DrewNaylor, to Nvidia
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Just installed 24.1! Now to wait for the new version of the drivers. This is part of why I installed an Arch-based distro, I don't want to wait six months to two years between significant updates, I don't have that much extra time to spare in my life for reasons outside me and my body that shouldn't exist but do exist in this world and I don't want to waste it waiting around for new versions of stuff.

faizalr, to EndeavourOS
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Some system updates.

9to5linux, to linux
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Weekly Roundup for April 28th, 2024: Linux 40, 24.04 LTS, 46.1, 9.0, Fedora 2 laptops, Gemini, Ubuntu , 3.5, 6.2, and more https://9to5linux.com/9to5linux-weekly-roundup-april-28th-2024

linuxiac, to EndeavourOS
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EndeavourOS Gemini debuts with Plasma 6 on Wayland and X11 options, ensuring top-notch compatibility and performance.

#endeavouros #linux #plasma6

9to5linux, to EndeavourOS
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9to5linux, to linux
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#Linux Weekly Roundup for April 14th, 2024: #Ubuntu 24.04 LTS enters public beta testing, #EndeavourOS devs need #ARM branch maintainer, explicit sync merged in #Xwayland and KWin, #GParted Live patched against XZ backdoor, #OpenSSL 3.3, Ubuntu Pro for #IoT devices, new #KDE Gear and Frameworks releases, new all #AMD Linux #gaming laptop, updated #ArchLinux installer, and more https://9to5linux.com/9to5linux-weekly-roundup-april-14th-2024

#OpenSource #FOSS

9to5linux, to EndeavourOS
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linuxiac, to linux
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cjerrington, to KDE
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I'm actually really enjoying after using if on for a few weeks now. There are some hidden power user things that help, that you don't notice until you start using it more.

The environment isn't so bad either.. but then again, I haven't had to fix it yet.

kohelet, to EndeavourOS
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came accross this website while trying to decide a new distro to try


Didn't know it before, and I was already using EndeavourOS!

linuxuserspace, (edited ) to archlinux
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If you're on or a derivative like and , Install "pkgstats" right now!

It helps the Arch maintainers get a better view of the install base which in turn helps them know where to spend their time and effort. Get your votes in!

If nothing else, you get a really cool look at what other Arch users are using most.

Thanks to @Strit and @bittin for the suggestion ❤️


kohelet, to EndeavourOS
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I somtimes have small, but annoying issues on my machine,
running EndeavourOS. Now, I don't use my PC often, only on the weekends.
And I'm thinking if I should just switch for another distro,
Or really take some time to look in the logs and try to google and fix this issue.
I alreayd tried once but it didn't hold for long.
It's a DNS issue.
What do you think?
#EndeavourOS #Linux #Arch

kdedude, to linux
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Just a tuesday in installer Matrix room: KDE neon (Ubuntu-family) reports a problem, KaOS (er .. Debian-Arch-ish) confirms, (Arch) suggests a fix, Ubuntu upstream checks.

This is the fun-collaborative part of software development!

fedora, to EndeavourOS
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Thank you for being a distro that makes Arch Linux more accessible to users!

To: @EndeavourOS
From: Fedora

EndeavourOS heart locket meme

ponda, to linux
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As I ordered a after years of struggle ( TUF A16 from ), it's likely I will need a new . Which apparently brings us to the Best General Use ! Please meet our contestants:

  • 11 – the most popular OS on market. But is it really good? Unlikely.
  • Cinnamon Edge – in my experience the best by far, intuitive, just works and never gets in your way. But can it handle a laptop that's not even a year old?
  • – beloved…
@ponda@mastodon.online avatar

…try to prove it's not a niche you shouldn't worry about.

  • meanwhile will try to convince us is not scary.
  • – at this point honestly why not, I wanted to try it anyway.

If you have more suggestions for the ultimate general use (or other serious OS?) please let me know, I'll add it to the list. If you have some common tasks or benchmarks I should run also please let me know.

categulario, to random Spanish
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Por fin está en mis manos! Hora de la configuración! #framework13 #FrameworkLaptop

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Ahora lo mero bueno: configurarle el sistema operativo. He estado esperando este momento por meses!

La elección fue


vrtxd, to linux
vinzv, to EndeavourOS
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Suddenly, a wild @EndeavourOS appears!

