Los Angeles


Concrete plant on the way to the supermarket. Los Angeles is an interesting mix of industrial and residential and commercial. #LosAngeles #ILoveLA

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Los Angeles traffic today (as we approach rush hour). #LosAngeles #traffic

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@ai6yr is this typical? i dont understand how people do this.

for like 20 years i cycled to work, which took me ~8 to ~22 minutes, depending on the year/job/house/apt

after moving to chicago, i gave up working FT bc i hated commuting so much (45m each way on a bike -or- 25m by train+15 by bike)

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@rustoleumlove Yes, extremely typical....

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Last night, I got turned around in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

You know those scenes in movies where the director emphasizes alienness by showing an area with no English words and non-English music?

Yeah. It looked like that for a moment. But the feeling of alienness rather quickly gets spoiled when the music in alien languages is... K-pop boy bands. And, even if you can't read the signs, you can smell delicious, spicy meat being grilled and rich broths simmering in the restaurants.

In short, not alien at all.

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"We Got the Beat" is a song by the American band , written by the group's lead guitarist and keyboardist . The band first recorded the song in 1980 for a single on UK-based , and later rerecorded it for their debut album on . The initial single release brought the Go-Go's underground credibility during their first UK tour and in the band's hometown of .

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@br00t4c I am convinced RFK JR is just Dump in a disguise

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Robbers made off with potentially tens of millions of dollars in cash in what is believed to be the largest heist in Los Angeles history. The brazen theft took place on Easter Sunday, and the FBI is working with the Los Angeles police to investigate what appeared to be a sophisticated operation. Officials say there are no suspects at this point, but they believe the burglary would have required a group of people. Read more from ABC News.


#Crime #Robbery #Heist #LosAngeles

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@NewsDesk Roof jobs are almost never inside jobs.

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CelloMomOnCars, (edited )
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Investing in climate resilience:

"A first-of-its-kind report has estimated that County must invest billions of dollars through 2040 to protect residents from worsening hazards, including extreme heat, increasing precipitation, worsening wildfires, rising sea levels and climate-induced public health threats.

These numbers don't include the costs of recovering from disasters."
(But resilience building lowers recovery costs).


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Apparently, we're not over with the rain for SoCal yet...

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Also, watch out for jet-assisted rocks. On the more serious side, that kind of a temperature drop is going to throw off bloom cycles in fruit trees and catch some bee swarms unawares (too cold for them to survive unless they are large swarms!).

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wow. #covid #wastewater levels continue to be low and dropping in the #LosAngeles Hyperion plant.

16 now! vs the last peak of 500 in late december/early jan.

No detection of RSV or either influenza A or B. HMPV really low.

Rotavirus, Norovirus, and parainfluenza are the most prevalent tested for pathogens.

Full link: https://data.wastewaterscan.org/?plantId=b9c02d34-77bf-4cd7-ac04-e0a5f832c05e&charts=CjIQACABSABaBk4gR2VuZXIKMjAyNC0wMi0xOXIKMjAyNC0wNC0wMYoBBmNiY2QyZcABAQ%3D%3D&selectedChartId=cbcd2e&locationExpanded=true&selectedLocation=%7B%22level%22%3A%22plant%22,%22value%22%3A%22b9c02d34-77bf-4cd7-ac04-e0a5f832c05e%22,%22label%22%3A%22Los%20Angeles,%20CA%22%7D

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To the best of my knowledge this is the lowest detected viral level since testing began during the pandemic - by 1/2.

Only 2 years of data is available from this portal, but the lowest detection during that time was 37 last summer.

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Whew, going to the airport extremely early just paid off. I'd be right there if I had gone on the original, requested schedule. Appears a semi ran over at least one sedan... 3-4 vehicles (or more) involved. SIGALERT. I-405 North, Getty Center Drive.

