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Just showing off my photography skills 🥰


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The most famous hangout place in Hauz Khas Village.
The wall represents artsy vibe and culture of the place.

#travel #explore #photography #delhi #art #culture #visual @mastodonindians

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I recently began watching this magnificent series called 'Heeramandi' and I am already in love with it's cinematography and aesthetics ❤️
You should definitely give it a watch!


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Depiction of me thinking about food all day 🥰👍

#creative #art #visual #series #painting #doodle @mastodonindians #food

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Representation of the repressed thoughts trying to come out and escape.

#art #creative #visual #sketch #artist #doodle #words @mastodonindians

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Through art we can bridge the gap between our inner and outer worlds, express ourselves in ways that words cannot, and discover new perspectives.


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Sometimes the inner demons gets too loud and it feels difficult to even breathe. I tried to depict that through this sketch.


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Let your imagination flow and your pen dance across the canvas of possibility.


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Finally decided to decorate my study corner 🫶


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Meine Lieblignssequenz aus der Filmeschichte:
Ein musikalisches wie visuelles Feuerwerk, wundervoll:…

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We discovered that tactile experience directly informs vision: baby chicks use vision to recognise objects experienced with touch, even if they haven't seen any object before. clip: paper: #crossmodal #tactile #visual #imprinting

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This week I decided to change it up and checked out a small called "To Whom the Bouquet Falls" by . A surprisingly delightful story about , and star crossed lovers. Join me as we take a look at the first part of this and see how the adventure begins to unfold!

To Whom the Bouquet Falls:

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I need help with CSS debugging:

Why is the image too wide, causing a horizontal scrollbar? This looks like a 100vw issue, but I don’t see that value anywhere.


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@db Yes

> The scale transform of the visual viewport is often referred to as "pinch-zoom". Conceptually, this transform changes the size of the CSS reference pixel but changes the size of the layout viewport proportionally so that it does not cause reflow of the page’s contents.

vivid/statis - (

As stated in the post title, this online raft's not only for players, but also enthusiasts, both casual and dedicated, of the non-profit, four-key rhythm/mystery visual novel game that's bound to test your hand and sight reflexes with well-made song charts and course journeys, vivid/statis, itself made by Hajimeli and Team...

vivid/stasis Trailer (ACT 2; 2024) (

I should mention that this is a vertical 4-key rhythm game, somewhat markedly different from well-known favorites such as DanceDanceRevolution and Friday Night Funkin', to name a few, but of which also has an accompanying visual novel (yep, the yuri kind) element to it; from what I have played it so far, it feels and looks...

PLOSBiology, to random

When #vertebrates first conquered the land, they encountered a #visual world that was radically different from that of their #aquatic ancestors.

@neurofishh looks at how eyes #evolved to cope with the move from seeing through water to seeing through air.

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Gloriously #weird rendering from #visual artist loremdeloop. Looks like hyperspacial #tanzanite jelly. Feels alien and cold. Very #beautiful little oddity.


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I have to say, I enjoy SwiftUI a LOT more than XIBs. But I still feel Apple should’ve pushed the visual coding paradigm further than it did. There is still a ton of “cruft” in Swift that I’d rather not have to deal with. I just want stuff to work and do what I want.

#programming #apple #visual

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