While it's nothing special to run it on TUXEDO hardware, this is particularly exciting as it is an early version coming out of our fully automated installation service. Things look promising to have it available for all customers pretty soon! 🤗

9to5linux, to firefox
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Weekly Roundup for January 28th, 2024: 122 and official DEB support, 21.3 EDGE ISO, 23.04 EOL, 1 million active app users, Parrot OS adds support, MX Linux 23.2, 10.9 adds initial ports, SystemRescue 11, new release, Galileo Neo, and much more https://9to5linux.com/9to5linux-weekly-roundup-january-28th-2024

linuxiac, to linux
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EndeavourOS Released Galileo Neo, Here’s What’s New

#linux #opensource #arch #endeavouros

9to5linux, to EndeavourOS
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vantablack, to EndeavourOS
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lmao installs with bluetooth off by default 😂

irfan, to linux

A minor update to this Star G640 review on :

I mentioned the only minor gripe I had using it was that while it worked out of the box - if you're on a dual/more monitor setup, the tablet surface will interact with the entirety of all of your monitors instead of just your primary monitor. This was a non-issue on my setup since I only use a single monitor for that. On my main / based PC though I do use a dual monitor setup with it. The good news is, if you do use a dual monitor setup or more, there's an official driver by XP-Pen you could install from the called xp-pen-tablet.

I installed it, restarted my PC, and now the XP-Pen Driver UI utility starts upon boot and through its nice GUI, I was able to easily configure the tablet to only interact with my primary monitor instead of both my monitors. For a cheap lil tablet to have THIS working THIS well on Linux, I couldn't be happier 😭 There are other configuration options I could tinker with in the app such as setting the pressure sensitivity of the pen, or what the buttons on the pen are binded to, but I just couldn't be bothered and really only needed this. Big W XP-Pen.

RE: https://sakurajima.social/notes/9o2g2soasn

irfan, to fediverse

Hi all, I've just migrated from @irfan to this account on sakurajima.social. I'll also be attempting to migrate my main account @irfan to this one in the coming days, but I'm expecting nothing on that front since it's failed so far.

I've moved to multiple servers throughout my time on the in pursuit for a "permanent" instance to be on, and I've never had the chance to write an post lol so this will be my first.

I'm a 26 year old (in Nov 2024) (gfdi) programmer obsessed with languages such as and , frameworks like , and shenanigans like , , and . I'm also obsessed with and , and promoting them to be more viable each day for the masses so everyone could have not just free but secure access to daily computing.

Entertainment wise, I'm into both English but mostly Japanese content - including . I also often play western and Japanese on and . My primary devices are my , my / based , and my old and dusty . My fav animes include (as per my pfp), , and . My fav games include , , and . My fav genres include anything that evokes strong emotions and grabs my full attention like , , and .

I'll be using this account to mostly document my passions through mini reviews or rants. I have another picture-based account over on , @irfan. All images I have posted and will be posting will include descriptive/alt text, including my pfp and banner. I also have some bots for posting local (to me, ) and other relevant data cos the API is just so fun to play with.

irfan, (edited ) to KDE

Dude. I've always used the default (on , I think) app for my PDF needs on , and it's been fine and I'll continue to do so. But annotation isn't its best quality.

I needed to sign some documents today and was looking into any apps I could use my cheap "drawing tablet" with to annotate. You could sorta make do with Okular for that but it's "drawing" annotation isn't really designed for anything but to draw lines - so everything will be "blocky" or "jagged" rather than appear natural/free flow.

Looking up online people kept recommending , I ignored it too many times just bcos of its very Linuxy name lmao but IT'S SO GOOD and is exactly what I (and YOU) need. You could use it to draw/write notes as you would on say, an , or even to draw/annotate on PDFs. I've just started using it at the time of writing this but I love it already and can see that it's very capable, and intuitive.

I literally just connected my drawing tablet to my dock, installed the Xournal app from the app store as a , open up my PDF with Xournal and started writing and exported my doc as a PDF. People need to know about this app.

🔗 https://flathub.org/apps/com.github.xournalpp.xournalpp


If anyone's curious, the drawing tablet (I keep italicising this because IDK if it's actually good enough for REAL artists lol instead of a casual user like me) I use that I find very affordable, and that is definitely way more than good enough for me is the #XPPen Star G640.

I got it 2 years ago for 103 MYR (~22 USD), but today without any discounts I see that it's come down to just 79.99 MYR (~17.27 USD). I initially got it just to play the game, #OSU, and it's been perfect for that. Since then I've doodled around with it here and there on #Krita and I honestly love it. I definitely would have loved to use it more tho to digitally annotate documents, so I'm super happy I've the perfect app to use it with now!

It works perfectly on my main #EndeavourOS (#ArchLinux based) PC, and also my #SteamDeck pretty much plug and play. The only complaint I have is that when used on a 2-monitor setup, the surface of the tablet is then shared/used for the entire length of the two monitors (so left most area of the tablet interacts with the left monitor, and right most area of the tablet interacts with the right monitor) which makes it awkward - but I'm sure that's not specific to this tablet but a #Linux thing in general I haven't figured out yet. If you're using a single monitor setup though, you're golden.

Honestly, I've never needed an #iPad but I've always wanted one to use for note taking or annotating PDFs - I never ended up buying one cos it's too expensive for my very minor need. Happy to report I'll likely never own an iPad now 🥳

🔗 https://shopee.com.my/xppenglobal.os/5223611082

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