Stand still traffic reported on the 405 North
Mar 30 2024 9:46PM [54] Tow Request Cancelled: 1250500 [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:42PM [53] TMC COPIES SIGALERT - 1039 MEDIA [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:35PM [46] 79-62 START SIG ALERT FOR 30 MINS ALL LNS EXCEPT HOV [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:18PM [42] [Rotation Request Comment] 1039 ALL CITY TOW (XXX) XXX-XXXX ETA 20 MINS W/ 2ND FB [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:16PM [40] [Rotation Request Comment] 1021 TIP TOW NO FB AVAIL [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:15PM [39] 1021 ALL CITY TOW CPY 1022 HD // CONT FB [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:14PM [37] 79-62 ROLL ADDL FB [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:08PM [28] [Rotation Request Comment] ALL CITY TOW (XXX) XXX-XXXX ETA (XXX) XXX-XXXX ETA 40 MIN HD [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:08PM [27] C79-062 ALL LNS STOPPED [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:06PM [26] [Notification] [CHP]-PER WIT 1 MILE PRIOR TO TC WAS RED VEH WAS HI SPD USING CD AND I/O LNS = WRECKLESS [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:05PM [25] RP ADV SEMI RAN OVER SDN // PTY IN SDN NEG INJS [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:05PM [24] [Rotation Request Comment] ALL CITY TOW (XXX) XXX-XXXX ETA 20 MIN W/ FB [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:04PM [23] PTY ADV NEG INJS [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:04PM [21] PTY ADV INVLD IN SEMI POSS HBD [Shared] Mar 30 2024 9:02PM [33] [Appended, 21:12:20] [3] RP ADVS THERES NO SEMI INVLD IN HIS ACCIDENT / POSS 20001 Mar 30 2024 9:01PM [10] CORR LINE7 -

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Shame on you, for making a "town hall to hear from the local community about the state of in Los Angeles" in-person only:

"The town hall meeting is open to all members of the public. The Access Board invites in-person comments on accessibility. Registrants who wish to make in-person comments must indicate their request to speak when emailing events@access-board.gov. Please note that this is an in-person only event"

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@inquiline By in-person, they mean all are masked and they have great air filtration?

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@inquiline I hope the first person to speak calls that right out

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Not even bothering with stealth maneuvers, fuck it

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Things are smokin' at a cannabis shop.

But not the kind of smoke I think people were hoping for.

18+ sethlombardy,
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@ai6yr Los Feliz is nice. Wonderful little shire of Hollywood.

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@sethlombardy I've only driven through avoiding freeway traffic or something or other, but I have heard the same before. There's a lot of LA neighborhoods I have never set foot in! LA is so divided by the freeways....

AmiW, German
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⚪ Ein rasantes... Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 A fast-paced... Favorite photo.🚲
📷 by Artist: / in Loc.: CA USA 🇺🇸 - Title: untitled - ➡️

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@ePD5qRxX @Oskar 👍🏻🙏🏻 Thanks

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South of Los Angeles off the Santa Ana Freeway around holiday season, 1994, with gas at the Shell station selling for $1.30 a gallon. Sharp eyed observers will note arrows pointing to either “full serve,” where someone actually pumped your gas for you, or what we all have now - self serve. It was also a time when you had to pay in advance - they weren’t yet set up for debit cards.

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“I’m a constituent of Adam Schiff – I live in #Glendale – and essentially I just want him to represent what I believe, which is that the Israeli occupation of Palestine is killing tens of thousands of people and the US taxpayer shouldn’t have to be paying for those weapons that are killing people in #Gaza,” Seth Reid, a volunteer with #IfNotNow LA and one of the protesters who was arrested.



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Hollywood Blvd. is getting an overhaul, including one mile of bus lanes and over two miles of protected bike lanes. I can't wait. Buses from every direction start and finish their routes on Hollywood Blvd.

L.A. City Announces Hollywood Boulevard Bus/Walk/Bike Upgrades


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@danwentzel bikes and buses aren't natural bedfellows what with their completely different sizes and needs...what's that about?

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@jedsetter Unfortunately, transit and cycling advocates are too often pitted against each other for scarce road space.

Instead of removing more auto lanes or parking spaces, the politically easier route is to make a bus/bike combination lane instead.

It's not my favorite design by any means, but a bus-lane is absolutely essential for that one-mile stretch.

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There’s always a palm tree: In Palisades Park, Santa Monica, 1994.

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