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1940 Woody

I have always loved seeing old woodies as a kid and I enjoy seeing them now more than ever. To me, adding wood to the exterior of a car gave it a character that hasn't been seen since.
I found this beautiful example at a car show in Harbor Springs, Michigan. This car was immaculate, and I can only imagine the work and maintenance that a car like this requires.

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First Baptist Church of Tampa, Florida, at sunset, in pen and watercolor - wall art print poster


#buyart #buyintoart #ayearforart #artwork #artforsale #watercolor #wallart #Tampa #Florida #Tampafl #baptist #baptistchurch #firstbaptistchurch #sunset

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Sacramento Valley Veterans Cemetary

The Sacramento Valley Veterans Cemetery Is located between the cities of Vacaville and Dixon about half hour west of Sacramento.
All of these men and women that are buried here sacrificed their time to support this country.
This image was taken just before Memorial Day when volunteers spend hours placing flags next to each headstone.

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