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🚨 bird alert 🚨

Saw my first black-capped vireo today!! 🥳 They are no longer endangered but still vulnerable and very good at hiding in thick shrubs.

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'Gonna peck my way out of this photograph'

Female Greater Spotted Woodpecker

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A Young Long-tailed tit. The sun was behind this bird, making details harder to obtain

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #UK

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Quite a few rats seen at the reserve today. The Herons can't be doing their job properly

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A single Magpie on a stump that has hole filled with suet

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'A Shared Resource'

A Tree Bumble Bee on the flower of a Blackberry bush along with many green insects

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This fine creature kept me company while I was eating dinner by a stream last week during my trip in the White , . It just hung out on my boot while I enjoyed the sounds of the stream!

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Arctic terns 🤍

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Quite a bit of variety last night (more to come later), but star of the show, though quite common in the UK, was this amazing LIME HAWK-MOTH. First sighting for me in 2024 and just about on cue date-wise...

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This pause resulted in no small part because of the comments submitted by McDonald Observatory, the Center for Biological Diversity and DarkSky International, among others. But: "Everything we’ve seen from CBP suggests that they’ll continue to build destructive walls and blast harmful lighting into some of the border region’s wildest places as soon as they get the chance."

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Here's "Goldie" … a sa-weeet little American goldfinch, handsomely dressed in his finest mating attire, posing prettily on our redbud tree.

Btw … the "sw-weet" is my fun copy of the little call of the goldfinch! Those of you who are birders, you probably know what ai mean!!

See him better at my website:

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Step up for by joining in our first ever stadium at the iconic on Sunday, May 26.

Join as an individual or with a team of friends, family, colleagues, or fellow students. All ages are welcome to participate in this exciting event.

Anywhere (Virtual) Climb option available.

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is defending the $12-million price tag for its plan to kill all the on as part of an project.

The federal agency has been under intense for months for spending millions on a program to fallow on the 9 sq km island, a portion of which is part of the , while the rest is privately owned.

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A herd of 42 wild were spotted in of southwest 's Province recently, according to footage captured by the local monitoring team.

According to the team, the herds including 13 baby mainly traveled between Town & neighboring Township.

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trzciniak / great reed warbler / Acrocephalus arundinaceus

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Happy ! Not technically a frog (but similar)…

An American Toad under the streetlight last night.

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Yikes, forgot to check on my strawberries sooner

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Left these bananas to ripen on the plant because the squirrel I rescued as a wee furless baby two years ago (who is back to being untamed as an adult) loves them. Took my share today 😬

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This video is from several days after rescuing, with a little fur grown on its back.

My mother was visiting at the time and we both took turns changing the hot water bottle and feeding every 3 hours until the bbsqrl had fur on its tummy (indication that it could now self-regulate body temperature).

A baby squirrel drinking milk supplement from a dropper.

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