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Engineer, Pilot, Sailor, Musician, Veteran (AirForce and CoastGuard-air/sea rescue) Ret. Priest/missionary Also Please see : GoFundMe.com/f/good-Sam-project 💙🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🎷

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slcw, to random
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If #Trump is allowed back in the #WhiteHouse, he and his team of pariahs and lunatics are planning to devalue the Dollar in some insane and misguided effort to boost American exports. But the move would send the US #inflation rate through the roof, and destabilize the #globalEconomy. It's a plan supported by #PeterNavarro, so you know it's the exact wrong thing to do. Please consider the damage a Trump presidency would do, and commit to #VoteBlue.



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@slcw In Nov. it's the MORONS in Amer. against sanity, common sence, compassion and allegiance to the Constitution !!!! VOTE BLUE AMER. !!!!!

spocko, to random
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My friends say:
"Too much info is already out there abt jurors.
Someone will be visiting a juror or 6.
With a big bag o’ money. And a drill."

I don't think THE MEDIA OR THE court system gets just how dangerous Trump's followers are.
Trump intimidated a jury member in court.
The MAGAts will find them & intimidation them FOR Trump OUTSIDE the court.

MAGA WILL THREATEN liberal jurors, not MAGA jurors. (COMPARE threats to Judge Engoron vs THREATS to Judge Cannon)

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@spocko Hang that rotten, narcissistic, greedy moron from the highest tree !!! And let supporters of this idiot watch it on CNN !!!

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@Snowshadow @spocko BLAH BLAH BLAH ..... Jail the LYING PEICE OF SHIT MORON !!! I'm tired of hearing about him and people posting his picture here !!!

Ruthie, to random
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Republicans want us to believe we "can't afford" Social Security, Medicare, housing, education, paid leave, or lower drug prices. But we can afford all that and more if we just make the billionaires and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.

Tax the rich.

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@Ruthie 👍👍👍👍👍👍

waldoj, to random
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I'm trying to pay my Virginia income taxes online, and they have disabled paste in any field of consequence. Paste in a password? Nope. Your bank's routing number? You're gonna have to hand-key that. Your bank account number? You better believe you're typing that in.

If you wanted to force people to create crappy passwords and cause them to accidentally siphon money out of strangers' bank accounts, this is how you'd do it. And somebody went to extra effort to make it be like this!

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@waldoj But it's for YOUR security. 😉

lovelylovely, to random
@lovelylovely@masto.ai avatar

WOW.. The United States is booming economically Under #PresidentBiden.

PS; push back on the lies form the GOP Nazis be cause America is in good shape. :clapping: :clapping:


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@lovelylovely And Americas Healthcare system is DEATHcare. If you don't have your health ..... you have NOTHING !!!

AmishSuperModel, to random
@AmishSuperModel@mastodon.social avatar

When the judge doesn’t grant your request for an Adderall recess…

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@AmishSuperModel 🖕🏻trump !!!

elaterite, (edited ) to boulder
@elaterite@fosstodon.org avatar

National Park Service needs help identifying public land vandals at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. If you can help ID these clowns please contact the Park at 702-293-8990. #Nevada #LasVegas #LakeMead #HooverDam #Boulder #Desert #Hiking #Outdoors #Camping #Boat #Boating https://www.npr.org/2024/04/16/1245062311/lake-mead-rock-formations-destroyed

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@elaterite Terrible pictures. So what did they do ?

rightardia, to random
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Trump thought Ukraine ‘must be part of Russia’ during presidency, book says | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Fiona Hill: Donald Trump “made it very clear” that he thought Ukraine “must be part of Russia.

'He really could not get his head around the idea that Ukraine was an independent state.”


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@rightardia Its NOT news to the smarter Americans thaf trump is a MORON !!!

gratefuldread, to random
@gratefuldread@gratefuldread.masto.host avatar

'I don’t think you’re fit for this job': GA senator gives USPS chief DeJoy an ultimatum https://www.alternet.org/ga-senator-dejoy/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon via Alternet.org

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@gratefuldread FIRE DEJOY !!! He was NEVER qualfied to run the USPS !!!

shoq, to random
@shoq@mastodon.social avatar

As I said a year ago, it’s not enough for Trump to lose. In order for these Republicans to be bitch-slapped back to governing again, he and they have to be crushed by wide margins. Anything less and the can just gets a swift kick down the road.

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@shoq EVERY Amer. registered to vote in Nov. needs to vote BLUE !!!! NO EXCEPTIONS !!!

eff, to random
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"I have a hard time believing that YouTube would be unable to keep business afloat without the revenue generated by behavioral-tracking advertisements,” EFF’s Daly Barnett told @theregister. “It’s a lazy and deliberately malicious move on their part."

