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Indigenous affairs reporter, High Country News
They/them | Chahta Okla ⚫ ⚪ 🟡 🔴
Chinook lands, U.S. Pacific Northwest

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Toastie, to climate
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Last week, a group of Wenatchi-P’squosa people gathered on Badger Mountain to demonstrate against the solar development that’s under proposal there.

It threatens Indigenous foodways and other cultural resources. Families have gathered heirloom organic root vegetables on the mountain for countless generations. “It’s a mother. It’s a grandmother. It’s part of our family,” one of the organizers said.


Toastie, (edited )
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The demonstration was not officially sanctioned by the tribe, but tribal leaders showed up anyway. “This is still our land,” one tribal councilmember said. “We’re sharing it with those that currently occupy the land, but it’s our land.”

Demonstrators called Badger Mountain a rare botanical garden, and said solar should be built instead on fallowed farmlands, corporate rooftops, over parking lots, etc.

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Organizers were emphatic that they are not against green energy. But they say this isn't the right way to do it.

HCN's and ProPublica's previous investigation into the Badger Mountain solar project revealed gaps in the state permitting process that benefit corporations and disadvantage tribes, as well as bullying behavior on the part of developers.


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Last week's demonstration was the first time people have organized against the solar development. It was a peaceful gathering of a few dozen people on a calm, foggy morning.

The state was supposed to conduct technical work on the mountain that day, but rescheduled. “They’re afraid of us,” shouted someone in the crowd, to a ripple of applause and war whoops.

Organizers said their next step is to take their presence to Olympia, to make it harder for the state to keep ignoring them.

giantspecks, to movies
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🏆 Kudos New Yorker for that optional hyphen, to preemptively correct the insane persons who want to rhyme "biopic" with "myopic"

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@giantspecks I am here to defend biopic rhyming with myopic 🛎️ 🥊 👣

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@giantspecks Fine fine if you won't argue with me I'll have to state my case flatly: Bio-pic sounds clinical. Biopic sounds like a biography!

Toastie, to random
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The federal bureau that used to steal, beat, torture, assimilate and kill Native children is called the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

It still exists. If you're a tribal citizen, you have a probably have a BIA card. The bureau used to be part of the Dept. of War. It's now part of the Dept. of the Interior.

Does a bureau like this have a future?

Some leaders want to see it change and adapt. Some want a full reset.


sarahc, to worldwithoutus
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Over the past decade or so, researchers have found genetic evidence for contact between people in eastern Polynesia and those in coastal Peru and Colombia. Now archeologists studying the oldest settlement on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) have found physical evidence that islanders traveled to South America at least once and returned with food crops not known in Polynesia.


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@sarahc I love thinking of someone on Rapa Nui chopping ginger with their obsidian knife. Happy, back from their adventure at sea, cooking some good food with kin. 🥰

Toastie, to random
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ME: [is late for meeting]

ZOOM: Hi. Would you like to log in to go to this meeting? You have to log in.

ZOOM: I don’t have your password. Don’t YOU have your password?

ZOOM: I’ll be honest, I forget how to log you in.


ME: Oh jesus.

GOOGLE: I can help log you in. C’mon over here.

GOOGLE: Oops, looks like you’re logged out here too.

ME: But I was just using Gdocs in another tab—

GOOGLE: I said you’re logged out now.

🧵 1/3

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GOOGLE: So. Who are you again? You’re Deadname, right? We always lead with the deadname account.

GOOGLE: No? Different account? Okay. Give me a minute. Gotta think this over.

GOOGLE: Okay! Then you’ll just need

GOOGLE: The Password


ME: [silently crying]

BITWARDEN: Nah, welp, yeah we have the google pass, but only for your deadname account. Looks like you have to log into that one to recover the other one. I can get you started on that.

🧵 2/3

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GOOGLE: By the way, we have a new sign in page! Allow me to give you a quick tour.

ME: Opt out.

GOOGLE: Of your new experience.

ME: No! Opt out please!!

GOOGLE: There is no opting out. Here is the grand foyer.

ME: [disappears into darkness, wondering what is happening at the meeting, and if anyone will come looking for me]


🧵 3/3

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Director's cut ending:

[later, at the meeting]

BOSS: Hi, welcome!

ME: [in cold sweats, pretending I haven't just borne witness to a godless, lightless place of ultimate human cynicism] Hi.

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@tezoatlipoca I'm glad it's not just me, honestly.

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@stevegis_ssg Can we close Pandora's box?

Or like put it in a basement somewhere in a fleshbound tome for future teens to dust off at their peril?

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@mizblueprint It's like they're trying to be this way.

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@shaknais @tezoatlipoca I want to log in with a unique limerick that can only be told in my voice.

kzodasnowman, to random
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Passive voice suckkkkkkks. Good thread on good faith!

From: @Toastie

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@kzodasnowman In fairness (and to my chagrin) my correction was in PV too 😅

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@kzodasnowman Active voice would be "Americans took 90% of the Yurok Tribe's territory..." but that makes Americans the subject instead of the Yurok Tribe.

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@kzodasnowman I think "The Yurok Tribe, 90% of whose land Americans stole during the gold rush..." would be the solution that's active voice and names the perp AND keeps the Yurok Tribe as the subject.

Kinda cumbersome tho? 🥴 Or maybe less cumbersome than my correction. 🤔

Toastie, to california
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Good news, everyone! The Yurok Tribe will now co-manage 125 acres of Redwood forest, a gateway to the state/national park, along with the National Park Service.

The tribal nation signed a memorandum of understanding Tuesday with Redwood national and state parks and the non-profit Save the Redwoods League.


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These "traditional" "mystical" "beliefs" (like orcas being human relatives, or redwoods being living beings) are actually the result of generations of sophisticated science.

But to present it that way would mean that (GASP) Indigenous people arrived at these scientific conclusions long before Europeans and European Americans did.

This would severely challenge assumptions underlying white supremacy. Therefore, Indigenous scientific knowledge must be presented as TRADITIONAL MYSTICAL BELIEFS.

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@toolbear Thank you!

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@hydropsyche I hope we can get Nanih Waiya back 😑

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@jenniferplusplus Nice. Although it's not being returned. 😕 Just co-managed.

seachanger, to random
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tfw you are on the M/V Kennicott ⛴️


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@seachanger @rejinl I would like to take naps on a boat for 2-4 days please yes please.

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