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Senior Developer at https://mastodon.social/@turtlesec ★ High Energy Physics PhD from Uni Oslo and CERN ★ Linux ★ Python ★ Open Source ★ Unicode Unicorn ★ ISO 8601 Enthusiast ★ Consumer of Sci-Fi ★ Hobby Writer ★ Born at 336 ppm CO₂ ★ she/they, Dr.

Open Source: https://novelwriter.io, https://fosstodon.org/@novelwriter

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Tay0, to random
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My first cell phone was a Motorola 800. What was yours?

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@Tay0 It was an Ericsson 318.

mikemathia, to random
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@koteisaev @Sir_Osis_of_Liver The worst "feature" it has is that if you press Ctrl+Shift+C, a common shortcut for copying without formatting that I tend to use by default, it instead calls everyone in the chat channel, no matter if it's 5 or 500 people.

olafurw, to random
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There's the time that I learned that MySQL, Main Street, San Francisco, German chocolate cake and Gasoline are named after people.

(My Widenius, Charles Main, Samuel German and John Cassell)


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@chrisg @olafurw Is Postgre a cousin maybe? 😁

jon, to Vivaldi
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Do people want AI in their browsers?

If the survey I did on Mastodon is anything to go by, most people do not.

2% Want AI in their browser.
25% Want AI in their browser, if their data is not used for other purposes, such as ads and profiling.
73% Do not want AI in their browser at all.

575 entered the poll.

A lot of browser companies are now pushing AI in their browsers.

I guess the 2% have a lot of browsers to choose between.

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@djh @jon Smart features are useful, like figuring out what you meant when you made a mistake. ML is a very useful technology in many areas.

So-called "AI" chatbots are not useful, and ethnically questionable both due to energy waste and use of other people's data.

veronica, (edited )
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@excess I noticed it, and promptly uninstalled it on my work computer 😄

veronica, to programming
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I've spent the last couple of evenings adding a new, pretty big feature. The net change in code is +3 lines. So, I deleted almost as much code as I added, in addition to what I rewrote.

I consider that a good pull request! 😁

The code i edited was pretty old, and had more complexity than the recent implementation needed. So a bit of legacy there too to be honest. Still ...

#Programming #Python

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By the way, the feature I've added is this: In my app you can give documents a status icon that previously only took colour values. A user suggested to allow for shapes as well, and I really liked the idea. Here's the new dialog with the shape options.

#Programming #Python #Qt #Writing

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The shapes are generated in polar coordinates in a cache of QPainterPath objects. That part was particularly fun, because I got to refresh some middle school geometry skills. 😁

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@nesevis Yes, that was the original motivation. But even with good colour vision, distinguishing colour on icons can be tricky when there's a lot of them since human colour perception is relative to surroundings.

Unixbigot, to random
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Noticing a lot of pundits pivoting from being wrong about blockchain for money to being wrong about AI for money.

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@Unixbigot Being wrong for money is apparently a smart career move in the misinformation age.

blabberlicious, to random
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Known him for years, the uncle of my theatre collaborator.

The most WYSIWYG person I’ve ever met.


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@blabberlicious I used to watch his travel shows. They were great!

Melissabeartrix, to random
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More hate from the leader of the Catholic church ... Asshat

And people wonder why I dont go to church anymore

Hugz & xXx


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@Melissabeartrix Yup.

The Catholic Church is literally a patriarchy, and the gender ideology that their system is built on feels threatened by the lived experience of millions of queer people. That's what they're so scared of. Human dignity is doing just fine.

veronica, to random
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If you squint, the sun will only burn the middle of your eyes. If you're exceptionally dense, however, the sun rays may curve around you.

veronica, to Astronomy
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I've seen two partial solar eclipses in my life. One that passed over Europe in 1999, and one that passed over the arctic in 2015. First hit too far south, second too far north to be total where I lived. Still, they were pretty awesome, and I was out looking at both.

I found them both on this excellent interactive eclipse map: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/list.html

That site is awesome on so many topics.

Hope those in the path of this one in North America get a nice view!