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@eff @theregister 🖕🏻YouTube

rberger, to random
@rberger@hachyderm.io avatar

The Supreme Court has a history of its own obstruction of justice and process.

They put their finger on the scale for Bush in 2000 setting in motion the Republican takeover of Democracy.

Upheld "Citizens" United that gave corporations and billionaires infinite power.

The majority perjured themselves in Senate hearings declaring Roe vs. Wade settled law then going against the law and the will of the people to strike it down. (1/3)

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@rberger $$$ over common sence and logic. THAT's the Amer. way 🇺🇸🥀💔

ufwupdates, to random
@ufwupdates@union.place avatar

Using the new law you helped win, CA farmworkers overcame fierce anti-union pressure and are negotiating first contracts. It takes major courage to sit across the table from your bosses and demand your rights. Encourage them by signing on to our online card @ https://ufw.org/encouragement. #WeFeedYou

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@ufwupdates 👍👍👍👍👍

ukrdef, to random
@ukrdef@nafo.uk avatar

‘Double-tap’ attack. Understanding one of Russia’s cruelest tactics in Ukraine

Hitting a building, waiting for first responders and the media to arrive, and hitting the same place again to target those who came to put out the fire, help the victims, or document a potential war crime is a well-honed tool of Russia in its wars. This ruthless and illegal


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@ukrdef THE FREE WORLD NEEDS TO UNIFY AND DESTROY PUTTIN !!! Somebody ..... grow some balls !!!

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@ukrdef And what would you like me to donate ? I'm a homeless Veteran !!

arstechnica, to random
@arstechnica@mastodon.social avatar

So much for free speech on X; Musk confirms new users must soon pay to post

The fee, likely $1, is aimed at stopping “relentless” bots, Musk said.


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@arstechnica 🖕🏻Elon

w7voa, to random
@w7voa@journa.host avatar

A current Boeing engineer tells NBC News the worldwide 787 fleet should be grounded. https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/boeing-engineer-says-worldwide-787-fleet-needs-attention-209079877991

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@w7voa Here we go again !!!

kfury, to random
@kfury@mstdn.social avatar

Twitter has plunged in value by 71.5% since Elon bought it.

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@kfury 🖕🏻Elon .... 🖕🏻twitter !!!

ErikJonker, to Ukraine
@ErikJonker@mastodon.social avatar

Zelensky: ""The Tripilska power plant, electricity in the Kiev region depends on it. Eleven missiles were headed towards it. The first seven we took down. Four destroyed Tripilska. Why? Because we had zero missiles. We ran out of all missiles."

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@ErikJonker The ENTIRE free world needs to destroy Pootin. Shit ..... give me a weapon , I'll go do it !!!

molly0xfff, to random
@molly0xfff@hachyderm.io avatar

i am so over the web design trend where every piece of text on the page has to animate in

A webpage for a "Noble" crypto project, where each piece of text slides into view on scroll

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@molly0xfff Most web designs SUCK !! Hard to find info, lacking important info. like CONTACT information and other vital info. UP FRONT !!!

luckytran, to random
@luckytran@med-mastodon.com avatar

Government data shows an alarming increase in long-term sickness in the UK.

Conservative media like the Spectator are lying and blaming it on lockdowns from 4 years ago.

Yet mainstream media is in denial and refusing to point to the obvious connection with COVID and Long COVID.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@luckytran $$$ over humanity .... Greed, the true pandemic.

JamesGleick, to random
@JamesGleick@zirk.us avatar

Reminder that Clarence Thomas’s wife organized and financed these very crimes. So does he recuse himself? Nah.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@JamesGleick Judge Thomas has NO scruples ..... none !!! He needs to be REMOVED from the bench !! He's a disgusting human being who consistently abuses his authority !!

FluentInFinance, to random
@FluentInFinance@mastodon.social avatar

My credit score dropped when I paid off my car.

My credit score dropped when I paid off my student loans.

Credit reporting agencies told me: "You should get more loans to increase your credit score."

The system punishes you for not owing them money.

They want you to be in debt.

Credit scoring is one of the biggest scams.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@FluentInFinance And it's RUINING Amer. lives.

futurebird, to random
@futurebird@sauropods.win avatar

Trump is upset he may miss his son's graduation because he's on trial.

Yeah, we do treat people in the criminal justice system harshly. People you have never thought about, people who have kids, and graduations, and moments missed forever.

But it's different now. He cries. It's happening to ME. To Me!

Nothing, no one, exists beyond the tip of some people's noses. They cannot see pain unless they feel it. Cannot recognize suffering unless it's their own.

What a stunted perspective.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@futurebird 🖕🏻trump

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