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wackyIdeas, to random

https://gofund.me/ca4d1e00. It’s sad that in the us, we have to beg to pay for healthcare.

dancinyogi, to random
@dancinyogi@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

Alzheimer’s rage is really unnerving. It’s jarring to call someone and have to listen to ranting and raving about how awful you are and screaming at you for what you’ve done to them. You know rationally it’s not them ranting but at the same time it’s so jarring you end up shaking. First time I’ve experienced that. I hear it gets worse, so I suppose I should get used to it.


@dancinyogi My mother developed Alzheimer’s and for her, a paranoid angry person, it was a somewhat positive thing. She forgot to be angry and forgot to be scared. She died a happy-go-lucky person.

gwensnyder, to random
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This asshole's pettiness truly knows no bounds



@gwensnyder Musk thinks he’s smart because he inherited wealth.

realTuckFrumper, to random
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'Eaten alive': Legal analyst predicts why 'Donald Trump is not going to get on the stand' https://www.alternet.org/eaten-alive-legal-analyst-trump/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

edgeoforever, to random
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'Cognitively Impaired' Biden Will Lead Us Into 'World War 2', Warns Trump in Gaffe-Heavy Speech https://www.mediaite.com/politics/cognitively-impaired-biden-will-lead-us-into-world-war-2-warns-trump-in-gaffe-heavy-speech/?utm_source=mediaite_smartnews_redirect he aced the dementia test, so….🤷‍♀️


@edgeoforever @JenWojcik the possibility of tRump returning to office makes me extra glad to have a second citizenship.

wdlindsy, to random
@wdlindsy@toad.social avatar

"She insisted that she was not vaping at the event. The whole pregnant woman story was false.

Then last night local news produced a video which not only showed Boebert clearly vaping — sure enough there’s also a visibly pregnant woman sitting behind Boebert. The video actually includes the moment when the pregnant woman leans forward and asks Boebert something."

~ Josh Marshall




@wdlindsy she’s a and an embarrassment to every sane citizen of the US.

gratefuldread, to news
@gratefuldread@gratefuldread.masto.host avatar

Jack Smith just stepped in to stop Trump from 'corroding' trial's fairness: expert https://www.rawstory.com/smith-trump-corrode-justice/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon


@gratefuldread Maybe put him in a Federal Detention Center until his trial? That’s what they are for.

realTuckFrumper, to random
@realTuckFrumper@mastodon.social avatar

Marjorie Taylor Greene announces plan to ensure Dems 'lose big' on impeachment https://www.rawstory.com/mtg-dems-lose-big/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon


@realTuckFrumper @Npars01 in a just world, one day she will ….

BethGMS, to internet
@BethGMS@newsie.social avatar

I'm curious what percentage of posts on new platforms are just about hating on all the others. It seems to be significant.


@BethGMS Easy to filter out those people.

Incognitim, to random

As if anyone needed a reason to dislike even more. What an entitled piece of sh!t he's turned out to be. I'm betting that in a year he'll be hosting a talk show on fox, since no self-respecting will ever work for his stale, cry-baby ass again.

heathen, to random

Working in a new location tomorrow and the quest remains the same...will they have somewhere nearby that would allow for a lunch break skate session...


@heathen The Library of Congress used to employ skaters to collect the library cards orders.

anjunasainath, to random

Horses have a timeless appeal. So does the black and white color scheme. I combined both in this monochromatic watercolor piece, where I aimed to portray the power and elegance of this animal.

Prints and merchandise available for sale on:
FAA ➡️ https://anjuna-sainath.pixels.com/featured/horse-symbol-of-strength-and-sensitivity-anjuna-sainath.html
Redbubble ➡️ https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/150818738

Radical_EgoCom, to random

America's reputation was ruined before 9/11


@Radical_EgoCom long before

Fayedray, to random

One of my sisters took me into a bathroom when I was 5 and pointed at my naked body and called me pot bellied. She was 17 years old.

She got worse after that.


@Fayedray and today?


@Fayedray and today?


@Fayedray Sorry. Confusion between threads.

WorkingFamilies, to random
@WorkingFamilies@mastodon.social avatar

Every job should pay enough to afford and have time for life outside of work.


@WorkingFamilies @shades 4 hours a day is more than enough for hunting and gathering.

dancinyogi, to random
@dancinyogi@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

Well now I’m watching the Giants/Cowboys. I wouldn’t normally care who the heck wins until it actually matters later in the season. But I suppose since I’m dating a Giants fan and he just rooted for my Eagles…. I will begrudgingly half heartedly kind of sort of root for the Giants.


@dancinyogi So glad I didn’t inherit the .

Scorpiosoul9, to random
@Scorpiosoul9@mstdn.social avatar

Tomorrow's lunch is colorful...just missing some blue 😜


@Scorpiosoul9 Add a little sweet with blue plums (in season), or blueberries (not in season).

noondlyt, to random
@noondlyt@mastodon.social avatar

Just a reminder

"Trump losing his bid for re-election, he became the first defeated incumbent president to have overseen his party lose the presidency and control of both the House and the Senate since Herbert Hoover in 1932."

He will never be President again.


@noondlyt We have a lot of work to do getting out the vote for Biden/Harris and progressive candidates downstream.

heathen, to random

Today I drove by a house that had a big sign on their front porch that said PORCH and I have questions*. Did you need to further assert that your porch was indeed a porch? Was it not porch-y enough without it? Was this an impulse buy or did the homeowner set out like "You know what we need? A sign that declares PORCH." Does the homeowner get out there and forget what part of the house they are currently occupying? Hey, I've been spending time in nursing homes, I get it. Sometimes we need a reminder.

*I do not actually care what signs people want to put on their porches, I just have long drives and get to ruminate over these things.


@heathen And the weekend before last, in the US, it was “play music on your porch” day. For me that is almost every day.

zzclaybourne, to random
@zzclaybourne@wandering.shop avatar

Power against the fuckery.
Create for you.


@zzclaybourne @eilonwy If there is a near you, consider joking it. I’d there isn’t one, be the instigator and start one.

BPStuart, to mtg
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“I demand to know who this guy is; this, this ‘Rico,’ who Fani Willis is sending after President Trump? Is he even a citizen? What’s Rico’s last name, Ms. Willis?! Come out, Rico, you lily-livered coward. Show your face!”
~ Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)

*This is satire. For now.


@BPStuart Are eyes that close together a sign of anything?


@heathen know multiple people in who are bailing for other states, and people all over then#USA who are headed to other countries. Sadly, this will make it more difficult to run the out through the ballot box.


@heathen Yup. People need to do what’s right for themselves.

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