#Eclipse #Sun #Historic #Astronomy

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If the map is correct, the next really good one where I live will be in June 2133, so not expecting to make it to that one. 😅

Apparently there was a total one in June 1954 here too. My parents are too young to remember it I expect. I need to ask my dad some time. He may have been just old enough.

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@jotho I was at work that day, my first job, and there was this little garden with tables and benches by the loading docks. A bunch of us sat there watching it.

It was, as mentioned, only partial this far north, but it got a lot darker and the seagulls did go quiet as well. This was by the seaside in an industrial area, so there were a lot of seagulls as well.

veronica, to religion
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I mean, it's not surprising that a religious institution that is a literal patriarchy, and who protects sexual predators in its ranks, opposes reproductive rights and gender identity. Yesterday's news.

What pisses me off is that they think they're protecting "human dignity". Quite the contrary. They continue to dehumanise people.

Thankfully far from all Catholics are this narrow minded.


blabberlicious, to random
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Hoping #TruthSocial has good #alttext support. 🙄😫😵


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@blabberlicious They do Alt Truth not Alt Text 😁

DORpapst, to norge Norwegian Bokmål
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Spørsmål om penger, folkens.
Er det som står som opptjente feriepenger fra i fjor på lønnsslipp (altså for eksempel summen i desember i fjor) det eksakte beløpet man får i år i juni? (Gitt at min bedrift gjør dette i juni).

Betaler jeg umiddelbart skatt på det, eller blir det hele beløpet, men på en måtte priset inn i skatt resten av året?

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@gauteweb @atlefren @DORpapst Feriepenger er normalt sett 12% av lønna året før (med mindre man er over 60).

De fleste steder jeg har jobbet utbetaler dette i sin helhet i juni året etter mens de trekker 25 dager lønn. Skattekortet legger opp til at det ikke trekkes skatt av denne utbetalingen, så skatten fordeles i praksis bare på de andre lønningene.

25 dager trekk er mer enn en måned, som i snitt er 21 2/3 dager eller noe sånn. Ikke fullt 1/4.

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@gauteweb @atlefren @DORpapst Jeg har ført regnskap over min egen økonomi (bare i regneark) hele mitt arbeidsliv, og regnearket mitt stemmer alltid på øret når det gjelder feriepenger, så er ganske sikker på akkurat det er riktig. 😁

@veronica@mastodon.online avatar

@gauteweb @atlefren @DORpapst Men når det er sagt, er ferie og feriepengesystemet i Norge unødvendig komplisert. Da jeg jobbet på CERN i Sveits fikk vi samme månedslønn hver måned, og godskrevet 2,5 lønnede feriedager ved starten av hver måned som gikk inn i en pott.

Man visste nøyaktig hva man fikk utbetalt, og man hadde tilgjengelige feriedager fra første arbeidsdag og slapp å havne i ferie-limbo i ett år.

Vi kunne gjort det samme i Norge, og beholdt skattefri juni og halv skatt i desember.

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@DORpapst @gauteweb @atlefren @tanketom Jeg har en fane der jeg legger inn tallene fra lønnslippen. Da er det enkelt å sjekke at jeg får samme sum i oppsparte feriepenger til enhver tid. Det som er tricky er hvilke ekstra utbetalinger som gir feriepenger og ikke.

veronica, to opensource
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The people who do the translation work for my open source app are awesome. I pushed new translation files just a few hours ago, and new notifications for completed translations have been popping in one by one.

ruari, to CASIO
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Ok, yes I do already own a #Casio #F84W and those of you who follow me closely know I recently spent some time polishing out all the scratches and modding the backlight.

So why another? Well… I wanted a backup for this one as this is my favourite of all the Casios.

As an added bonus it may make up for the sin of buying a Skmei Casio clone recently, so I am not thrown out of the #CasioCult 🤪

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@ruari 25% sales tax will do that, yeah 😄

Mer__edith, to random
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Most lives could be much shorter, too, if we insisted on measuring their worth against brutal, joyless utilitarian metrics.

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@Mer__edith I find that most of my favourite books are too short and I'm disappointed when it's over.

But then again, I'm not a soulless technocrat ...

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