Gleason, PhD, professor, psychologist and innovator — @pgleason

Phil McKinney, technologist, author and podcaster — @philmckinney

Scott Kleinberg, OG Flipboarder and proud Apple fanboy — @scottkleinberg

Scott Monty, business leader, executive coach and podcaster — @scottmonty

Tayo Oredola, food writer and creator of Low Carb Africa — @lowcarbafrica

WBB Daily — curator who specializes in women’s basketball, passionate about growing the game — @smrice

Wesley Fryer, STEM educator and media literacy advocate — @wfryer

@mimoqc@writing.exchange avatar

@Flipboard Thank you. I am not a user but I really do appreciate that you connect with the . What interest me are contents by women who give me hope that will one day disappear ;-) Btw I see there is a feminism topic and magazines on Flipboard https://flipboard.com/topic/feminism with 139.9K followers of the hashtag :-) Et j'espère bien pouvoir suivre des comptes Flipboard en français.

janettespeyer, to mastodon

I’m on this list! I am officially federated by @Flipboard. This means that all my blogs, and my #flipboard magazines can be seen all over #mastodon or any #fediverse platform like Threads.
Who cares?
Well, if you are a #publisher, a #journalist or a #blogger and the new Google update is killing you might want to consider getting traffic from other sources. Flipboard and the Fediverse sound like a good option. https://flipboard.medium.com/flipboard-federates-11-000-magazines-by-400-creators-and-enthusiasts-82dd94691f74 #publishing #federation #activitypub

mmccue, to random

Good evening, Tech Threads. Today was a big milestone in our quest to federate and tear down the walls around our own walled garden.


mike, to fediverse
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Today was a huge milestone in our quest to federate and tear down the walls around our own walled garden.

First, we launched a new version of Flipboard for iOS and Android which brings the promise of two way federation to life. Now when a federated Flipboard user curates, people in the fediverse can reply, favorite, boost or follow those Flipboard users who will in turn see that activity in their usual notifications tab. Even better, Flipboard users can directly reply to people in the fediverse -- and very soon they will also be able to follow each other.

Second, we federated some of our best curators today who are actively curating more than 10,000 magazines about everything from climate change to kale smoothie recipes. I'm grateful to our many curators and the service they provide to so many others who want to find the best content about a shared interest. I know our curators are excited to have millions more people who could potentially benefit from their curation. I also know that people in the fediverse will give a warm welcome to these curators. Especially now that everyone can hear and talk to each other over what was once two totally separate networks but now increasingly are in one and the same .

@zdl@mastodon.online avatar

@mike Before too many in the Fediverse jump onto the bandwagon you might want to take a look at the summary of their terms of service: https://tosdr.org/en/service/3534

Chief problems for me are the fact they gather and store data of non-users, they gather location data, they sell that to third-parties for reasons not related to their service, they buy data about you from third-parties, they force binding arbitration, they limit liability to ludicrous levels.

Your mileage may vary, of course.

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@mike It’s been years since I used . I think I should take a look at it again.

JanetteSpeyer, to random
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JanetteSpeyer, to random
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Check out this by @smrice


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JanetteSpeyer, to Recipes
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Here’s a magazine dedicated to my son who hopefully might someday find joy in cooking. #Flipboard #Recipes #Cooking #Food


Posted into 🫶 The Culinary Journey: The best trending recipes @the

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Flipboard, (edited ) to fediverse
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In December, we started to federate the accounts of some Flipboard publishers and in February, we introduced Magazines to the fediverse. Now, we’re taking two important steps: federating the accounts of 400 creators and expert curators; and enabling two-way communication so that new followers and fediverse activity are visible and actionable in the Flipboard app.

To learn more about this, take a look at our blogpost:


Find all the handles of our newly federated curators here:


Thanks so much to everyone who has given feedback on what we’ve done so far. We welcome your thoughts and comments as we continue on our journey to fully federate Flipboard.

@ScottStarkey@hoosier.social avatar

@Flipboard Thank you for this! This makes me want to follow a bunch of people here and on FB (, not the bad "FB").

I'm glad you can see the value in the , rather than other technologies (cough cough) which are on a dumb bubble trajectory. The Fediverse is where the real next wave will be.

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