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L'absence de surprise est totale :
L'Union européenne, création du Capital, au service du Capital, est prête à toutes les compromissions avec le fascisme.

lire dans @mediapart :

La présidente de la Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, n’a pas exclu de travailler avec la post-fasciste italienne Giorgia Meloni

meme : Superman (capitalism) : "who the fuck are you ?" Homelander (fascism) : "I'm you when times get tough"

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@matiu_bidule @mediapart
Le capitalisme, quelle que soit sa forme politique (royale, libérale, fasciste, communiste étatique), est fondamentalement autoritaire, liberticide et inégalitaire, donc que les ultralibéraux s'allient à l'ED "qui aurait pu prédire?"

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🇪🇺 European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has backed a demand from Polish and Greek Prime ministers Donald Tusk and Kyriakos Mitsotakis to create an EU-funded air defense shield.

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Where Hoteliers Feel Most Threatened by Climate Change

In the 2024 edition of the European Accommodation Barometer, the study has revealed that 41% of European hoteliers believe that climate change will have a high or very high impact on their business in the next 3 years

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@Snoro This is a bit misleading. Impact does not equal threat. For example, the Netherlands has been experiencing unusually hot summers consistently for some time now, which I'm sure has had a positive impact on the hotel business. So it's quite possible that Dutch hoteliers don't consider climate change a threat, but a benefit.

This is of course separate from the question whether climate change is a threat generally (it is) and whether hoteliers see it as such (they probably do).

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How is European defense showing up in the campaigns and policy debates of the European Parliament elections where you live?

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@osma in Sweden not at all, apart from talk about borders (which is purely framed in terms of stopping migration).

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In Finland, defense isn't a topic that would divide the parties. We have the long russia border (which remains closed for traffic) and NATO membership is in effect. There are some minor opinion differences of how to get EU to contribute to outer border defense and exactly how to enforce the border closure while following asylum treaties, but EU border security and defense are in the themes of every party - anything else would alienate voters.

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Europe unprepared for climate disaster, warns World Bank

Climate-related disasters cost Europe more than €77 billion last year, according to a new report. But costs can be lowered with better data and financing

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Europe supports, finances and is directly involved in clandestine operations in North African countries to dump tens of thousands of Black people in the desert or remote areas each year to prevent them from coming to the EU

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Arches at Salisbury Cathedral 08/05/2024

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and the are talking the talk, but is walking the walk in the renewable electrification of their economy.

Adam Tooze on Chartbook:

"The beginning of a new era: How the 'global' energy transition is happening in China."

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There’s one crucial point on which the #Dutch will still keep the faith with #Europe: #Ukraine. Just like #Italy’s right-wing Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the Netherlands’ new far-right government will stick with Ukraine. The incoming government will support Kyiv, truly, deeply and constantly. As I have previously written, paying obeisance at the western world’s newest shrine, Kyiv, appears to have become a purity test of sorts.

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More than a million people die on roads every year. Meet the man determined to prevent them

Almost 30 years ago, a revolutionary idea changed the way regarded road collisions. It has probably saved countless lives but it's yet to be fully accepted by politicians.

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Outside cafs and bars are now benefits, because... that really doesn't exist in the rest of ? 🤔

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@SabinePahl definitely never sat down with a beer and a meal at a table outside on pavements in France or Belgium, damn those Europeans

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hit by severe in the north and heatwaves in the south

"Heavy rainfall and storms wreak havoc across northern Italy, France and Germany, whilst southern Italy endures an unseasonal .

Milan recorded an unprecedented 130mm of rain in a single day, resulting in flash floods not seen in over 170 years."

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@CelloMomOnCars Things seem to be unraveling everywhere. The Washington Post yesterday was dominated by climate related issues. Things are not getting better, people.

CelloMomOnCars, avatar


That's a good sign though: FINALLY the mainstream news outlets are giving climate change the attention it needs.

Now to connect that to what Biden is proposing, and what Trump is proposing. I haven't seen too much of that in the news yet, so it's DIY climate communication in this election year.

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Waiting for [#JUICE ...] NASA's #Juno probe recently took images of the surface of #Europe, an icy moon of #Jupiter. And what a surprise! The #ice crust has shifted, distorted, ...

So what happened? Are these changes the result of interactions with the vast oceanic area lying beneath Europa's surface?

More news in 2031, when ESA's #JUICE probe, launched on April 14, 2023, (finally!) reaches the #Jupiter system :

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