64bithero, to gaming
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When you play a level that pushes your patients and skill so hard you need to take a physical break before starting the next. Or is that just a me a thing ?

64bithero, to gaming
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Summer Games Fest is a multi hour long commercial that’s broken up with other commercials.

mrpablington, to Horizon
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Lego on the ? These are weird times for the video game industry.

renwillis, to Nintendo
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Y'ALLLLL! Check yer wishlist! looks like the eshop just kicked off a huge sale season! https://www.nintendo.com/us/store/sales-and-deals/

Shinra, to pokemon French
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Je me tâte...mais éventuellement, est-ce que l'un-e d'entre-vous aurait une nintendo #switch à faire adopter ? À quel prix ? 😇

hannsr, to pokemon German
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Hey fediverse, ich hab hier nen TP-Link TL-SG1024D #Netzwek #Switch über. Neu, noch eingeschweißt.
Revision 5.0.
24 Gbit Ports, unmanaged, inkl. Rackmount-Kit und Gummifüße.

50€ all in mit Versand innerhalb Deutschlands.
Bei Fragen einfach fragen.

chris, to linux
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I am gonna do it. I am wiping my PC again and going from dual boot (Windows / Linux) to only Linux.

Reason: I discovered that Gaming on Linux is just as good as on Windows, in parts smoother. This was kept well hidden for me for some decades.

niavy, to pokemon French
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#SuperMarioRPG avait déjà une bande originale sympa, mais le remake #Switch la transcende 🤩🕺🏻🤸🏻‍♂️

Rose Town 😄👌👍


64bithero, to gaming
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Hear me out Nintendo hear me out internet well the microcosm of people smart enough to use Mastodon!! Picture Waluigi in front of a hoard of 1000 hammer bros and with a press of a button he unleashes a devastating Musu attack. I believe the world needs Mario Bros Warriors game

maxim, to Nintendo
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On Thursday, May 23, there was Erra: Exordium release for the Nintendo Switch for the European region and Japan. A little earlier there was a release for the American region. So, look for the game in the eShop

Pixel art indie game adventure from Ukraine


alexkidman, to pokemon
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New review time, as I spin some silver balls with Knight Rider, Xena Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galactica in the Universal Pinball TV Classics pack for Pinball FX on Nintendo Switch!
#Pinball #Switch #Review #Nintendo


governa, to ubuntu
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Switch з одного акаунта на трьох консолях одночасно? (tayemnakimnata.com) Ukrainian

Гайд: скільки консолей Switch може одночасно бути активними з одним обліковим записом Nintendo? Як це працює та яких умов потрібно дотримуватись

ttscoff, to pokemon
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The deeper I go into custom keyboard builds the more I regret this rabbit hole. There's no turning back now, time to learn about lubing switches. And some hashtags to make sure this gets to the right people: ?

ChrisFerguson, to pokemon
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Random, uninformed thoughts on the Switch successor memory storage.

I think it would be cool if the handheld system had 256gb of storage. (Potentially pretty small for 4k games...)

But the DOCK had memory/memory expansion options too...

You could take select games with you on the go, have them all when you're home...and here's the kicker:


#Switch #Nintendo #Switch2 #gaming #NintendoSwitch

@ChrisFerguson@mastodon.social avatar


Maybe if you wanted to swap out games while away, you wouldn't need to wait to get home and dock. The dock could have an internet connection and you'd be able to just transfer the data over the internet. "Swapping" the data on the handheld with the dock on the go.

It'd take some download time, but it could be possible I think.

Likely? Maybe not, but I wouldn't mind it as a potential solution to storage constraints on a handheld system.

#Switch #Nintendo #Switch2 #gaming #NintendoSwitch

DapperDinobot, to Nintendo

Oh hey, people of the Mastodon. I'm gonna be picking up a soon, so what titles would you recommend checking out? Bonus points for stuff beyond the standard Zelda, Mario, etc. (Even though I'll probably play those as well).

vooksdotnet, to pokemon
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Nintendo to remove Switch ability to share to Twitter from June 10th
I'm not calling it the other thing.

ebelien, (edited ) to photography
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Het kan weer; met volle kracht vooruit. In vrijheid, zelfstandigheid en welzijn. Met dank aan mijn familie, en aan onze vrienden, collega's en kennissen die ons daarin hebben ondersteund ❤️

gamingonlinux, to Steamdeck
beanjbunny, to Nintendo
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Wait, if Switch2 is coming ... how fast do I gotta finish my Switch1 games

t3n, to Nintendo German
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Switch 2: Nintendo spricht über die Enthüllung – und lässt uns trotzdem rätseln

Im Herbst, zu den Feiertagen oder gar zu Silvester. Fast jedes Datum wurde schon mit einem möglichen Start der Nintendo Switch 2 in Verbindung gebracht. Jetzt wagt sich Nintendo aus der Deckung und sorgt für Klarheit – zumindest ein bisschen.
👉 👀
#Nintendo #Switch #Gaming

boilingsteam, (edited ) to Nintendo
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While a bunch of you here are solid PC gamers, I have to ask you. Do you own a Switch ? It's time to confess

boilingsteam, to hardware
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wyri, to Ubiquiti
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First part of a new long term home project coming in. An PoE+ switch to power a small cluster built using nodes. Going to blog about every step once it has been completed. But it is going to be a few quarters long project doing bit by bit

@wyri@haxim.us avatar

And this is how that looks, the call to the switch happens in one go, and then the firmware turns each port on one by one:


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