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Miniature canyon. Mad River ravine near Peterson Memorial Park, Wolcott, Connecticut. August 2, 2020, 7:38 PM.

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Sunday mountain bike in the woods

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#Forêt #Forest

(si l'on excepte le bruit des 9¹² "Stukas" 😬 )

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Poulanass Waterfall, Glendalough National Park, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

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Old growth high on the Eagle Mt ridge, where you have a nice balance of sparsely spaced trees with a lush and varied undergrowth. It's especially striking as these days you invariably first have to cross tree farm/replanted forests of dense monoculture that tends to be dark and leave little room to create a rich undergrowth, and have a lot of debris from the felling of the original forest, making it vulnerable to fire. Invariably the replanted forest would be almost void of life, whereas the richer yet higher forest would be teeming with douglas squirrel, owls, ravens, eagles, etc.

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Good Morning, House in the Trees - We've got a wet weekend ahead of us here. Got out at sunrise (sans sun) looking for some shapes in the trees and fog.

#photography #landscape #forest #mist #fog #trees #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography

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A thing I like about trail running is the camaraderie with bikers. I just met a biker going downhill, so I jumped out of the track. Even though he was in a challenging spot, he managed to say "thank you" (which in Norwegian is four words, so it takes longer).

Wish everyone a happy weekend on or off roads!

Trail in the forest

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Copper colored sunset, Scoville Reservoir, Wolcott, Connecticut. November 4, 2019, 4:33 PM. Clouds lift just in time for a dramatic sunset.

#hiking #photography #outdoors #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Connecticut #autumn #November #forest #naturephotography #lake #trees

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"Just a matter of shades", aka as zooming out, Lanaudiere, May 2024.


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A walk in the woods. The forest along the C&O Canal National Park at Great Falls is a mix of new and old growth trees. I was amazed at how large many of the trees are along the Gold Mine Loop Trail. We saw three white tailed deer, a few birds and somewhere in the distance the hollow sound of a Pileated Woodpecker hammering against a tree echoed across the forest.

📅 May 22, 2024

#hiking #trail #GoldMineLoop #forest #C&OCanal #NationalPark #photography #nikon #FujiVelviaVividSimulation

A hiking trail winds through dense forest. The sun lights up some of the leaves providing a brilliant source of light in an otherwise dark scene.
A large flat clearing in a dense forest with decaying tree trunks laying in the midst of lush green low growing plants that contrast with the dark gray colors of the tree trunks.

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"Just a matter of shades", aka as zooming out, Lanaudiere, May 2024.


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Please boost - Wombat State Forest 1 hr 15 mins from Melbourne is being trashed. Write to your MP

This is about
Same logging - different names

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Late spring cliff walk, Giant's Right Knee, Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden, Connecticut. May 20, 2024, 1:08 PM.

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Tender VI/VIII

"Just a matter of shades", aka as zooming out, Lanaudiere, May 2024.


#photography #spring #forest #trees #green #noedit
#lanaudiere #quebec

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