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Meet TUXEDO Stellaris Slim 15 Gen6, a Thin and Light Gaming Ultrabook with or CPUs and RTX 4000 Series GPUs https://9to5linux.com/meet-tuxedo-stellaris-slim-15-gen6-a-thin-and-light-linux-gaming-ultrabook


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Early access on Patreon! Geekom's new mini PC is a MIGHTY MOUSE at a great price!
This tiny PC is now packing the most powerful laptop chip AMD makes!
Funnily enough, Microsoft threw AMD and Intel under the bus.
NONE of the current selling "AI" PCs qualify for the "CoPilot" branding.
Who knows, maybe you don't want that new Microsoft Recall feature on your system anyway?

#tech #technology #geek #geekom #pc #amd #microsoft #windows #windows11 #AI #npu #copilot #recall #bbtg #review #video #youtube #patreon

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Socket AM5-based AMD EPYC is now a thing. This is similar to the playbook that Intel uses for their entry level Xeon processors; except, AMD doesn't have hybrid cores that need disabling while Intel shuts off E cores.

AnandTech: One More EPYC: AMD Launches Entry-Level Zen 4-based EPYC 4004 Series


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@9to5linux so what? That doesn't make Nvidia saint. Nvidia still has their proprietary vendor lock-in(s).

Is already?

No, I'll stay with .

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I'm not actually hoping for AMD and Intel to overtake NVIDIA in the GPU market. I'd rather see their integrated GPUs get so good that we don't need dedicated GPUs anymore.

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@gregorni i use a @frameworkcomputer 13 with 5 and integrated graphics but dont Play on that machine. Bunttake a Look at ETA Prime on YT. He does a Lot of AMD powered small PCs...
And also consoles! PS5, Xbox Series and Valve Steam Deck. All AMD!
My dream Xbox Series S unlocked with Steam OS or derivative like @UniversalBlue and @chimera_linux

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AMDVLK ( Open Source Driver For ) 2024.Q2.1 is out now with Phoenix 2 support, Left 4 Dead 2 improvements, and support for new Vulkan extensions https://github.com/GPUOpen-Drivers/AMDVLK/releases/tag/v-2024.Q2.1

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⚡Linux 6.10 AMD P-State To Deliver Fixes, Better Support On Older Zen CPUs


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6.10 Makes AES-XTS Disk/File Encryption Much Faster For Modern / CPUs


d3Xt3r, to linux in Linux 6.9 released

Here’s the TL;DR from Phoronix:

  • AMD P-State Preferred Core handling for modern Ryzen systems. This is for leveraging ACPI CPPC data between CPU cores for improving task placement on AMD Ryzen systems for cores that can achieve higher frequencies and also helping in hybrid selection between say Zen 4 and Zen 4C cores. This AMD Preferred Core support has been in development since last year.
  • Performance gains on AMD 4th Gen EPYC
  • AMD FRU Memory Poison Manager merged along with other work as part of better supporting the AMD MI300 series.
  • AMD has continued upstreaming more RDNA3+ refresh and RDNA4 graphics hardware support into the AMDGPU driver.

  • Intel Xeon Max gains in some AI workloads
  • Intel FRED was merged for Flexible Return and Event Delivery with future Intel CPUs to overhaul CPU ring transitions.
  • Reworked x86 topology code for better handling Intel Core hybrid CPUs.
  • Intel Fastboot support is now enabled across all supported graphics generations.
  • Intel Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” tuning that can yield nice performance improvements for those using new Intel laptops.
  • Continued work on the experimental Intel Xe DRM kernel graphics driver that Intel is aiming to get ready in time for Xe2 / Lunar Lake.

Video, Filesystem & Network

  • Support for larger frame-buffer console fonts with modern 4K+ displays.
  • Dropping the old NTFS driver.
  • Improved case-insensitive file/folder handling.
  • Performance optimizations for Btrfs.
  • More efficient discard and improved journal pipelining for Bcachefs.
  • FUSE passthrough mode finally made it to the mainline kernel.
  • More online repair improvements for XFS.
  • Much faster exFAT performance when engaging the “dirsync” mount option.
  • Many networking improvements.

