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Lead Engineer @EliasSports, used to live at https://twitter.com/jasonnovinger

I also serve as a mod for the @python and @django communities on the Programming.Dev lemmy instance.

Aspires to own a thundercougarfalconbird. Asks relevant frontend questions. The Guidry once said I had a good idea.

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mariatta, to random
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Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I'm wondering if people end their inline code comments (in english language) with period, or without period?

For example:

Assert that the data didn't change


Assert that the data didn't change.

I normally don't end my inline comments with period, but wondering if I should start doing it 😓

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@tyrel @mariatta , I do exactly the same thing.

greg, to random
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Fuck. Emergency Vet - having a bad feeling about this one. Hoping I'm wrong.

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@greg been there, man. Hoping for the best for you and your buddy.

pkw, to random
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What's the function to map over a hash-table?

hashmap ... nope
hash-map ... nope
map-hash ... nope
maphash ... 😋

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@ksaj apologies for coming in out of left field, especially since I'm not a Lispophile.

You might be interested in Hylang, a Lisp dialect embedded in Python that "compiles" its Lisp syntax in to a Python AST.


Disclaimer: I've never used Hy, have just heard of it.

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@ksaj that said, I also have no idea how well it would work the Python available on microcontrollers.

cbbruce1979, to WhiteSox

Tough day for me as a fan as the Detroit Tigers have signed announcer Jason Benetti to a multi-year contract. Jason is a great announcer and I am going to miss him. Don't know who they replace him with yet. I was hoping for Len Kasper but apparently he will stay on the Sox radio team. fans, get ready, you are in for an absolute treat

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@cbbruce1979 oh man, that's awful. I grew up listening to Steve Stone on Cubs broadcasts.

Listening to Jason Benetti and Steve Stone on White Sox games the last few years has been an absolute treat.

austinphilp, to random
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Just finished Mickey7 and I have to say it might be my favorite SciFi read of the year so far. The concepts are somewhat familiar, but combined in a fresh and engaging way, and written so that you're always kept right on the edge of your seat.

Excited for the movie that's coming out next year as well, as it seemed like the type of book that would translate very well to the screen!

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@austinphilp oh hey, I read that too!

It's actually the first novel I had read in quite a while.


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@austinphilp yep, I read the sequel shortly after. Thanks!

amaditalks, to random
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Today is the final day to submit a public comment to the so that they keep tracking for and other viruses. With almost all other COVID metrics disappeared, this is our last tool for understanding how sickness is spreading in our communities. A single supporting sentence is sufficient.

Please submit using this link: https://www.regulations.gov/document/CDC-2023-0055-0001?mibextid=Zxz2cZ

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@amaditalks @ricardoharvin

Done! Thanks for boosting this.

quux, to LEGO

Two more bags. But not tonight.

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my wife and I loved doing that set. I'm tempted to take it apart just so I can put it back together.

grmpyprogrammer, (edited ) to random
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Not a great one — I could’ve sworn some older players played for combos of teams I got wrong 🤷‍♂️

⚾️ Immaculate Grid 122 6/9:
Rarity: 406
Play at:

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Oof, was not a good day for me.

⚾️ Immaculate Grid 122 6/9:
Rarity: 392

pythonwebconf, to python

🐍🎥 80 VIDEOS from Python Web Conf 2023 () are now available on YouTube! Rewatch your favorite talks, tutorials & socials; learn a new tool; inspire others to use .

👉 WATCH: https://t.co/ymjrWrGabf


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@pythonwebconf that's https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt4L3V8wVnF4GJb8dekLGTNx44FNIFwdv that doesn't want to click on the Twitter tracking link. The YouTube tracking link on the other hand ...

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@pythonwebconf j/k the videos have to be hosted somewhere and YT makes sense

webology, to random
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🤔 "Lower-Than-Expected" - Let's break this down....

Those of us who used to really like going to the movie theatre would rather watch from the comfort of our homes.

Movie theatres are expensive, loud, and gross, and have a certain amount of anxiety associated with waiting in lines, getting not-amazing seats, or over-paying for seats, then waiting and overpaying for non-amazing snacks or food.

So ya, I'm team streaming from home.


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@fallenhitokiri @webology I didn't even realize GG3 was out yet, because I hadn't seen it pop up in Disney+. 🤦‍♂️

adhdeanasl, to random
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Y’all, Jen called me. Our pup, Summer, is REALLY, REALLY sick. I’m stuck at a camp, so Jen’s taking her to the vet now. Any good energy/vibes/prayers are appreciated. Yeah, she’s “just a dog,” but she’s family.

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@adhdeanasl that sucks, I'm so sorry. We lost Lyra earlier this year and it still hurts.

mellow, to nonbinary

Hellos, new instance! :blobcatlgbt:

I’m a and person in my late 30s who enjoys , and , , , , and reading novels.

I live with my amazing partner in California, USA. We have a pup named Teddy and three kitties named Cody, Rikku, and Yuna. :heart_eyes:

I’m hopeful that the movement will bring back some of the community the web once had.

Also, billionaires can fuck off.

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@mellow welcome, glad you're here!

techtrav, to python

calling all people - is there a replacement for /r/python since that subreddit is still down for api protests?

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I've been working to get https://programming.dev/c/python going!

oliverandrich, to django
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I still have this idea in my mind, to serve every user of a application from his personal private database which is completely separated from the databases of the other users. But I also have no idea, if I can make the database router to do its magic based on the user of a request… May be a nice research project.

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@oliverandrich @birnim that link almost mentions it, but I imagine this could also be an interesting way to offer data export to users.

jnovinger, to random
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Our daughter and her family came over for the Fourth, including Cupcake.

Cupcake (puppy) wrestling with the grass
More Cupcake (puppy)

felixxm, to django
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Managers vs. QuerySets 🥊 Check out my next article on Organizing Database Queries in ✍️ 📢 🧹


@jnovinger@mastodon.social avatar

@felixxm posted this over on programming.dev/c/django. I'm sure you're busy, but if you have some time in the next few days to pop by and answer any questions, it would be much appreciated!


simon, to random
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TIL there are dozens of neat little command-line tools hidden away in the Python standard library, available to run on any machine that has a Python installation https://til.simonwillison.net/python/stdlib-cli-tools

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@simon I saw tabnanny and, as a browser tab addict, I had to know more.

Turns out it's a tabs vs spaces indent specific linter. Still cool though!


jacob, to random
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Any tips for fixing Django migrations when you remove 3rd party dependency?

You can remove the field from the model and migrate fine, but if you ever uninstall the dependency, migrations will start to fail because the older migrations still reference the dependency, so you get ImportErrors.

One of @webology's suggestions was to edit the migrations to be TextFields, which'll work in my case b/c my field is a TextField subclass, but that's not exactly generalizable (or elegant). Other ideas?

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@frank @jacob @webology this is how I've handled it in the past as well. I vaguely remember trying @sebleier 's approach of squashing migrations in the past, but honestly can't remember how it worked out.

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Also, am I just missing it or is there no way to simultaneously boost a post and add my own text to it on ?

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@Sophokles I started to answer this and then realized I wasn't really sure of the definition.

According to https://mastodon.help/#UsingMastodon, it's basically just a retweet in Twitter terms. That's what I would have guessed, but good to know for certain.

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@Sophokles @brunofin , to answer my own question ... boosts without extra comments are a thing for good reasons.


lorenhall, to art
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@lorenhall hello and welcome!

I love the piece, it reminds me of continental drift on some crazy volcanic world.

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