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There was some beautiful light shining on the Gambel oak leaves this morning.

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Can't exactly explain why, but I'm particularly fond of this footbridge at Mima Falls West and Lost Valley 🤷‍♂️❤️

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For :

A lone fir tree stands in front of Mount Larrabee in the North Cascades of Washington State, USA.

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Maple. May 2024. Click through for full vertical image.

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A typhoon is approaching.
Red propellers withstand the wind.

Strong branches will break, but the soft and something flexible will overcome adversity.

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Last autumn, I gathered up a selection of tree seeds and set up a small tree nursery. This is the oak section, which seems to be doing particularly well. I've also got hazels and chestnuts coming along.

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Climate change is moving tree populations away from the soil fungi that sustain them

As our planet warms, many species are shifting to different locations as their historical habitats become inhospitable.

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« Drawing, Branch With A Cluster Of Ripe Plums And Caterpillars » by Mrs. Smith

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Looks like the Meadows has a new duck pond! Good for reflecting shots, if nothing else.


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An old birch tree, considered to be a ‘veteran tree’ , Thorpeness, Suffolk.


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