Full summary here: www.phoronix.com/review/linux-69-features/

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Das Framework 13 AMD Laptop als Daily Driver

Meine Erfahrungen mit dem zum Framework Laptop als Daily Driver mit Linux.


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I find it funny that is collaborating with to make a handheld called and it's not but just yet another handheld like the rest of the fleet? Isn't Orange Pi a popular alternative to that sells ARM-based SBCs?

Power to them I guess but I definitely would love to see more ARM-based gaming handhelds (not , we have a ton of those already) available, no matter how "not ready" ARM + Linux gaming is. Software support could always be improved and worked on later down the road once the hardware is available to target.

🔗 https://neo.manjaro.org

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Core Performance Boost For Getting Per-CPU Core Controls


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The TUXEDO Pulse 14 - Gen4

➡ AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS
➡ a bright 16:10 3K display
➡ ultra light (1.4 kg) and thin (18 mm)
➡ fancy: individual logo printing
➡ and many more


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Great power efficiency and high performance in an ultra portable form factor: The TUXEDO Pulse 14

Benefit from:

➡ energy saving operation with a lot of processing power
➡ a very quiet cooling
➡ a bright 16:10 3K display (400 nits, 100% sRGB)
➡ ultra light (1.4 kg) and thin (18 mm) ultrabook chassis
➡ and many more


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Sometimes I lay awake at night and think about where we would stand as a society today if the Transmeta wouldn't have failed due to too low supply for the sudden rise in demand.

Would intel CPUs be designed the way they are now? Or would intel have found a different way of saving energy? Maybe a 4 would have been a really good, innovative design in that world.

Would we have another big player in the desktop and laptop market with Transmeta? Would have bought them by now?

Would Apple have considered switching to CPUs if there would have been several improved successors over the years?

Why is it that people seem to only think about worrying and anxiety-inducing topics when they can't fall asleep?

Would have extinguished the new competitor anyway by incorporating the Crusoe's concepts, e.g. into their Pentium M line.

How would the x86-64 architecture differ from what it is?

Would Linus Torvalds have had the same amount of time available for work on Linux? Would he have delegated decisions more or earlier and if so, which decisions in the kernel development would have been made differently?

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The Golden era of Mini PCs - more powerful and often less $ than a #RaspberryPi - because we are in the tail end of #Intel's monolithic die. Notice #AMD has no super value proposition low end chips to go into a ~$150ish mini! Why? Chiplets and fabrics. Intel missed this boat and when an i9 doesn't come out of the oven right they fuse off features and it becomes an i7, i5, i3, all the way down to the kind of amazing value n100 which you find in $120 PCs. Intel is onto chiplets now, era to end!

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Acer Nitro 17 (2024, AMD) Review: Great Power Yet Affordable

#amd #gaming


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TUXEDO Pulse 14 Gen4 Laptop Arrives with the Ryzen 7 8845HS Zen 4 CPU and 780M Graphics https://9to5linux.com/tuxedo-pulse-14-gen4-laptop-arrives-with-amd-ryzen-7-8845hs-and-radeon-780m


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Enabling "Fast CPPC" For Even Greater Performance & Power Efficiency On Some CPUs


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Spent the afternoon trying to get my 3500U to downclock to anything lower than 1.4GHz... long story short, amd_pstate is gatekept by Lenovo's unwillingness to allow us to enable ACPI on the BIOS of the Thinkpad T495, where there is a huge amount of people complaining about this and yet no BIOS update has been provided... some work is ongoing on kernel 6.8+ to bring compatibility to AMD APUs but we are not there yet... Of course, if I had Windows, this works, regardless of the BIOS. So there's that. I'll wait for the geniuses to crack this CPU power savings and underclocking. Meantime? Will carry my laptop charger, just in case I need to juice it up.

#linux #amd #p_state #underclock #lenovo #bios #acpi #picasso

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