corin_ja, to scifi avatar

Just finished season 4 of

Really love this show. It's not perfect and some of the plot decisions I could criticise, but it's one of the best TV shows I've seen. Great characterisation and brilliantly conceived

saila, to scifi avatar

Very happy to learn has been renewed for another season — even tho I was hoping it would get the funding for at least one additional season to bring its alt-history inline with our current decade

MelaNews, to AppleTVPlus Italian avatar

🚀 La corsa allo spazio non si ferma "For All Mankind" rinnovata per una quinta stagione e arriva lo spin-off "Star City" su Apple TV+.

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Hotchka, to apple avatar

Apple TV+ has renewed "For All Mankind" for a fifth season, and will expand that storytelling universe with the spin-off series "Star City", a paranoid thriller set when the Soviets put the first man on the Moon.

brianhough, to random avatar

I’ll never say no to more ! The show hasn't disappointed me once, its the hidden gem of Apple TV+ for sure!

Happy Season 9 GIF by The Office

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tvPlusNews, to AppleTVPlus avatar

has officially been renewed for a fifth season on .

A new spinoff series titled is also in the works. The thriller goes back to the moment the Soviets landed on the moon, exploring the story from their perspective.


riotRhino, to scifi avatar

Powering through the first few seasons For All Mankind I found myself crying all the time. It was cathartic. The ups and downs of joy and desperation. I took a break from the series but just now finished season 3. I steeled myself this time; but that did not stop me from bawling during the last couple of episodes. is top tier television and I can’t recommend it enough.

*Emotional reactions may vary.

mklopez, to Silo avatar

With cerebral sci-fi shows like , , , , and now , Apple TV+ has quietly become the go-to for the genre.

clacke, to random

I think there is not one single success and celebration of human ingenuity in that isn't followed by the jolt of a reminder that space is a dangerous business and anything can go horribly wrong at any time, because space is just out to murder you and you're protected by the flimsiest stuff you can get away with carrying around.

I am thoroughly enjoying but it is a ride, it's not a casual thing to watch.

veronica, to programming avatar

Ok, it's a little obvious I wrote these tests while watching "For All Mankind". 😅

brian, to AppleTVPlus avatar

Just wrapped up Season 4 of over lunch today. I feel like it got a some hate, but I enjoyed it. This feels like a series I would rewatch someday.

realTuckFrumper, to random avatar
xstian, avatar
ChrisMayLA6, to scifi avatar

Just finished series four of (on AppleTV) & if you like & alternate , then this is the series for you...

In a sense it acts as a bridge between The Right Stuff, which is about where series one sets off & Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy, which is about where series four concludes....

There may be a series five but its not even commissioned yet, so enjoy these 40 episodes, they are just great. It mixes history, politics & character driven narrative really well

brian, to DisneyPlus avatar

Wrapped up on this week. Much better than I anticipated it would be. That last episode was genuinely touching and it got a little dusty in the room.

So now I just cracked the seal on on . I remember the broad strokes but not a lot of the details from Seasons 1-3. It would be good to find a more detailed recap. But S4 starts out with all of the fantastic qualities that make this show a strong recommendation.

Richard, to StarTrek avatar

New instance, new

Habitually rewatching daily. All Trek is Trek.

Often reading and recently started reading Star Trek comics. Mostly reading scholarly non-fiction and articles.

Will mostly be posting about Star Trek, , and

Will sometimes post about other series such as (Ronald D. Moore reboot), , , and .

user with an interest in

xmlarbyter, to random German avatar

Die heutige CMS-Klausur hatte natürlich auch Bezüge zu -Basics und dann darüber hinaus zu konkreten Formaten, Standards und Vorgehensweisen. Dabei gab es eine Referenz zur Serie mit fünf Fehlern und zwei vermeintlichen Triggerpunkten.

james, to random avatar

I have to watch some of their other shows but either way just and are enough to justify a semi regular Apple TV+ subscription as a sci fi fan.

If another one or two hook my I bet I’ll be keeping it for more than a month or two at a time

james, to random avatar

I just caught up with and man what a show!

I heard they have plans for 6 or 7 seasons. And I’m excited for it!

Lots of fodder for a GM, just makes me want to run Traveller (or Mothership)!

upmultimedia, to random avatar

For All Mankind is maybe the kookiest scifi show ever made.

It's so deliberately absurd (as in the actual art movement Absurdism) I love it. Rockets! Mars! The USSR! Alt-history! Characters are now President, now on the Moon, now running a bar!

I love they don't even bother to age the actors really (50 years is just a bit of gray powder at the temples and call it a day). Kooky!

pieceofthepie, to apple avatar

I've been catching up on For All Mankind and I'm just starting season 4.

Ever since "Everything in its Right Place" by Radiohead played as an episode ending track I've essentially had it on repeat.

It's an absolute banger. That and Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" which was also used as an outro.

Honestly, whoever they've got making track choices is on point.

habibcham, to AppleTVPlus avatar

📺 Now that I’ve finished binge-watching , my next binge-watch ….

mikemccaffrey, to random avatar

Finally watching , and one of the things I really appreciate is how they don't try to build false drama by making everything a time-compressed nail-biting crisis (à la JJ Abrams). Sometimes when there is a failure, they're all like "hold tight up there is space for a few days while we try to send you a replacement part."

xantha, to random avatar

A thing I don't like is when a show writes a character to do something for motivations that they never showed they had previously. looking at you, season four finale of .

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