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World Cup 2026 #soccer qualifying: Japan awarded forfeit 3-0 win against North Korea by #Fifa

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Leaked documents from the reveal Vladimir ’s regime is funding a massive AI-powered surveillance operation: facial recognition helps the Kremlin to look for “disloyal and destructive” individuals. This system was used to arrest people attending Alexei ’s funeral, and was previously tested on football fans during the 2018 World Cup in and the 2022 World Cup in .

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A decade before it hosts the FIFA World Cup, the size of the task facing Saudi Arabia is becoming apparent, including building stadiums, hotels and transport links. #soccer #worldcup #saudiarabia #fifa #2034worldcup

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Hübsches Pink, aber davon abgesehen ist mir vs völlig egal (Adidas' Geschichte während des NS sollte erwähnt werden.). Wichtiger finde ich, darauf hinzuweisen, dass die ein gelinde gesagt dubioser Verband und der ein Teil davon ist und alle Nationalspieler in FIFA-Vereinen spielen.

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FIFA is launching a new series of friendly matches in one location during the international window called the FIFA Series, with a pilot project beginning in March.

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3 pays, 48 équipes, 104 matchs : la Coupe du Monde de 2026 peut-elle être écologique?

L’expansion de la taille du tournoi empêche la FIFA d'en réduire l'empreinte carbone, selon des experts

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We might be getting a new FIFA game from 2K and fans aren’t best pleased - Losing the FIFA license does not seem to have damaged EA Sports’ standing as the p... -

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Did you know the ⚽ game I'm working on has a free demo available?

It also runs flawlessly on Linux! 🐧

Pardon my advertising, but I really want this to succeed, obviously.

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Ontario agrees to pitch almost $100M to Toronto’s FIFA World Cup hosting plan


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@AlexanderVI @Snowshadow
Reminder that former mayor John Tory's paramour just happened to snag a job organizing the event after she left City Hall.

She was already in that position when Tory was taking part in council votes on the FIFA event.

Don't believe Tory suffered any repercussions after the Toronto integrity commissioner's ruling, tho.

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Nedum Onuoha reflects on Mike Maignan and his AC Milan teammates walking off the pitch after alleged racist abuse was directed towards the goalkeeper.

The Serie A match against Udinese was restarted after about 10 minutes.

Football Daily on BBC Sounds

Vertical video clip from BBC Radio 5 live studio interview

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FIFA President Gianni Infantino called for worldwide stadium bans for fans and "automatic forfeits" for teams whose supporters hurl "abhorrent" abuse following racist incidents in Italy and England on Saturday.

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Argentina's Lionel Messi retained the FIFA men's player of the year trophy on Monday, beating Manchester City's treble-winning Norwegian striker Erling Haaland and France's Paris St Germain forward Kylian Mbappe.

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sequelae in athletes following COVID-19 vaccination: evidence and misinformation | British Journal of Sports Medicine “Currently, the available evidence does not support claims that leads to an elevated risk of myocardial sequelae or in athletes when compared to native infection.”

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has made a public statement reporting no notable increase in based on the official FIFA registry. A recent Australian study investigating the prevalence of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest () following infection and vaccination in over 4million young individuals demonstrated no increase in OHCA rates or as a contributing factor to OHCA.”

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Plans for a European Super League bringing together elite soccer clubs such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona won a surprise boost at the European Union’s top court after judges ruled the sport’s main governing bodies violated antitrust law by thwarting the project.

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The latest bid to set up a Super League of the biggest European soccer clubs collapsed swiftly under the weight of fan anger, but the idea did not die. Now Europe's top court is to make a ruling in a case that could change the game forever.

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FIFA's revamped Club World Cup planned for 2025 and set to feature 32 teams will be played from June 15 to July 13, while a new Intercontinental Cup will be played annually from next year.

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When Darwin begins to connect his brain with his feet more often, he's going to be really scary. And it's a matter of when, not if.


@vruz @mlawton is there a site or workbook or gsheet explaining how you get point. For new beginners of the sport

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Australia's soccer chief James Johnson believes his country can help FIFA turn its new Club World Cup into a global success as he seeks to get in the driving seat for the bidding process.

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Brazil has submitted a letter of intent to soccer's governing body FIFA to host the 2027 Women's World Cup, the South American country's minister of sports has said.

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How many people does a country have to execute to be disqualified from hosting the World Cup?

How many journalists can it murder?

How many millions of people can be made second-class citizens by extreme discrimination?

Apparently, there is no limit:

MrAndrewD, avatar

@andrewstroehlein The start of this article from an Australian newspaper gives you an idea how corrupt is in bed with the operating

This is how the timeline went.

In the early hours of October 5, FIFA announced – out of the blue and a year before the deadline – that the 2030 men’s World Cup would be jointly hosted by six countries across three continents.

At the same time, president Gianni Infantino – also out of the blue and ahead of schedule – invited countries from the Asia and Oceania regions to submit bids for the 2034 tournament and gave them 25 days to decide.

Minutes later, the Saudi Arabian Football Federation’s LinkedIn page pinged with a ready-made statement confirming it would bid.

Minutes after that, the Asian Football Confederation president, Shaikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa of Bahrain, said Saudi Arabia had Asia’s united backing.

Over the next few hours support streamed in from Frenchman Karim Benzema (Al-Ittihad’s new star), Italian Roberto Mancini (Saudi Arabia’s new national team coach), Englishman Steven Gerrard (Al-Ettifaq’s new manager) and his new player (and fellow Englishman) Jordan Henderson.

So we are just leaving all of that there, without comment or conspiracy theory.

Perhaps in the same way that FIFA announced the above without even holding a press conference to answer questions from the world about why it had completely changed the hosting format for 2030 without warning, and concurrently fast-tracked the 2034 bidding process, also without warning.

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Luis Rubiales, the former president of the Spanish Football Federation who faces accusations of sexual assault in Spain, has been banned from all soccer-related activities for three years.

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National soccer associations need to properly support their women's teams so they can perform at their best, FIFA's Sarai Bareman said.

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